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  • ‘Everything Is Sexier in French’: 2021 XBIZ Europa Awards Dazzle

    “Everything is sexier in French!” declared 2021 XBIZ Europa Awards host Manuel Ferrara Thursday night, setting a flirty, celebratory tone for adult entertainment’s biggest night in Europe, presented by Satisfyer.

  • Seska: From the ’90s til Now (Interview)

    Seska’s Twitter bio reads “Me: 50 You: 18+” — and this short simple statement says so very much!

    “I got my start in the adult industry when I was 27. On November 17th, 1998, I did my first live cam show with Carol Cox at her brand new studio location in Montreal,” she shared with YNOT Cam. “I launched my personal adult website a couple of months later, and I did a live cam show for members of my paysite every single Tuesday without fail for 10 years.”

    This “classic amateur” and “new hot mature” creator has a scope of perspective on the industry and community that’s invaluable.

    “In 2010, I retired from porn and supported myself with in-person sex work, webmastering and public speaking on the impacts of stigma and criminalization of sex work,” Seska continued. “In 2020, right before the pandemic, I decided to return to online work and make a go at it in my 50s. I tried out fansites but found my footing when I relaunched my paysite combined with camming with Treasure Cams, [which is via] Streamate.”

    Seska has a Bachelor’s degrees in Education and Psychology and worked as an educational consultant specializing in learning disabilities prior to starting her career in sex work.

    “In the mid-1990s, my then-partner and I were exploring swinging when we discovered burgeoning fetish and swinger communities on the internet. This led to the discovery of personal adult websites created and run by swinging couples,” she told us. “As an educator, I was making my way to burnout and I became intrigued and inspired by the idea of doing something totally different— not just from education but also from mainstream porn. I wanted to make porn as a true girl-next-door.”

    It’s great to reflect on the different roads we come across in life, including the ones that open up as possibilities over time, as well as where they have taken us. Change comes in endless forms, at different times throughout the life course.

    Here’s what may be thought of as a small change that actually says so much from Seska: “Fun fact — I had the same look for most of my career, long brown hair with Bettie Page bangs, because I feared changing it would make me lose fans and customers. In my mid-40s I said fuck it and I buzzed off all my hair and stopped covering my silver. I also grew out my bush. I didn’t want my decisions about my body to be influenced by others anymore.”

    Enjoy the following amazing insights from Seska — a creator who has done it all… and continues to do more!

    YNOT Cam: What are some of the best things about working in online sex work? What about challenges?

    Seska: I find sex work, in particular documenting and sharing my sexuality, to be empowering. It’s been a cornerstone of my life’s journey. Working online has given me the flexibility and independence to pursue my personal growth and wellbeing. It’s been more than my livelihood. I’ve met my dearest friends among other content creators and sex workers, and I’ve become a sex worker rights activist. It’s been rewarding on so many levels.

    The main challenge of this work for me is keeping up with customer interests while also nurturing myself as a performer and staying on top of the ever-changing platforms, technology, billing and legislation. These are three very different aspects of our business, and you cannot neglect any of them. To be successful and satisfied long-term you need to do it all, and that’s not easy.

    Can you tell us more about being a “classic amateur pioneer”?

    The late 1990s and early 2000s were fun and wild times to be making independent adult content. Thanks to affordable digital cameras, we were creating content based on what was previously our secret and private lifestyles. We were rebellious and ambitious, so it was very satisfying to be leading the way in this new chapter of the adult industry.

    At our keyboards we were professionals, but in front of the camera, we focused on being ourselves and not what the mainstream said we should be. It was refreshing for fans who wanted to engage with more attainable sexual experiences.

    There was also a deep sense of community among performers and webmasters, as well as the fans. On our message boards and in our chatrooms, the fans would connect and share with us, as well as each other. We had our own bar meets, parties and conventions where we’d make such amazing content. We created our own collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    That all sounds wonderful, but we also experienced the rug being pulled out from under us when 2257 regulations were imposed — including putting our home addresses on our websites. Billing companies disappeared with our money overnight, and nearly everything we had built was destroyed by the explosion of pirated porn and tube sites.

    Your long-term perspective on the industry is incredible, so I must ask: How has the community and the state of sex work online changed for the better? What challenges or sticking points have emerged?

    There is a greater sense of immediacy now than there was then. For the first few years, fans were on dial-up and would have to wait for photos to load inch by inch. Live shows were 2-minute, then 30-second, and then 10-second refresh. Videos took all night to download. The anticipation and the tease made for a very sexy experience for everyone.

    Now customers want our content and access to us immediately with little regard to our own schedules and personal limitations. It takes more effort to set and maintain boundaries because they are pushed against more and more.

