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  • FinDom Goaldigger: Everything’s in the Name!

    FinDom Goaldigger‘s website describes her as an “extreme greedy FinDom with a Russian accent.”

    “I am quite new in the industry. I started making fetish video clips in 2020 April,” she told us.

    “I am quite new in Findom and Femdom fetish world, and |I think that I come to the industry when started to be a high competition during Coronavirus,” she continued. However, “Despite [studying] psychology and marketing, it was and still for me difficult to earn decent money by selling clips. All money I earn I spend on clothes, equipment, and renting places for the clips.”

    Right now, FinDom Goaldigger lives in Europe, but before that she had to travel a lot. Her story shares an interesting perspective on the opportunities available in online sex work, particularly for individuals that live in regions of the world heavily impacted by socioeconomic struggles and instability, as well as things like global pandemics. Read on!

    YNOT Cam: What prompted you to begin your career online?

    FinDom Goaldigger: Before, I was working in show business. I was a belly dancer in the Middle East. Also, I have experience working on TV with psychic clairvoyance shows. Always I loved to be a performer. It does not matter for me to work on the stage, on TV or be a blogger. Just because of Coronavirus, all my previous projects in show business were canceled, and I lost all my money.

    One day I saw on YouTube that one model earns $5,000 per month just by selling foot video clips and photos for foot fetishists, and I thought “Why not?” I thought that it will be easy for me because I have studied marketing and have experience in show business, but it was a mistake. I understood that selling video clips is a business and, like all businesses, requires time and effort.

    For the first time, I made stupid videos with dance and foot, and I filmed everything in my life: how I am making food, eating food, walking in the street. To my surprise, I earn more money by selling clips where I am in glasses for eyeglasses fetishists. I even have sold my YouTube videos in the Russian language at Clips4Sale.

    But after one year, I realized that in order to earn good money in the future I must concentrate in other more popular fetish videos. I choose Findom, Femdom and foot fetish. Now I concentrate more on chastity and cuckolding fetish clips. My ex-husband and ex-boyfriend had a cuckold fetish, so I have some experience in it.

    What are some of the best things about working online? What about challenges?

    Before making clips, I already worked online but without money. Unfortunately despite a lot of efforts in YouTube and Instagram blogging, I did not earn money at all. I am very happy that I found video clip stores and porntubes that give me the possibility to work online and earn money, not like on Instagram and YouTube money. I always love to be a blogger and make video content. I just changed platforms and replaced myself from YouTube and Instagram to clips sites, fan sites and porntubes.

    The most challenge in online work is to work at home and not be lazy making content even without any selling. It is very difficult to work without money, but I used to make a lot of content for YouTube and Instagram without money, so for me it is not very difficult. At least now I earn some money with clips.  I hope with time I will earn more money and someday I will become famous and rich.

    Anyway, my video clips that were made last year were sold this year. I waited one year to see some result of my work. Everybody must be very patient in online work, not wait for a quick result. Just continue doing content, and one day you will see a reward.

    You wrote, “There is nothing more abusive than paying money for nothing” – can you elaborate?

    Actually, I wrote this sentence for fun because many people think that findoms just earn money for nothing. And actually, for paypigs, the thinking that findoms earn money for nothing is a fetish. Of course, making clips is very difficult and I work without weekends. I even can sleep just three hours per night in order to make video clips non-stop in the place that I rent for video with an interesting design. At home, I use chromokey, but it is very boring to make always clips on chromakey. Retouching and uploading clips take me more than 8 hours per day. Some days I work from 8 o’clock to 24.00 with clips. And talking with fans and “slaves” in OnlyFans also takes time.

    So, it is not easy money. It is work like usual work or better — like a full-time business and like show business as well.

    I like the findom fetish because I always like to get presents and money from men. It is my fetish. Also, I love to humiliate men. Especially I enjoy humiliating stupid men from dating sites. I have this fetish all my life.

    Actually, it is very wrong to think that the psychology of paypigs is only to give their money and get nothing in return. They love to think that superior gorgeous woman just drains their wallet and takes all their money, but it is just their fantasy. They love that they be called “slaves” or “money slaves or “paypig,” but it is just a fetish fantasy. They understand that they buy a certain service, and even humiliating costs money because it takes the time and effort of another person. Even in order to find the paypig who will tribute “for nothing” takes a lot of time, efforts and a lot of hours by promoting.

