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  • Organotoy: Specializing in Hugeness (Interview)

    We recently learned about Organotoy, a boutique specialty manufacturer of – in a nutshell – giant sex toys.

    They offer customizable fantasy toys, eggs, plugs, openers and saws. Each toy is handmade upon order in Langenhagen, a town in the Hanover district of Lower Saxony, Germany.

    The company is committed to being body safe, and their sites states that they always use high-quality, biocompatible materials. Further, Organotoy toys are characterized by “outstanding functionality,” and some of their non-fantasy toys have a visible middle seam, which is an interesting fact.

    We reached out to the folks at Organotoy to learn a bit more about what they do and what makes their products unique – and we were fortunate enough to hear from Julika, the company’s Creative Director and COO.

    YNOT Cam: What’s the Organotoy backstory?

    Organotoy/Julika: Organotoy was started by Oliver Ring. He started making toys for himself and some friends nearly twenty years ago in his university lab. In 2011, he finally started Organotoy but it kept more or less his “private toyshop” until 2018.

    Until then, the toys were inspired by the European gay fisting scene and technically on a very high level — but from a design point, rather simple.

    How did you come to be involved?

    In 2018, I started working for Organotoy. I´m a SFX makeup artist, specialized in silicone prosthetics. When it was clear that I won´t be able to go back to my job because of health reasons — I have atypical diabetes and am a cancer survivor, and travelling around the world while working on movie sets was then impossible — Oliver gave me a job as creative director.

    Oliver was once my dom and we are still very, very close. He gave me the job so I won’t fall under social security and also to cheer me up. I was the first employee!

    In the following year, I designed toys like crazy and had my most productive time ever. I had resources like machines, tools and materials beyond my wildest dreams. That is when Organotoy really lifted up.

    What’s special about Organotoys?

    We are the technology leader in the adult toy industry. Whether custom airbrushed toys or logos — of course, body safe and ISO 10993-10 compliant — real sterling silver or 23K gold coated silicone toys or powder coated effect colors, we can do what no one else can.

    We are the only company who can customize toys with logos, hashtags or URLs. By that, the performer can raise brand awareness, show their fan platform links or their clip sites or own website. The messenger plug is a good example for corporate identity placement, but similar logos can be placed on every toy.

    Example of logo placement on a custom Organotoy

    Of all the Organotoys toys, which one is your favorite?

    Abradrachabra is my all time favorite toy. It’s inspired by Bowser [or, King Koopa, the main antagonist character of Nintendo’s Mario franchise], and I personally adore its shape, the cervix friendly tip and the rich texture.

    The SIS-CAN, performer Siswet‘s signature toy — its airbrushed logo is, from a technical point, a milestone. I also love Siswet.

    What are Organotoys’ hopes for the future? Where do you see the company moving next? 

    Honestly, until the pandemic started all challenges I experienced with Organotoy were compared to the challenges being on a movie set — very relaxing. With the pandemic, we must deal with strict German COVID prevention rules. Nearly half of the staff — we have now 12 employees — including Oliver and I are at risk for severe COVID, so that’s the main challenge. The main plan for the near future is simply surviving the pandemic.

    Find Organotoy on Twitter at @Organotoy.

    Siswet with her signature Organotoy

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

  • Lola Davina Reviews ‘Unstuck’

    It’s late winter and in the Northern Hemisphere — the time when many of us sink into the deepest winter funk. To counter this seasonal slide, I recommend a terrific book: Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey Out of Depression, by Dr. James S. Gordon.

    Gordon is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist who has studied depression for more than forty years. His book provides a comprehensive framework for understanding how depression works, including the mind-body-spirit connection, as well as a blueprint for moving through sad spells. I’ve used Gordon’s techniques many times in my life, always with positive results.

    Anti- Antidepressants?

