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  • ImLive Sets 1st Season Finale of ‘CamGirl Chronicles’ Podcast will wrap the first season of its podcast “CamGirl Chronicles,” hosted by Kate Kennedy, on Sunday, April 11 at 11 p.m. (PDT)/8 a.m. (CET) with a variety of segments including an exclusive interview with Ashton Egner, communications manager for Kiiroo, about the company’s new Lumen pleasure toy.
  • It’s Raining Devyn Reign (Interview)

    “I am actually from the boring little state of Iowa,” Devyn Reign shared with YNOT Cam. “I’ve lived here my whole life outside of one amazing year in Arizona, and I would love to go back.”

    Then she told us something alarming (jk): “One fact about me is that I’m a die hard Ravens fan — I bleed black and purple, but the doctors say I’m fine!”

    Reign, who has a lovely sense of humor, has been working full time on cam for four years now. Read on to learn more about this content creator, who’s anything but boring!

    YNOT Cam: What prompted you to begin your career online? 

    Devyn Reign: Before I was a performer, I actually worked full-time as a manager in retail, though I had worked in customer service, sales and IT.  Beginning my career was actually quite the process.  I was working full-time in retail and going to school full-time to become a family attorney. I began looking for something I could do at home to get more time with my minis — my kids. I was so tired of having to go in on nights and working all day on weekends.  Webcamming came up in the search, Chaturbate specifically. It actually took me six months of research and planning to pull the trigger.

    The day I signed up was the day I walked out was the day I was passed over for a promotion.  I’ve never looked back!

    What are some of the best things about working online? 

    The best thing about working online is all the freedom you get. You choose your schedule, your platforms, your layouts. You have the power to say what will and what won’t happen. The best thing about being is sex work in general, though, are all of the amazing people you get to meet along the way. From your fans to fellow sex workers to different companies you can work with, it is such an uplifting community.

    After four years, I’d say my biggest observation is that making your business your own by bringing your personality to it, creating a space that makes you feel safe and by making decisions that make you happy will make this the best career you could ever have.

    Below: That previously mentioned sense of humor!

    I saw on your blog that you will not be continuing with OnlyFans in 2021. Is it fan sites in general that are the issue, or just that specific site? 

    Oh Onlyfans… There really is so much I could say, but I’ll just say it wasn’t for me and my brand. I have a really hard time staying with companies that aren’t there for me. I had so many issues with them — crashing, not posting queued content, giving out free subscriptions — I’d say three subscriptions and I’d end up with 6 or 7 new free subscribers — and it honestly didn’t grow much for me. Seeing that the craze of OnlyFans started reaching mainstream, they just seemed to sweep us sex workers under the rug in my opinion. I started seeing more and more problems coming from other models as well. So, I said goodbye.

    It is still there. It just doesn’t have any content and is free. I am extremely lucky in that I can look at any company I’m working with and if it isn’t making me at least 25% of my overall income, or a site I truly enjoy, I can walk away and not think twice. I may not be a top earner on a site, but if a company can see my real problems with receipts and shrug it off, well, that is super problematic in my opinion.

    OnlyFans really isn’t the only site like this, but with sites like ModelCentro or AVN Stars for instance, why stay with a subscription site that doesn’t care if they are handing out free subscriptions? It was really just a pattern of having problems and them not solving them mixed with them very obviously trying to shut out sex workers.

    You are very active and vocal about industry issues negatively impacting the cammunity. Why do you think it’s important for models, performers and content creators to be aware about these types of issues in the industry? 

    I think it is super important for models to be aware of all the changes and issues affecting any aspect of our field of work. You may not have content on PornHub but having all the major card brands no longer working with the site shows how easy it is for them to stop payment on any site them deem unfit. You may not have an Instagram, but the censoring and easy deletion of profiles, shows how much we are over judged and super harshly just for what we have chosen to do for work. The list goes on.

    Sex work has always had a certain stigma to it, not matter what area you were in. I feel in the past few years it has almost been amplified. We are being attacked daily, being put under a microscope for our decisions. I started my journey four years ago — I have never looked back, and I have never been happier. We work really hard to just “be” and fighting for our validation in this being “real work.”

