(Balkan Webcam Model) Stripchat Models get Translation Tool

Camming is an international hobby and cam girls come from all over the globe, as do their fans. That means language is sometimes a barrier but technology to the rescue with automatic translation tools.

Stripchat isn’t the first, but it has joined the sites that now offer some type of automatic translation.

In the case of stripchat.com the translations are a service for the model so that she (or he, or they) can understand what people in chat are saying. This is similar to what Cam4 has had for a while.

Once enabled in the model’s “Settings and privacy” control panel they will get a translation symbol next to viewer messages. Clicking the button will cause the text to be translated into the language chosen by the model in the settings.

There doesn’t seem to be any equivalent translator for viewers which is a shame.

Translation for the model is a great benefit for European or Asian broadcasters at Stripchat who may not understand English fluently. It might also allow models in, for example Asia, to understand viewers from European countries.

As a viewer now you know that you can use your own language to talk / type to the model and she will be able to understand you.

At least understand as well as automatic translation goes. If you have tried things like Google Translate before you know it works ok, but not perfectly. Typing in full sentences that are dramatically correct makes it more likely to work. The automatic systems don’t work so well with misspellings, slang or text speak.

Another alternative for communication is to go with Emojis!

Have you tried the new translation system at Stripchat? I tried it and it worked ok-ish, the typical errors you see from a machine translation but it is better than nothing.

Let me know how it works for you!

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