    I don’t like time wasters and never talk with them without money. Time is money. “Paypigs” just love being “humiliated” and have a JOI, but it is just their fantasy for what they pay. Findom is only one of my fetish clips topics. I do much more on humiliation JOI, chastity and cuckolding, but in all my clips I include the money theme. Without money, there’s no attention from me. My time costs money.
    I see that you are on Loyalfans. What do you like about that site? What do you like about fan sites in general?

    I just recently made Loyalfans. I wanted to try as many platforms as I can to see what will work better for me. Despite using Loyalfans less time, I see that it has a future. I have more selling in Loyalfans than AVN Stars, but because I am quite new in the industry I have not my fan base and for me is not easy to earn money because of no traffic. It looks that Loyalfans have their own traffic as well. I like that in Loyalfans is possible to sell not only clips and subscription club but is possible to sell every post from paid fan club separately.

    But for now, I have earned more money from OnlyFans — maybe because it is a more popular platform, or maybe because I am there more time?

    I just posted a video on #realloyalfans. Take a look here:

    — FinDom Goaldigger (@DaliaOlga) June 9, 2021

    Outside of work, what are you most passionate about?

    I love belly dance and helping women to study self-love and self-esteem is my hobby.

    I like to prepare different training for women. I have the plan to write a book for women on how to stop be a slave of love. In my opinion, the BDSM fetish clips — humiliation, chastity, findom, femdom and so on — recording can help release the anxiety and make women love themselves and stop being in a relationship with the abuser. Abuser man afraid to be in relationship with mistress.

    Soon I am going to have my YouTube channel in the Russian language on this topic, and maybe in English as well.

    If you could change one thing about today’s world, what would it be and why?

    I want that everybody has the possibility to earn good money and that it does not matter what country they live in and if they have a health disability or not. I have an eye vision disability. One eye is blind and the other eye minus 22, and I know that for people with disabilities it can be impossible to earn money.

    I believe that online work can help earn money for everybody in all countries and with all health restrictions. In the future when I will have more experience, I will share for free with my experience how to earn money if you have health problems or live in a poor country.

    Find FinDom Goaldigger on Twitter at @DaliaOlga.

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

  • Marica Hase Sets 1st Live Show Friday Night
    Marica Hase will make her live cam debut Friday night at 8 p.m. (PDT) where she will be joined by Morgan Lee, Yumi Sin and Zac Wild.
  • YeetFans Announces Launch of ‘Quickie’ Podcast
    Nascent adult premium social media platform has announced its “Quickie” podcast featuring tips and advice for content creators.
  • Cole Connor, Roman Todd to Anchor CAM4, Falcon Live Shoot
    Falcon/NakedSword exclusive Cole Connor and Roman Todd will topline the second in a monthlong series of live cam events hosted by CAM4 that broadcast in real time the filming of an actual Falcon production. The cocksmen will take the stage Friday at 4 p.m. (PDT).
  • Cole Connor, Roman Todd to Anchor Next CAM4, Falcon Live Shoot
    Falcon/NakedSword exclusive Cole Connor and Roman Todd will topline the second in a monthlong series of live cam events hosted by CAM4 that broadcast in real time the filming of an actual Falcon production. The cocksmen will take the stage Friday at 4 p.m. (PDT).
  • Aria Khaide to Release New Clip With Trucifer DeVille
    Aria Khaide’s next direct-to-OnlyFans clip features Trucifer DeVille and is set to be released tomorrow, followed by a ManyVids debut on Saturday.
  • Brandi Love Announces June Live Shows for CamSoda
    Brandi Love has announced her next slate of live shows for CamSoda.
  • Amberly Rothfield to Talk ‘Model Data’ at Upcoming YNOT Summit

    News! Amberly Rothfield will be headlining a “Model Track” panel at YNOT Summit in July that aims to help cam models and content creators leverage their data for greater online profits. The 100% virtual event will take place July 7– 8 and registration is free for adult industry professionals.

    The session, titled Actionable Data Analytics for Content Creators, will discuss how adult industry talent can use the data they already generate to power up their marketing efforts. Participants will learn how to find and access their data, what it tells them about their customers, and how they can leverage that data to make even more money online.