    Sex work is continuously changing, and I have real hope for the furture that we can come together and fight for the rights we should have regardless. No matter which area of sex work you are in, these issues affect all of us. And to be honest, once one change happens like the card companies pulling from PornHub, it makes the next change that much easier for them to make.

    Take the time to stay current on everything happening in this industry and find ways to stand with your fellow sex workers!

    When you are not working, what are you doing? 

    Outside of work, I’m usually baking or reading. I find both very relaxing and clears my brain. I also spend a lot of time cleaning and organizing. During fall, you’ll find me more often than not watching football. If I get a night away from home, I love shooting pool, bonfires, going to dinner with friends. I am a very boring person outside of work, but I find that all of these have helped keep me sane.

    I would definitely say I’m more of a home body, even before the pandemic. And of course, most times I’m off screen it’s filled with activities of my minis.  They hold a lot of my time outside of work, and I love being able to create my own schedule that allows that.

    If you could change one thing about today’s world, what would it be and why? 

    Do I only get one?  Well, if I could change anything about today’s world, I would start with erasing the stigma sex work has and decriminalizing this industry. We all deserve to live in a world where we feel safe. I was really hoping that with COVID and more people finding online sex work — whether through OnlyFans or other sites to help with bills, or as fans coming to these sites while home more — we would have a stronger voice from those that now see it is extremely hard work, but I feel like the battle has only gotten worse.

    I just encourage you to continually find ways to help your fellow sex workers. We are all in this together and stronger beside each other. The stigma may always be there, but I for one am super proud of myself and all sex workers for what we accomplish every day!

    Find Devyn Reign on Twitter at @devyn_reign.

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  • YNOT Co-Sponsors the ASACP in April

    Do you know what the ASACP is?

    The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to online child protection. Founded in 1996, ASACP is comprised of two separate entities: the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection and the ASACP Foundation.

    ASACP is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization that manages a membership program that provides resources to companies to help them protect minors online, while the ASACP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The ASACP Foundation continues to battle online child exploitation through its CP Reporting Tipline, which has processed more than 1 million reports to date and also helps adults prevent underage persons from viewing age-restricted material online through its RTA (Restricted To Adults) website label. You can read more about RTA at

    The organization has invested 25 years in developing progressive programs to protect minors, and its relationship in assisting the digital media industry’s child protection efforts is unparalleled.

    Every month, groups, organizations and entities throughout our industry sponsor the ASACP, helping to keep their mission and important work going. This April, the YNOT Group — or which YNOT Cam is a part — is a co-sponsor. Here’s some more information about the overall endeavor:

    Los Angeles, CA — ASACP, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection, recently announced that YNOT Group as among its Featured Sponsors for April 2021.

    Ranked among the digital media industry’s most respected companies, ASACP’s Featured Sponsors serve as great examples of corporate responsibility and ethical operation through proactive measures that help protect minors and other viewers from accidental exposure to age-restricted materials.

    ASACP’s Executive Director Tim Henning stated that the nonprofit association’s success relies on the continued support from the companies and organizations that are willing to take a leadership role in the fight to keep under-age persons out of and away from adult-oriented materials.

    “ASACP’s sponsors promote online child safety by supporting the association and taking several simple steps to help protect the innocence of youth,” Henning said. “This support is vital in educating publishers and other stakeholders about the need for these measures and how they can best be implemented.”

    An ASACP In-Kind Media Sponsor since 2016, the YNOT brand was founded in 1996, with a goal of providing the earliest and most successful website developers with a central hub where they could network and exchange ideas and traffic. Today the company offers a variety of B2B services, resources, and events for adult businesses and specifically for the Webcam industry and performers, anchored by its flagship websites and providing industry news, interviews, marketing opportunities and more.

    Additional YNOT branded services include hosted email marketing and delivery platform, adult industry marketing automation software, as well as annual events including which awards excellence in the B2B space at TES Prague every year since 2011, and the YNOT Cam Awards and YNOT Cammunity model summit in Hollywood which is the only conference in North America that fully supports the webcam and clips sectors of the industry and the models who work in it. In addition, YNOT added the virtual-only industry tradeshow in 2020, which will continue annually even after in-person events resume.