    In my classic amateur porn days, I presented my sex life and fans were voyeurs. Now they want to be the director of my sex life. It’s a different mentality that I’m still wrapping my head around. But I find private show camming on Treasure Cams lets me set those boundaries and match with those clients who enjoy what I have to offer.

    If you could give new and upcoming models one key piece of advice, what would it be?

    Know your “why.” Being really solid on why you want to work in adult, and camming specifically, will help you set goals and attain them. I have a side gig as a life coach for sex workers. I work with The Desire Map, which has you get specific on how you want to feel and working step-by-step and day-by-day on turning your inner clarity into outer action. It’s helped me adapt as the business has changed and develop a plan on how to do this work until my 60s.

    Practically speaking, be consistent with your efforts and time. It’s better to start with a few shifts a week and add to them over time. Read all the support materials your cam sites and/or your studio have to offer so you understand the platform and can be a good ambassador for your shows and the platform.

    There is a weekend contest. The top 500 earners yesterday & today will get a bonus. I’m on the cusp of being in the 500. Let’s come together and get me there.

    — Seska (@Seska) September 6, 2021

    Outside of work, what are you most passionate about?

    My relationship with my family is paramount. In 2017 moved to Ottawa to be closer to my sister and her children, and then we moved my mother here as well. She had a bad fall and afterwards, I moved in with her as her full-time caregiver. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, she has had surgery for an abdominal aneurysm and was diagnosed with breast, lung and bone cancer. I’m grateful that my work has allowed me the flexibility to be there for her.

    If you could change one thing about today’s world, what would it be and why?

    My father died of colon cancer when he was 54, and I was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Our family seems to have hit all the squares on the cancer bingo card, so if I could change one thing it would be to eliminate cancer. FUCK CANCER.

    Find Seska on Twitter at @Seska.

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

  • Catjira earns YNOT Cam Awards Nom for ‘Badass Gamer of the Year’

    Catjira has scored a nomination from the 2021 YNOT Cam Awards in the category of “Badass Gamer of the Year.”

  • 2021 XBIZ Europa Awards Winners Announced

    Earlier tonight, Central European Time, winners of the 2021 XBIZ Europa Awards, presented by Satisfyer, were announced during a glamorous virtual ceremony hosted by French superstar Manuel Ferrara and broadcast worldwide on

  • Winners Announced for 2021 XBIZ Europa Awards

    Earlier tonight, Central European Time, winners of the 2021 XBIZ Europa Awards, presented by Satisfyer, were announced during a glamorous virtual ceremony hosted by French superstar Manuel Ferrara and broadcast worldwide on

  • Romi Rain, Laura Desiree to Host Virtual Party on will livestream an exclusive party and cam show featuring Romi Rain and Laura Desirée tonight at 5:30 p.m. (PDT).

  • XBIZ Europa Awards: Live Worldwide Broadcast Today on

    The 2021 XBIZ Europa Awards, presented by Satisfyer, will light up the European adult industry today in a live worldwide broadcast on hosted by suave French superstar Manuel Ferrara, and preceded by a virtual red carpet emceed by Texas Patti.

  • Ashley Jacobs: Your CAM4 ‘Must Know’

    By Mallory Hall

    Reprinted from

    Ashley Jacobs is an integral part of the CAM4 team – and an excellent person for models and creators to know!

    “I’ve been with CAM4 for 10 years now, but I have been managing Performer Development — including Recruitment, Coaching and Training — for three years,” Jacobs shared.

    “My focus is on the success of our content creators, their site experience, tools, incentives and feeling supported,” she continued. “It’s important for us to not only provide support, but to give our creators a voice when it comes to providing them with the services they need, [both] physically and emotionally, while using CAM4.”

    Jacobs took some time out to discuss the innerworkings of CAM4, including what’s most advantageous about the platform for models and creators today.

    YNOT: For models and creators today, what’s the most advantageous thing about CAM4?

    Ashley Jacobs: We have always been the site with “no limits.” We celebrate all creators and their niches and fetishes, allowing more on our site then other platforms. Our creators have the freedom to express their true selves, and viewers can find that great content they are craving no matter what they are into.

    Do you think building community amongst cam and clip models is important?

    Yes, of course! We are all in this together. A lot of clip models are testing out camming, came from camming or are doing both. To really succeed you should dip you toe in everything you can to see what works for you.

    Connecting those groups together gives creators a resource to help guide them that wasn’t available in the past. CAM4, like other platforms, sees this connection between the two groups and offers ways for cam and clip models to curate their content whether it is through live streaming or building a fan club. They can build an audience and offer exclusive content from their MyShop or Fan Only image galleries.

    What is one key factor about CAM4 that creators need to know in order to best leverage the platform?

    The most important thing we teach our broadcasters is if you want to make money in this industry you need to treat it like a job. Two to three hours a week is not going to build the audience you need to make the money you want.