    “Data is something that many models fear,” Rothfield explained. “I am so excited to discuss data’s importance with the YNOT Summit audience and explain where they can get started. Platforming such discussions is why I adore YNOT.”

    YNOT Summit is a dual-track virtual conference focused on the adult entertainment business. Its “Model Track” presents speakers and topics of interest to live cam and clips performers, content creators and industry talent while its “Webmaster Track” presents topics and speakers of interest to company owners, affiliates, web developers, executives and other business professionals.

    “Our industry is extremely lucky to have Amberly on our side, the work she does in support of our model community is so valued and important,” said Connor Young, CEO and co-owner of YNOT. “Her positive impact is evident in the love and appreciation models show her every day online, and so we’re extremely pleased to announce Amberly’s participation in our July virtual YNOT Summit.”

    Additional confirmed speakers at YNOT Summit already include Chaturbate’s COO Shirley Lara, cam model coach Nikki Night, attorney Corey Silverstein, model and coach LittleRedBunny, Moose from Girlfriends Films, Joey Gabra from New Media Services, performer and activist Buck Angel, model Ellie Idol, webmaster legend Patrick the Hun, CEO Katya Tiuni of, performer Lexi Luna and more.

    Registration is free and now open for YNOT Summit via the HOPIN platform.

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  • Sell Studio Content, Novelty Items as ‘Mini-Affiliate’ via JFF

    Last month, (JFF) introduced a new revenue stream opportunity for studios and product retailers from within the platform. You can now monetize merchandise – read: sell studio content, sex toys and other novelty-adjacent products — via JFF.

    “I believe we are the first platform to monetize merchandise through personal tie-ins like this,” said platform founder Dominic Ford.

    The new feature “is specifically geared toward film studios and novelty companies looking to sell their products through JFF models.” Ford explained that studios that have been trying to figure out how to monetize fan platform traffic now have their answer by selling their movies on the platform. Models can now list their studio movies on their JFF pages and share in the revenue from those sales.

    “Studios simply set up the movies on their page and tell the system what percentage of the revenue to share with the model who sells the movie. It’s as simple as that,” Ford explained. “Models repost the movies on their pages, act is mini-affiliates for that sale and JFF takes care of the accounting.”

    Ford added that novelty companies can do the same thing with toys, lube or any other product they wish to sell through their spokesmodels. The model can go to the company’s JFF store and click “Post This on My Page” to sell the product on their page.

    “ knows that the sale came from the model and gives them their cut of the purchase. The [novelty] company and/or [studio] sets up what percentage the model makes, and we take care of the rest,” said Ford. “The idea works for any store items, real or digital.”

    To find out more about this new feature, visit and follow on Twitter at @JustForFansSite.

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  • Megacams Launches Model Referral Program
    Adult platform Megacams has launched a new content creator referral program.
  • New Adult Social Platform YeetFans Seeking Creators has announced their new social platform for adult content is seeking creators.
  • New Adult Social Platform YeetFans Seeking Creators
    New adult social content site has announced they are seeking creators to join their platform.
  • Morgan Sommer Joins LiveJasmin as Senior VP of Sales & Traffic
    Industry vet Morgan Sommer has joined LiveJasmin and AWEmpire as Senior Vice President of Sales and Traffic and will work to expand the network and build organic traffic.
  • iWantClips’ Member Raffle Ongoing Now is ringing in the summer of 2021 by hosting its first raffle *EVER* for site users and members. Dubbed the “#IWCSubmissiveSummer” raffle, the contest is in effect now through the end of the month, coming to a close at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, June 30.

    To be entered into the raffle, which is limited to a single entry per member, site members have to spend $50 or more on clips. The first place winner will receive $500, the second place winner will receive $250 and the third place winner will receive $100, all in issued in site credits which can be used however the winners wish.

    “We’re so excited to be running this contest for our members,” said an iWantClips representative. “We decided to bring in that summer heat by creating a fun and easy contest where we’ll be giving away over $800 in prizes to our loyal members. We wanted a fun and creative way to get our members excited about summer and all the upcoming sexy femdom content. We love to see their engagement and we hope they’re just as excited as we are about it!”

    For more information on the #IWCSubmissiveSummer raffle contest, click here.

