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  • EmilyBones

    Crazy times are waiting for you on the other side of Emily her bedroom door. There is no reason to not give a peek and see what’s in store for you today! As you are browsing young sexy girls, Emily is exactly what you have been searching for. She is versatile and cheerful, bursting into life, and rediscovering her first steps into the adult world. Emily turned 18 not long ago and is already blooming up in a submissive sex doll who loves to give pleasure to a guy, she knows what she wants, and how she wants it.

    Emily and many others are discovering their sexual life on the websites, the days of being told the story about the flowers and bees are over, and nothing is a mystery anymore for these young sexy ladies. They are gearing up to control your lusts and their lives at the same time, knowing they need you, and you need them, they are always waiting for you hundreds of young girls on our live cam website.

    Emily is still very new on the live cam site, but her ratings are through the roof. She is eager to please her fans and members, and no one is left behind. When you want a moment with Emily, you will have one in seconds time, she is not ignoring you, she is keeping an eye on your chat alias on the moment you enter her room. Do not underestimate the power of a horny young woman ready for pleasure!

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  • MissTokio es la Performance Sexy de la Semana en CAM4.

    MissTokio es la Performance Sexy de la Semana en Cam4. Cuando la veas en directo se convertirá en tu fantasía de las sexcam de Cam4.

    MissTokio es una de las webcamers más ardientes de Cam4. Esta camgirl de 23 años, ojos oscuros y larguísima melena te enganchará desde el primer momento. A esta webcamer le encanta la pizza y el chocolate. Pero lo que más le gusta es volverte loco en su sexcam donde hará todas sus fantasías realidad.  

    En su sala podrás descubrir una variada galería de fotos disponible a todo el mundo y otra solo disponible para sus fans. No te pierdas sus shows porque en la sexcam MissTokio te la vas a gozar de lo lindo en Cam4.


    No olvides marcar como favorito el perfil de MissTokio para no perderte ninguno de sus shows y seguir su twitter @MissTokio para saber siempre cuando está online!

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  • A ‘Penny’ for Your Thoughts, Nel Parker! (Interview)

    “My name is Penelope Parker, though most people call me Nel or Penny,” Nel Parker told YNOT Cam. (Author’s Note: We went for Nel — how lovely!)

    Parker is currently 26 and lives in Northern California. Parker originally started in the entertainment business at a young age, having been scouted to be a runway/editorial model.

    “I have pursued several other jobs since then,” Parker shared, “but my heart has always been in entertainment!”

    And what an interesting career trajectory it’s been. Parker explained:

    I worked in runway and editorial for almost a decade as a fashion model and then went to college for a degree in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts. I worked as a line cook and pastry chef for about five years at some of the best rated restaurants and bakeries in my city and then left my job in hospitality right before the pandemic began in order to reassess what I wanted to do with my life.

    Side note: Through all this, Parker is also a dancer… of sorts!

    “A fun fact that most people don’t know about me is that I have taken a variety of different types of dance classes over the course of my life,” Parker shared. “I’m still a terribly awkward dancer, but I love to dance!”

    A winding, “dancing” path to today, for sure. Let’s learn more about how Parker navigated towards online sex work, as well about work philosophy and more!

    YNOT Cam: So, you were reassessing your career overall — but what prompted the move to online sex work?

    Nel Parker: I started cam modeling because one of my partners suggested I try it out, and I fell in love with it immediately! Thankfully for me, it has been my full-time job since the beginning – a little over a year and half later, and I have never been happier in my life.

    What are some of the best things about your current job? What about challenges?

    I would say the best parts of this job are the people and experiences you have with them. And I don’t just mean the members, but also the models that I have met and connected with that have become best friends. I’d even say soulmates, with certain models and members!

    I am lucky to have such a wonderful community of friends and partners. I am polyamorous and that has definitely helped me navigate the world of cam modeling in a different way than many models have an opportunity to.

    Highlights include some of the most mind-blowing orgasms of my life, laughing until I cry more times than I can count, feeling understood in a way no other job has ever left me feeling and actually loving my body for the first time in my life.

    On the flip side, there are challenges, like with any job — but they feel much easier to manage when you are “your own boss” in the way that we are as cam models and content creators. Having the ability to ban trolls makes my job much easier than when I worked in customer service, where you can’t exactly ban someone who is screaming in your face.

    People don’t realize that being a sex worker can be incredibly physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. But overall, I’d say I take the challenges of my current gig over the challenges of the others I’ve been presented any day!

    I hope you are having an amazing Halloween!

    — NelParker – Miss October! (@Nel_P_Parker) November 1, 2021

    As an emerging star, what do you think about the current state of the industry?

    The state of the industry, frankly, has me scared. As a queer creator, I am worried about our futures, of course. Nervous is an understatement. I think any person who isn’t taking this seriously is in denial. We are at war with the conservatives.