    “YNOT continues to support and appreciate the efforts of ASACP to make the Internet a safer place,” said YNOT Group, LLC co-owner Jay Kopita. “Thanks for all you do.”

    Other sponsors for April include FanCentro and DatingGold.

    The generous financial and material support that ASACP receives from its sponsors power its 25-year record of success and enables its free child protection resources, including market-specific Best Practices and a Code of Ethics for online businesses, app publishers and all operators of age-restricted websites.

    Highlighting ASACP’s many significant achievements are its globally recognized RTA (Restricted To Adults) meta labeling system that helps parents prevent children’s access to adult-oriented webpages and mobile apps; and its CP Reporting Tipline, which has earned worldwide respect for processing more than 1 million user reports to date.

    As with all of ASACP’s services, these tools are provided to every website and app publisher free of charge, thanks to the ongoing generosity of its sponsors.

    For April, ASACP honors FanCentro, DatingGold and YNOT Group as Featured Sponsors, recognizing the continued commitment that these companies make to keeping the internet safer for children and more relaxing for their families.

    “ASACP’s Featured Sponsors take action when it comes to online child protection, and so can you and your company, too,” Henning concluded. “We are grateful for the commitment, generosity, and leadership displayed by our sponsors, including long-term supporters FanCentro, DatingGold, and YNOT Group, and we encourage other market leaders to join us in our valiant and much-needed mission.”

    To learn more about how you and your company can make a difference in the fight to protect children online, email For more information, visit

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

  • FSC: Vaccinated Performers Should Still Test for COVID
    Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has released a statement about their PASS guidance recommending that performers who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 should still test for the virus.
  • Gay Performer of the Year: Max Konnor on Career Success, Activism
    You might want to take a deep breath and a gulp of coffee while we list the many jobs and responsibilities carried by Max Konner, the 2021 XBIZ “Gay Performer of the Year” and one of the hardest-working men in adult.
  • Mileena Kane to Guest on’s ‘Happy Hour-ish’ Friday
    Mileena Kane will make her first appearance on this Friday’s live broadcast of “Happy Hour-ish” on
  • Check out Loyalfans’ Weekly ‘Q&A with Victoria Raye’ Events 

    It’s always great to see platforms trying to connect with content producers, models, artists, creators, performers, studio owners and more in a variety of different ways. Everyone learns and retains information differently, and everyone has different situational circumstances that they feel comfortable in. Put simply, a video tutorial might work for some. A group chat — maybe with, maybe without camera — may work for others.

    Just like in any other type of learning environment, offering different ways to access information is key to connecting with different people. And, like I said, it’s nice when you seeing platforms getting that.

    With that in mind, Loyalfans recently started offering weekly group chats to go over the ins-and-outs of the platform. This could be a really effective way to learn the platform and connect with others. Here’s some press about it:

    Cyberspace is pleased to announce the launch of weekly “Q&A with Victoria Raye” live events.

    During each weekly meeting, Loyalfans’ creator liaison Victoria Raye will go over live demos, take questions, deep dive site features and business strategies, and more. New and experienced Loyalfans creators are welcome to listen, interact, share, and even vent during these closed group sessions. 

    “Q&A with Victoria Raye” live events happen every Wednesday at 4 pm EST. Loyalfans creators interested in attending can email to sign up and get the weekly meeting’s link.

    “We’re so excited to offer these weekly Q&A events to Loyalfans creators,” said platform co-founder Eduard A. Braileanu. “Loyalfans strives to meet creators’ needs at every turn. In addition to ultra-fast site support and our exclusive one-on-one platform walkthroughs and demos, we wanted to create an opportunity for creators to engage the platform and ask questions in a group setting.”

    The “Q&A with Victoria Raye” events will follow a general monthly cycle: Week 1 will cover site basics, Week 2 will cover expanded basic functions, Week 3 will “deep dive” different site features (new feature each month), and Week 4 will cover different “Business Genius” special topics (new topic each month).

    For the month of April, “Q&A with Victoria Raye” events will cover:

    April 7: Basics 1


    April 14: Basics 2


    April 21: Feature Deep Dive (Loyalfans Shout Outs — like Cameo, only with sexiness permitted!) 