    I recommend this book wholeheartedly, but with one major warning: Gordon opens this book by arguing that antidepressants should be used only as a last resort. From his research, Gordon concludes that SSRis may alleviate one’s symptoms, but do nothing to re-regulate one’s brain chemistry. Also, he argues, they don’t address any underlying sources of distress.

    Now, as it happens, several people I love, including my life partner, rely on antidepressants. I know folks who might not have survived suicidal episodes without pharmaceutical intervention, so I’d never be one to say antidepressants are bad medicine. However, I do think Gordon’s arguments are worth considering for anyone looking to make an informed decision about one’s mental health care.

    Wherever you come down on the antidepressant controversy, the rest of the book is filled with practical advice applicable to everyone, so I encourage you to take what works for you and leave the rest.

    Mind-Body Connection

    Gordon offers two key insights. The first is that regardless of why we might be depressed — whether cyclical sadness runs in our family or we’re responding to external situations such as the winter blues or losing our job or a loved one or we don’t really have a “good reason” we can think of — sadness doesn’t just live in our minds. Depression permeates every aspect of our existence.

    To work one’s way out of depression, Gordon’s program can be thought of as a series of concentric circles radiating outward. Gordon is a medical doctor, first and foremost, so he begins by advising getting a full medical exam to look for underlying conditions that might be contributing to low energy or depression, including infection, diabetes, low thyroid, etc. He also recommends an evaluation of any depressive prescriptions you might be taking, including sleeping pills, birth control, cortisone, among many others.

    Next, he emphasizes the importance of good nutrition and staying away from empty calories. He recommends fruits and vegetables, lean protein and fiber and micronutrients to make sure that our bodies have everything they need to thrive. Then, he stresses exercise and healing movement, including dance, meditation and yoga, along with non-Western modalities including acupuncture and herbal therapies.

    Once we’ve tended to our physical selves, next it’s time to turn to our psychic wellbeing. Gordon defines spirituality as not necessarily as a religious practice but an understanding of being a part of something bigger than oneself — a feeling of purpose, dignity and worth. To nurture the spirit, Gordon recommends helping those in need for several reasons. First, it puts our own pain into perspective. We’re reminded that heartache and pain is universal, connecting us to our humanity, decreasing feelings of isolation and shame. And finally, doing good feels good. Volunteering, babysitting, pet walking, gardening, and cooking for others are all excellent ways to get out of our own heads and connect with the wider world.

    The Blues Is A Friend of Mine

    Dr. Gordon’s other key observation is that we can and should treat depression as a gift. Depression has tremendous potential to tell us what is most important to us in life, where we feel disconnected or harmed or lacking. Only by setting out on the journey of learning what depression has to teach us can we fully integrate and heal.

    If, for example, we’re sad because our grandfather recently died, rather distracting ourselves with substances or video games, grief can connect us to our heart’s desire. Spending time with that grief allows us to honor, say, the unconditional love he gave us during his life, and express our gratitude for him. Or maybe our grandfather was more difficult and distant, and we’re mourning the absence of love we never got and always longed for. We can use the advent of his passing to commit to finding gentle paternal care from other sources in our lives.

    Sad spells are, indeed, a fact of life. But they don’t need to drain us of life. Gordon’s book illuminates how working through depression with self-love and care can improve our attitudes, relationships, physical health, and lives in rich, meaningful, fulfilling ways.

    Until next time, be sweet to yourself.

    Lola D.

    Lola Davina is a longtime veteran of the sex industry and author of Thriving in Sex Work: Sex Work and Money, her followup to the formative Thriving in Sex Work: Heartfelt Advice for Staying Sane in the Sex Industry. You can get the audio version of Sex Work and Money via Awesound here. Contact Davina at and visit her on Twitter at @Lola_Davina.

    Image of Lola Davina courtesy Pat Mazzera.