    Sexual health and safety is of utmost important to me, and people having access to porn and sexual content is more than just masturbation. It is education and normalization. Finding videos or performers you relate to isn’t always about getting off — not that it isn’t valid and important. It is about stimulating your mind in a multitude of ways and exploring your own sexuality, gender and even identity.

    Engaging in things like contests and awards programs is often an event in of itself. What are the benefits that models and creators can get out of engaging in these types of initiatives? Are there any drawbacks?

    There are enormous benefits! The networking opportunities, as well as the chance for learning, growth and creative inspiration, are limitless. These sort of contests push us to sell ourselves and define our brand, and if you have support — which I am lucky to have — it can really skyrocket your growth in the industry.

    The only drawbacks in my eyes are that big events like this can be draining on someone who is inherently introverted, like I am. But when I manage my downtime right, I am still able to thrive during the busy event season.

    Silly question: Your eyeliner look is so good and so consistent! How on earth do you do it?

    I know this is the most generic answer, but the truth really is just practice. And it doesn’t always look perfect. Sometimes you have to go for your best and commit to it honestly.

    My biggest tip is don’t be afraid to start over. Sometimes you need to just wipe it off and try a fresh hand at it. come join us for a spooktacular day!

    — NelParker – Miss October! (@Nel_P_Parker) October 31, 2021

    Outside of your career, what are you most passionate about?

    I am passionate about spending time with my loved ones, whether that means my long-distance pals and partners, one of my friends or family members or my nesting partner. They bring me so much light and joy in life.

    I am interested in learning more and spreading more information about sex and sexual health, and I hope to go back to school for sex education and/or therapy, while continuing to create content online. I am also very passionate about my cat, Jiji, as well as roller skating when I have the free time!

    If you could change one thing about today’s world, what would it be and why?

    I would make the act of sex less taboo and shameful to be talked about and provide better sex education to people of all ages and demographics. Hopefully I can help do that with what I do currently, and even more so in the near future!

    Find Nel Parker on Twitter at @Nel_P_Parker.

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

  • Brandi Love Returns to ‘Shannon Burke Show’ as Resident Sexpert

    Brandi Love will return to “The Shannon Burke Show” as a resident sexpert for three episodes this month and has announced her next series of CamSoda dates.

  • The 6 most popular fetishes requested to cam models

    The best well-kept secrets (aka kinks) live in the Private shows that cam models have with members. What happens there, it’s something between model and user. However, our analytics happen to know what are the most demanded fetishes in the chat rooms, and since information is power, we’re about to share our data with you.


    Everybody knows that squirters are highly demanded, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that squirting is at the top of cam site users’ wish list.

    But why?

    It might be due to the fact that not every woman knows how to squirt, so as a result, men find women who can do it truly fascinating and a turn-on. Let’s not forget that every woman squirts different amounts of fluid – some can gush a lot while others just some drops, so discovering how a model’s squirt will be, can be exciting.

    Also, squirting encompasses a super intense sensation, therefore watching a girl having that kind of enjoyment it’s undeniably hot.

    Foot fetish

    This one is a classic, although often misunderstood by those who are not into feet. But truth is that there’s a lot of people out there who get aroused with even the tiniest details of people’s feet.

    Foot fetish is a big niche and a lot of models are profiting from it, with some specializing only in this kind of fetish and making the big bucks.

    Anal play

    Anal sex’s popularity is rising by the minute, with more and more people introducing it into their bedroom rituals. However, when we talk about anal fetish, we go beyond just a couple having anal sex: it can range from finger play in the ass to inserting huge dildos and even other items into the butthole. Of course this should only be practiced by experienced models, as some prep work should be involved.


    50 Shades of Grey might have had its fair share putting the word out about BDSM, but its popularity was already on the rise even before the release of the movie.

    BDSM involves role play using bondage, discipline, dominance and submission. Some people find satisfaction in pain and submitting to other people, while others engage in BDSM because they want to please wash other.


    Blame it on the mainstream media, the internet, or social media, but cosplay is thriving. What started as a way for fans to show their love for specific fandoms, ended up being one of the most solicited sex fetishes online.

    It makes sense, though. If you’ve ever fantasized about Thor or Sailor Moon, you’ll probably dig on having sex with them, “them” meaning someone who’s dressed as their characters. Same happens to everyone who enters a chat room looking for a cosplay-themed stream.

    Group sex

    Just like the name suggest, group sex is sex between more than two people, and more people than you think engage in it.

    There’s more than one form of group sex – there’s the gangbang, where a group of people are all focused on one individual, and then there’s the orgy, which is more of a free-for-all. It’s easy to find any of these types of group sex in cam sites categories, as it’s an all-time favorite for viewers.

    You can always check the latest news on our Twitter and Reddit.

  • Cam del Mes CAM4: Las cams amateur más vistas en Octubre!

    Cover girl: Bunny_Vic

    El mes de octubre comenzaba con nuestro fin de semana #sexybath calentito y sensual! Pero el plato fuerte venía a final de mes… ¡Nuestra mítica celebración de Halloween! Nuestras chicas y chicos no se pierden una fiesta, y sus cams amateur fueron por unos días más perversas aún de lo habitual!