    You build your audience by making it easy for them to find you, go online as much as you can and for a minimum of 2.5 to 3 hours per show. A lot of people make the mistake of logging off after an hour or two, but we find that the ones that stay on for longer are the ones that make the most money. Schedule your shows in your CAM4 calendar so your viewers know exactly when you will be on, use your social accounts to promote those shows and make sure to tag CAM4 so our team can promote them as well.

    We know that technology that was on pace to impact our culture slowly got super-charged from the pandemic. How has the culture around adult changed?

    There is an overall acceptance toward this industry that wasn’t there in the past. Sex work is less taboo than it used to be, especially with the success of Only Fans. More people are looking at clip sales and camming as legitimate revenue streams and supplementing their income or leaving their mainstream jobs completely because they are making more money online.

    The pandemic has caused an influx within the industry towards people wanting more options available to them. They are putting a heavy focus on making money in a lot of different ways — videos, clips, social media and camming. Due to this, we are seeing platforms including CAM4 creating more verticals for their models.

    It’s not enough to just be a cam site anymore. You must provide creators with all the tools they need to monetize their curated content, or they will go somewhere that does.

    What unique services does CAM4 provide?

    We have always put a heavy focus on connecting with and supporting our creators. We back this up by offering three tiers of support: our amazing customer service team who are available 24/7, our coaching team who are made up of creators who have not only been in the industry for years but found success themselves, and our account managers who you can connect with in person at the shows we attend and contact through DMs, email and social if you are looking for promotion and opportunities on CAM4.

    If you are looking for a reliable way to get paid, CAM4 has always offered daily payments to our creators. We do not take a percent of their payout, what they earn on CAM4 is theirs to keep.

    Over the last year, I also introduced our viewers to the Happy Hour Show. This unique multicam show is designed to celebrate all the amazing talent that we have in on CAM4. The show broadcasts every week from our CAM4happyhour profile and is hosted by Naked New legend Laura Desiree and Tech Coach BusymanTM. We currently host three shows featuring creators from NA, UK and NL. Our Latin show will be launching soon.  Anyone can sign up to be considered as a guest for the show from your broadcaster dashboard and by speaking directly to your account manager in your region.

    Does CAM4 have anything coming up that people should know about?

    Absolutely! We are always working on something for our creators.

    We kicked off September and the celebration of Labor Day — a holiday to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of North American workers — with our Labor of Lust Campaign. With the recent news, it has been more apparent than ever to always have a backup plan. Never keep your eggs in one basket.

    We are giving our creators the chance to bring over any existing video content to help not only improve their profile but keep their content safe with an adult platform that has been around for over 14 years. The campaign runs from September 3rd through 30th, and we are rewarding our hard-working creators with a $5 bonus for each NEW and approved MyShop upload they make.

    We also partnered with Pineapple Support as the title sponsor of their podcast, “Pineapple Talk,” now available on the CAM4 Radio platform and wherever you get your podcasts. We’re thrilled to be a part of this incredible series focused on supporting sex workers through providing information and support services.

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

  • Scarlet Lyone Releases New Toy-Centric Clip, Returns to Instagram

    Scarlet Lyone’s newest piece of content for her personal website is a clip titled, “Spying on Me in the Shower,” described as a POV release that features Lyone enjoying her favorite sex toy Loki, a 10-inch clear suction dildo.

  • afterglow Reaches Out to Platform-Migrating Content Creators

    Women and couples erotica and lifestyle brand afterglow is extending a hand to content creators who are currently seeking to migrate platforms or diversify their revenue stream.

  • Rising Clip Artist Addison Sins to Guest on ‘Ham Radio’ Tonight

    Rising clip artist Addison Sins will appear on the latest episode of the comedy talk show, “Ham Radio,” tonight at 5 p.m. (PDT).

  • Audrey Madison Lands With Nexxxt Level Talent

    Audrey Madison has signed with Nexxxt Level Talent for representation.

  • Johnny Rapid Stars in Live Cam Series for NakedSword, Flirt4Free

    NakedSword has partnered with Flirt4Free on a series of four live cam shows, titled “Dear Johnny LIVE,” that center on Johnny Rapid choosing his favorite fan mail fantasies and turning them into reality. The series kicks off Friday from 5-6 p.m. (PDT).

  • Chaturbate Announces Week of ‘Health and Wellness’ Workshops

    Chaturbate has announced its first annual Health and Wellness Week, September 20-26, with seven events taking place daily live on the platform.

  • Dreamcam Announces Debut of VR Livestreaming Platform

    VR livestreaming platform Dreamcam has launched with the aim to “provide users with the most immersive and personalized adult entertainment experience,” noted a rep.