    April 28: Business Genius (Building Your Fanbase)

    “You’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers!” Victoria Raye enthused. “I’ve been using the Loyalfans platform since it launched, and there are so many great features and tricks creators can put their own spin on to meet their fans’ needs. I’m excited to get to share what I’ve learned — and learn more myself — during these events.” 

    “There’s so much power in connecting,” she added. “I can’t wait to see all the Loyalfans creators there!”

    Loyalfans creators can email to sign up for “Q&A with Victoria Raye,” happening each Wednesday at 4 pm EST. New topics and features will be announced at the beginning of each month.

    For more information about Loyalfans, contact or go to to start a creator account. 

    Could be interesting!

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

  • Ms. Julia Epiphany Guests on New Episode of ‘Licked & Loaded With Laura Desirée’
    Ms. Julia Epiphany is the featured guest on a new episode of “Licked & Loaded with Laura Desirée” on CAM4Radio.
  • Lexi Luna Is SextPanther’s April ‘Model of the Month’
    SextPanther has named Lexi Luna their April “Model of the Month,” citing her “personal touch” when interacting with and creating custom content for fans.
  • Add Some Texture with Random Fun ‘Holidays’

    Here are two things…

    One: The daily grind of online sex work is… a grind. Yes, there’s fun to be had and yes the work is certainly satisfying in many ways, but the day in/day out is also there — just like with any other job.

    And two: One thing that breaks that grind up is holidays. Now, we have The Holiday Season, which loosely defined is mid-November-ish though January 2. There are also all the seasonal holidays — the types of dates that big sites often run promos around. Think Valentine’s Day and 4th of July and, like, Flag Day. (Yes, Flag Day is a real “holiday” — June 14th — and yes I was just joking. I have never seen a promo around Flag Day.)

    All this big conventional holidays are great, but there are also 8 million other “holidays” out there in terms of named daily celebrations that you can use to make creative content and run your own promos.

    For instance, National Cookie Day is December 4th. It may sound silly — or, it may sound brilliant?! What can you do with National Cookie Day? What could you create? What kinds of engagement could you foster? What kinds of double entendres could you play off of?!

    In this vein, there’s also:

    National Librarian Day (today/April 6) — This one is too easy!

    But don’t get bummed because there is plenty of time to prep up for National Nurses Day (May 6) — Also, so easy!

    National Pink Day (June 23) — Come on!

    National Ice Cream Day (July 19) — Delicious!

    Left Handers’ Day (August 13) — Why not?!

    …and about one million others!

    And we cannot forget about the sexy days. Things like:

    Make Out Day (May 5)

    69 Day (June 9) — Get it?! The date is June 9, like 6/9!

    Oral Sex Day — September 25

    …and about one million others!

    Literally, there is a “day” every single day of the year. How fun could it be to do a little spring refreshing and planning via looking up all the days and picking a few that connect with you to do a little content planning around? Why not!

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

    Images via Boris Pavlikovsky on Pexels.

  • FSC to Host New Tax Prep Panel for Adult Biz Workers
    The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Inspire program will host a webinar on tax preparation for adult industry workers on Thursday at 11 a.m. (PDT) led by FSC Industry Relations Advocate Lotus Lain with bookkeeper Jessie Hornby, tax preparer Lauren Fumagalli and Adult Industry Laborers & Artists Association (AILAA) founder Mary Moody.
  • ‘Model Madness’ Tips Tournament to Crown Winner on Friday
    Bracket-style “tip war” tournament Model Madness will end on Friday with a final Championship round between MyFreeCams models ItsMar and Selerah.
  • Camgirl ‘thereallulbenzie’ to Star in Live CamSoda Show Tonight
    The camgirl known as “thereallulbenzie” will headline a live CamSoda show tonight at 6 p.m. (PDT).
  • Camgirl ‘thereallulbenzie’ to Star in Live CamSoda Show Tuesday Night
    The camgirl known as “thereallulbenzie” will headline a live CamSoda show tonight at 6 p.m. (PDT).
  • Liv Revamped Earns 2021 Cammy Awards Nomination
    Liv Revamped has announced that her recent Cammy Awards nomination for “Porn Star Live Cam Performer of the Year” is her first camming nod and her first nom of 2021.