  • 2021 XBIZ Cam Awards Categories Announced, Pre-Noms Now Open
    XBIZ is pleased to announce the award categories and opening of the pre-nomination period for the 2021 XBIZ Cam Awards, the biggest night for indie artists, presented by Chaturbate.
  • Brandi Love Lands Cover of Pure Passion’s ‘Pure MILF 14’
    Brandi Love appears on the cover of “Pure MILF 14″ for Pure Passion and stars in a new VR fantasy from WetVR; she will also host several live cam shows throughout March.
  • Harley Marie Guests on New Episode of ‘Smutty Talks’
    Harley Marie, cam model and the co-host of the “Danglin’ After Dark” podcast, is the guest on the latest episode of “Smutty Talks” from
  • TDP Launches Model-Centered Service, ClipSentry

    Many moons ago, we interviewed a true badass — Takedown Piracy’s Nate Glass.

    Glass told us all about his then-existing service, as well as what models and independent content producers could do about their pirated cam and clips content.

    Fast forward to today: Takedown Piracy (TDP) is still the most effective and truly gnarly anti-piracy service in the industry — and, since adult content gets pirated more than anything, I feel it’s fair to say that TDP is the most gnarly anti-piracy service ever. Whatsmore, the folks at TDP have launched a new service, one tailor made for independent content producers: ClipSentry.

    Per press material, is “a site specifically created and designed for independent content producers who post on clip sites that do not provide adequate or complete copyright enforcement or content protection.” In other words, DMCA services.

    Now, via ClipSentry, even the most novice of content producers can quickly upload or drag-and-drop their content for immediate fingerprinting and protection on over 133 tube sites. This, in addition to the thousands of “other” types of sites monitored with proprietary methods.

    Shawn Evans, Founder and President of AV Registry, Clip Sentry’s tech provider, stated that, “Clip artists deserve the same top tier of anti-piracy services as studios, and we’re so excited to be able to finally offer this, in coordination with Takedown Piracy. As we watch content trends in piracy, it’s obvious this is an area that’s exploding.

    He added that, “While we use tech that no other company in the industry provides, I take pride in the way we always have human involvement, at every step of the process.  It leads to a much higher quality in everything we do.”

    Early users of ClipSentry are already benefiting from the service, which seems to correspond with the high level of service provided by TDP overall. (There’s a whole testimonials section on the site you can shock out!)

    “We are answering the call of thousands of independent content producers,” said Reba Rocket, VP of Marketing and Communications for Takedown Piracy. “Our early enrollers in the program have had only positive comments, and they now enjoy services previously only available to our larger clients.”

    According to Rocket, ClipSentry has already removed more than 4 million infringements for their current clip-store clients. “Our ability to offer the same protection for independent content producers is a real thrill!” she added.

    Independent producers can enjoy immediate protection by signing up at There’s, like, at least 4 million reasons to do this IMO.

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

    Header image via Unsplash.

  • Join Corey Silverstein, Nikki Night for Legal Webinar Event

    Corey D. Silverstein, the driving force behind and Adult.Law, and premier cam coach Nikki Night are joining forces on Thursday March 4 at 4 pm EST for a unique online event that’s not to be missed: “Night Court, with Corey D. Silverstein & Nikki Night.”

    During the event, Silverstein and Night will discuss topics highly relevant to online content creators navigating today’s industry. This will include contracts, content production, legal compliance documents, managing the present strategically, planning wisely for the future, and much more. The spirited conversation will be both accessible and packed with humor. Attendees will be invited to ask questions and engage via chat during the event.

    “Night Court” is free to attend for models and content creators and promises to be useful for individuals at all stages of their careers. Register for “Night Court, with Corey D. Silverstein & Nikki Night” via Eventbrite here:

    “Nikki Night is one of the best cam model coaches in the world and has dedicated her career to helping creators grow personally and professionally,” said Silverstein. “I’m really looking forward to this collaboration because I share Nikki’s vision regarding the power of coaching and education. I am expecting lots of great legal questions and a packed audience for this can’t-miss event.”