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  • Lola Davina: Vulnerability, Risks & Rewards

    “Vulnerability” is a popular topic these days. This month, I thought we might take a look at why it can be desirable to open up and show our authentic selves to others — while also acknowledging the very real risks involved, especially on cam and in other forms of sex work.

    What Is Vulnerability?

    In psychology, the definition of vulnerability is the willingness to take emotional risks. Vulnerability stands in opposition to emotional reticence, acting as though one is invincible, shut down or indifferent. In any given social situation, we might operate along a spectrum of emotional availability, making adjustments depending on how safe we feel. Most of us aren’t vulnerable all the time. For example, while on cam, you might decide to keep personal shares to a minimum, while letting friends and relatives see “the real you.”

    The benefits of vulnerability begin with living whole-heartedly from a deep-seated sense of worthiness, in knowing that we don’t have to be perfect or perform a false front to be loved. (I’m borrowing heavily from “The Power of Vulnerability” TED Talk by researcher Brené Brown, which I encourage you to check out in full here.)

    The practice of vulnerability also teaches us to be compassionate to ourselves and others. Perhaps most importantly, daring to be vulnerable helps us break free from the bonds of shame and fear, allowing us to more directly and whole-heartedly access joy, creativity, authenticity, and connection. As Brown states so beautifully, “Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver.”

    Vulnerability can take many forms. Here are just a few examples:

    — Letting someone know that we’re struggling financially

    — Talking about how we feel about our bodies or revealing our sexual desires

    — Sharing our hopes and dreams

    — Expressing love, envy, fear, or guilt

    — Telling stories of painful events from the past

    It’s not hard to see why many of us hesitate to share these things, since that carries the very real risk of embarrassment, rejection, or having our tender hearts ignored. Even if other people don’t react badly, we might still feel awful about ourselves after a candid moment: exposed, ashamed, or exhausted. This phenomenon is what’s known as a “vulnerability hangover.” Andria Park defines it as “the gut-wrenching feeling that happens the moment we get real about who we are, what we want, and how we express it.”

    The self-care move is to realize that although we have zero power over how others react to our realness, at least we don’t have to beat ourselves up.

    Cures For A Vulnerability Hangover

    The first thing — and this is key — is to not catastrophize. Whenever we show tender sides of ourselves, fear often comes rushing in afterwards: “Why the hell did I do that last night?” “What if she thinks I’m a dork/loser/horrible person?” “Is everyone gossiping about me behind my back?”

    The practice in this case is to take a step back and recognize that you’ve gone straight to the negative. As an alternative, try allowing for a wide range of possible outcomes — life is rarely black-and-white, and things are rarely as bad as we fear. Furthermore, never forget that you have the choice to retreat from anyone who doesn’t treat you well. You deserve to have your genuineness met with kindness.

    What if you’ve said something on cam that you now regret, revealing a side of yourself that you don’t usually let your fans see? Now is an excellent moment to spend some time thinking about who you’d like your online persona to be. Perhaps you want to explore being more vulnerable on cam, to see if that draws fans closer to you. Or perhaps this event will incentivize you to be more discreet in the future. Either way, this can be an excellent moment for self-discovery.

    Next is to remember why you chose to share what you did. The desire to be seen and accepted just as you are is key to living an authentic life. Congratulate yourself on your emotional honesty, and be sure to self-soothe. I offer practical advice on how to manage overwhelming emotions here.

    Finally, understand that vulnerability gets easier with practice. This is true for many reasons. We tend, over time, to attract people capable of unconditional love and acceptance. We weed out the folks who aren’t. And we learn that if we don’t always get the exact response we crave, it isn’t the end of the world. It might hurt, it might disappoint, but it sure beats living a lie.

    As Brown says, getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable, recognizing that nothing is certain and understanding that despite all our flaws, we are lovable and enough, makes our lives braver and better.

    Until next time, be sweet to yourself.

    Lola D.

    Lola Davina is a longtime veteran of the sex industry and author of Thriving in Sex Work: Sex Work and Money, her followup to the formative Thriving in Sex Work: Heartfelt Advice for Staying Sane in the Sex Industry. You can get the audio version of Sex Work and Money via Awesound here. Contact Davina at and visit her on Twitter at @Lola_Davina.

    Image of Lola Davina courtesy Pat Mazzera.