    Night’s appreciation for Silverstein is mutual, as is her enthusiasm for the event.

    “Corey is the perfect person to get paddled in Night Court!” Night proclaimed. “I jest, but in all seriousness — online content creators need to be aware of the rules, regulations, and laws that shape the way we can do business. Education and coaching are my passion, and this event will help on both fronts. Bring the hard stuff bbs because we will have access to some fine legal expertise that everyone can benefit from.”

    Corey D. Silverstein is the managing and founder member of Silverstein Legal and the founder of subscription service Adult.Law. His practice focuses on representing all areas of the adult industry. Join Silverstein on Twitter at @myadultattorney and on Insta at @coreydsilverstein.

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

  • ASACP Names DialXS, XLoveCam, LALExpo as Featured Sponsors for March
    The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) has named DialXS, XLoveCam and LALExpo as its Featured Sponsors for March 2021.
  • Mary Moody Co-Hosts ‘A Decade with Chaturbate,’ Wins ‘Titties of the Decade’
    On February 25, Chaturbate celebrated its 10th anniversary with the event “A Decade with Chaturbate,” including an online summit for its broadcasters and an awards show hosted by Mya Malone and Mary Moody, who took home one of 24 awards.
  • Rolls Out ‘Model Release Center’ for 2257 Docs (JFF) has announced the launch of its Model Release Center, described as a secure, centralized repository of model releases, IDs and 2257 paperwork for every sexually explicit scene on the platform. The documents, noted a rep, may be retrieved by the content creator who uploaded them at any time, to be delivered via email, as “they are not accessible via web browser.”
  • Corey Silverstein, Nikki Night to Host ‘Night Court’ Webinar Thursday
    Adult industry attorney Corey D. Silverstein and performer Nikki Night will host “Night Court” Thursday at 1 p.m. (PST), a free online webinar exclusively designed for content creators.
  • Deeper than the Tip: Content, Competition and COVID

    The most obvious and timely choice of topic for my first full article has to be what is affecting not just camming, but pretty much the whole planet right now: the COVID-19 virus.  There is a lot to talk about on this topic and its obvious impact on the camming industry, both positive and negative.

    For instance, are you someone who was working in the service industry like restaurants, bars, retail stores or hospitality industry and the lockdowns and COVID-19 took away your ability to earn money? Or did it reduce what you were earning enough you decided to give web camming a try?

    And if you were already a cam model for years, did you see a huge increase or decrease in your earnings since COVID started? Did it change how you approached work? Did regular members disappear? Did you get a lot of new members? Were members spending more or less in your cam room or on your clip sites? Was camming from home more difficult now because maybe others in your household were forced to be home more often? Or, did the current situation lead to better or worse financial security for you and your family? Did it increase your stress levels or create more instability in your life?

    I spoke to some experts in the industry to explore these questions and get some insights.

    Insights from Managers, Models

    One thing is clear, COVID lead to an increase in models signing up to platforms to try and earn money, which led to a bigger field of models to compete amongst. But was there a similar increase in visitors? Especially those willing to spend money on cam sites?

    “Such a sudden and unexpected spike in the number of models wanting to be online and working longer hours can definitely cause issues if a platform does not also see a similar increase in traffic,” said Carlos Diaz, Broadcasting Training Manager, VSMedia. “We have had a large increase in not only the number of models online but the number of hours they are staying online.”

    “[This] creates more competition and a need for more users to fill all the rooms,” Diaz added. “About a year ago merged into our network and we recently affiliated with high-traffic tube sites Xvideos and XNXX which brought a lot of new users to the Flirt4Free network. For us it has been a great thing. A lot of site records have been broken over the last few months!”

    But what if you aren’t getting a lot of new traffic in your cam room or not seeing the kind of earnings you used to get or were hoping to get? What if you are getting more visitors, but they aren’t spending?

    A lot of models had this problem or continue to have this problem. So what are the solutions for this?

    One long-time cam model has a positive view and opinion on what models need to do to be more competitive and stand out.

    “Changes were coming anyway sooner or later and if you were ready for it, 2020 was a great year,” said Jakub Stephano, a webcam model for 16 years and Flirt4Free brand ambassador. “It might be a wakeup call for some sites and models that they need to adjust and innovate more than they do if they want to stay on the top of the game.”

    Jakub Stephano

    Strategies to Improve, Expand

    So what are some of the positive, innovative ways one can be more successful and continue to earn money while camming?

    One option whether you are a full or part-time model is many platforms have made it easier to broadcast online from your phone. This allows more flexibility on where and when you can be online and can give more access to new or different locations, conditions and views (if you don’t mind doing that).

    Working more hours online or on content (if you have the time) can be another way to help earn more. And this can be supported by being more active and interactive on social media to gain followers and get more eyes on you and your content.

    An additional option you can do if you have some extra time is create your own personal website. Places like VXPages and Model Centro have simple templates to get your own site started quickly and easily where you can blog, broadcast and reach out to fans on other levels and sell content.

    Another is just your overall attitude and approach when online. Many people feel isolated, alone and bored and are looking for entertainment to cheer up, or to have a more social connection with someone. Smiling and being positive can have an important role in not only gaining new members but maintaining them as well. It can be very gratifying to know you made a difference in someone’s life just by being kind, friendly and interested in them.

    So think long-term even if someone isn’t spending a lot or even nothing at the moment. If you believe in karma and invest a little time and kindness to someone else, it can come back to you in extremely rewarding ways.

    A huge area to help increase earnings has been creating and selling content online, whether on the platform(s) you broadcast from or on clip or fan sites like ManyVids, Loyalfans, and others. This has been a huge focus during COVID for many models — but it does require commitment and extra work.

    “In spring 2020 content pages grew insanely fast,” said Stephano. “This led to a change in focus for content and social media and limited my cam time. Overall my income shifted from 75% from camming and 25% content to 30% from camming and 70% from content.”

    This change of focus, however, was not totally unexpected to the experienced cam model.

    “I saw new trends and changes coming even before COVID so I was ready for it. It led to a great 2020 and my overall income almost doubled. But my work time increased too,” Stephano said.

    Clips and fan sites are topics I will go deeper on in the near future to help models who are new or interested in the content creation area.

    So in the end, was COVID a good or bad thing for the camming industry?

    “Honestly I don’t see [COVID affecting camming] as a positive or negative overall,” Stephano continued. “2020 and COVID-19 brought a lot of changes and our industry is still blessed for being able to generate money. Many other industries were hit way harder.”

    The Big Picture

    While some models like Stephano prepared for or made the best out of this situation and even found ways to increase their earnings, it hasn’t been so easy for everyone.

    For many models the challenges of COVID can be overwhelming. Numerous models have changed sites or started working on multiple sites simultaneously instead of just one or two primary sites.

    Whether you are new to camming or an experienced model, numerous others are dealing with stress too. I’ve been contacted directly and through my academy by many models worried about issues related to camming during this pandemic and looking for advice to help their sudden financial need to enter this new industry, or how to stay positive both personally and professionally. So you aren’t alone if you are having a tough time. Many of us are dealing with the psychological consequences of the situation and there is definitely a need to be mentally healthy.

    So, stay positive and you may be surprised how current circumstances can turn out better than you expected. Things may look dark now, but if you keep your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel it will make it easier to not get distracted or run into obstacles on the path to your goals.

    Change is never easy — I know as I went through some major changes myself last year, and not just because of COVID-related issues — but it also presents opportunities which can turn out to be a good thing.

    Hopefully experienced and newer models to the industry won’t be discouraged by the current situation or they have found new and innovative ways to make the most of it. This is a transition phase for many and it’s not always easy. In fact it can be a good thing, like a much needed kick in the ass to get out of a lull or comfort zone when you get too set in your ways. It can be stimulating and create new opportunities and options and change one’s path to a greater outcome or bring out something new that was dormant inside.

    Challenges are how we usually grow in life and in most cases the people who learn to adapt, adjust and persevere are the ones who will succeed making it through.

    So again, stay positive and keep your eye out on future articles here as there will be more information, tips, tricks and other advice to help with camming.

    Thank you again for your time, and please feel free to send feedback, questions, comments, concerns or positive stories or advice to help others!

    xx, O

    LittleRedBunny is a multi-award-winning cam artist and industry icon who created the first cam model academy, LittleRedBunny Academy, which focuses on her philosophy of Camology: The Art of Camming. Find her on Twitter at @LittleRedAcadem or email her at

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  • Chaturbate’s 10th Anniversary Event Celebrates Broadcasters’ Skills, Community
    In an atmosphere of camaraderie and positive encouragement, this week Chaturbate celebrated the accomplishments and skills of their broadcasters and the communities around them with an unprecedented anniversary event, “A Decade With Chaturbate.”
  • Chaturbate’s 10th Anniversary Event Celebrates Broadcasters’ Skills, Community
    With an atmosphere of camaraderie and positive encouragement, this week Chaturbate celebrated the accomplishments and skills of its broadcasters and the community around them with an unprecedented 10th anniversary event called “A Decade With Chaturbate.”
  • Why Yes, We Do Like that Ashe! (Ashe Rose Interview)

    Ashe Rose has been working in the adult industry for almost four years.

    “I started out at 19 selling underwear for extra cash while working full time at a coffee shop,” she shared with YNOT Cam. “Then I started camming in March 2017.”

    “I’m Canadian and originally from a super isolated area. I’m kind of at a midway point now of where I want but I really want to move to a larger city — for better craft supplies mostly!” she continued.

    Fun fact about Ashe Rose: She’s super crafty and really good at sewing. “Another fun fact people might not know is I’m pretty decent at automotive repair. I took auto for several years in high school because there weren’t really any art or creative classes, and I still have interest in different machinery.”

    Read on to learn more about this pioneering model — she can fix your car, sew you a custom dress and inspire many friends and fans online in a unique, artistic way!

    YNOT Cam: What prompted you to begin your career online?

    Ashe Rose: I’ve had a few odd jobs. I’ve been a librarian, museum tour guide and worked in a few coffee shops. Right before and just after I started sex work, I was working 40+ hours a week, then I would cam after work trying to make ends meet and just live a decent life on my day off.

    After running myself into the ground, getting a few good months online, plus my boss screwing me out of a position that they were already making me do the work of without the raise, I knew I didn’t want to do it a second longer. It was dead end anyways. So I quit my coffee job and planned to rely completely on sex work but ended up getting hired for my seamstress and fabric sale job very quickly after.

    What are some best things about working online? What about challenges?

    The highlights are definitely the friends I’ve made and the ability to make income even on bad or bedridden days. I love that I can explore my creativity and sexuality freely.

    Working online can be either amazing or the absolute worst and it all depends how good you are at motivating yourself. It’s absolutely fantastic when a partner or friend helps motivate you, and I have several people that help hype me up and keep me on track, but that’s definitely something that’d be more difficult if I had to rely on my own motivation alone. I often isolate and spiral in depression especially if left alone as I always feel I should do more than is possible for me, so it’s good to have people IRL and a huge online community that gives me support when I feel like I’m not good enough just because I might not be able do as much as others could.

    I enjoy that I can go to conventions and meet people I’ve looked up to for years as an equal because — without the internet — I would have never been appreciated for my art.

    Your Twitter bio shares “Aspie with Fibro” — How does managing chronic health issues impact your work online?

    I definitely can say it impacts my work. I’m very detail oriented and think things through, sometimes to an extreme. I have a lot of ambition and creative ideas, and I’ll sometimes push myself too far creating stuff that I’m bedridden due to pain and stiffness the next day. Or, I’ll have so many ideas I get overwhelmed and just do nothing but stare for what can be minutes or an hour. I have previously collapsed multiple times while at other jobs and am so thankful that working online I don’t have to worry — I can just tell my fans I can’t stream and they usually understand.

    I find it harder to connect with others but being online has made that a lot easier. I find I can be far more naturally myself on stream or through messaging apps than I probably could be in real life talking one-on-one as I get super anxious the first time I meet most people. Online chat can break that weird barrier so I’m less shy once meeting. I definitely face challenges due to chronic health issues, but overall online work is such a blessing as I wouldn’t be able to live close to as comfortably otherwise.

    How did your passion for sewing start up? How did its close intersection with your online work come about?

    I’ve always been interested in crafting and the arts. I’ve been casually cosplaying for about twelve years but living in a small area that didn’t have a craft store, I had to get creative with awesome thrift store finds and hand sewing. My mother taught my a lot as she was a casual seamstress then I sold jewelry and small items I made at bazaars. I ended up enjoying it all, eventually got some fabric, made two prom dresses and the accessories by hand, plus tailored a few friends’ dresses. I got my first sewing machine October 2017, so everything before then had to be had sewn, but once I got a sewing job I needed a machine.

    I only started mixing it with my sex work about a year after I started camming. Around December 2017, I took a break from streaming because I was needing to work on sewing for the fabric shop and never had enough time. Then occasionally it started happening while I was on cam. I already had a love for wigs and had made a few outfits for cam before, but my fans could tell it brought me joy to work on cosplays and sew. My first cosplay I made fully myself with my own designs too was my Espeon in July 2018. My fans saw and greatly supported my dreams plus helped me reach many goals ability-wise because of the freedom it gives me. Especially being able to cam while I learn, it feels like I can get so many things done at once and also share my passions with others.

    Outside of your career (and sewing!)  what are you most passionate about?

    I’m passionate about human rights, specifically focused on how to stop the Highway of Tears and the missing/murder of indigenous women in Canada. It’s a topic very close to home for me.
    I also have a lot of random things I’m passionate about. I love learning new stuff on just about anything — history, true crime, cryptozoology, spooky paranormal stories, astronomy, abandoned house tours. It’s all interesting. I’d love to earn some new languages soon too. I really enjoy cooking, specifically baking and recently started getting plants and have been getting invested in that. I also enjoy making jewelry, painting, foam crafting, playing with resin.

    Just about anything crafty I enjoy doing and want to learn more about.

    Images below via Insta here.

    If you could change one thing about today’s world, what would it be and why?

    If I could change one thing, besides the obvious one of ending our current global situation, I would make travel, housing, and food more easily accessible for all, especially low-income people in smaller areas or reserves. Often, leaving smaller areas is costly, and once you move away getting back to see less fortunate family members who are still isolated can be difficult.

    Often young people fall into the same paths and get stuck in cycles where they may have learned not so great habits or coping mechanisms from their elders or families who may have been impacted by racism, war, or residential schooling. People stay poor because food, medical, and gas prices are high due to large delivery costs to rural areas. Plus there’s little job opportunity and usually minimum sexual health education.

    It’s very difficult to break the cycle when in a low income family. A child can get stuck supporting their elders and siblings from a very young age with almost no hope because you can’t save money when you need every penny to eat. Redistribution of wealth from larger areas or just more opportunities in education and scholarships are all things that could help.

    Sadly, too often the people in charge are out of touch with what’s really important, and the money rural areas can acquire is used for frivolous things instead of housing the homeless or putting more into general education, addiction support and sexual health programs.

    I’m speaking from my knowledge mostly within Canada because this is something I’ve seen too much myself. I feel a lot of these issues can be seen around the world. I’d love to be able to change it if I could.

    Find Ashe Rose on Twitter at @LikeMyAshe.

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at