    Pero hoy queremos descubrir cuáles fueron las cams amateur más vistas del mes de Octubre… ¡Las más elegidas por los espectadores por su belleza y sensualidad! ¡Vamos a descubrirlas!


    1 : Bunny_Vic

    2 : Selene1975

    3 : LadyMiri

    4 : Nicole_98

    5 : Giuliavaleri

    6 : Lolisarah

    7 : Winniess40

    8 : Ladyblue

    9 : Kilyou

    10 : Pabloysebas

    11 : NarcisoIT

    12 : Roxanaaaaaa

    13 : Aphrodite_sexfr

    14 : Babygirl1989xxx

    15 : Doublec21

    16 : Dangian

    17 : Lady_charlyne

    18 : Allyson22andy

    19 : xleelookorben1

    20 : Mejoborg

    Volvemos el mes que viene para descubrir las cams amateur más vistas de Noviembre! ¿Quieres ver a tu chica o chico favorito entre ellas? Suscríbete a su perfil y no te pierdas sus shows!!

    ¡Mira webcams en CAM4!

    Síguenos en Twitter @cam4_ES y @Cam4_gayES para todas las novedades y fotos CAM4!

  • ‘Ashley Glam Squirt Model’ Launches Premium FanCentro Page

    The content creator known as “Ashley Glam Squirt Model” has announced the launch of her FanCentro Premium membership profile.

  • Exploring the ‘Mature Kink’ Market in Today’s Camspace

    Mia Kink loves her work. In fact, given that Kink has a “vanilla” job as in healthcare, one could say that her online sex work appearances are more paid play than work. Either way, Kink loves what she does online.

    “I was introduced to camming from a friend,” she explained to YNOT Cam. “I was looking for a fun way to safely express myself. I found an amazing platform in Chaturbate for sharing my ‘kinks’ and never looked back. I am able to chat freely about sexual topics with little to no judgment in a community of like-minded people, in addition to being a home healthcare professional.”

    Think (Mia) Kink

    When it comes to her online performances, Kink lives up to her last name. “I bring the kink to my shows,” she said. “I have a plethora of toys to share with my viewers. I have many toys that give the viewer bluetooth control. I have sex machines — yes I said ‘machines,’ as in plural. I also have more than one type of MotorBunny Sybian. One of my most popular shows is my oral deep throat machine.”

    Kink also does themed shows. “I have done cooking, pool, fire pit, stripper pole, bathtub and my well-known popular shower shows, to name a few,” she explained.

    Kink’s varied on-screen performances are anchored in her personal breadth of sexual knowledge.

    “I use my life experience as a swinger and unicorn to express myself more comfortably and freely than some other less experienced ladies,” she said. “I share my knowledge of sexual experiences and explore ways of play, I’m creative and vocal with my dirty talk, and I’m confident in leading less experienced viewers. At the same time, when I meet a dominant personality, I can be submissive for some exciting role play.”

    As well, Kink also uses her human touch to connect to her viewers. “I incorporate conversation and friendships info each stream, without forgetting that most people are there for an escape, entertainment or a release from what’s going on in the outside world,” she noted. “But I do not let society put me into their box.”

    Mature Models Rule

    Kink’s interactive appearances are in big demand online. This is why not being a 20-something cam model isn’t a problem for her.

    “There is absolutely a market for for mature cam models,” Kink told YNOT Cam. “I find that many of my viewers are younger guys seeking an experienced woman to lead them and make them feel comfortable exploring their kinks and desires.”

    At the same time, many of Kink’s viewers are similar in age to her. “These viewers are looking for someone with similar interests and common life experiences,” she said. “We can share a sexual experience and sometimes just a great conversation.”

    Compared to younger viewers, “the older gentleman brings many different qualities and can be looking for many different things.”

    “I have had many wanting to be a daddy, a Dom, or a strong figure. Some want to give up control and be led… For example, I have used a strap-on many times for a virtual pegging. Others are looking for a warm companion that can also be a sexual dynamo,” she explained. “The older guy can be the most complicated because he brings experience as well, but [he’s] usually a very rewarding partner. This is also true about the ‘mature’ cam model: She may explode your mind along with other things.”

    A Balance between Personal and Professional Lives

    With all that Kink does online, one might think that balancing between her cyber sexual persona and life in the non-cyber world might be difficult — but she takes this balancing act all in stride.

    “As a Home Healthcare Professional, I know a lot about separating my professional life from my personal life,” she said. “However, I see camming as an expression of my sexuality and therefore part of my personal life. I have developed true friendships through camming and try to give enough attention to my friends and family offline as well as me viewers online. I try to make myself available to those who make me a part of their life.”

    “Camming has been great! You get back what you put into things,” she added. “I invest back to constantly keep my technical equipment top notch and always have more than enough toys at my fingertips. I plan to continue expanding and exploring new sexual interests and keep adding new things to my streams for years to come. I will continue to cam as long as I am enjoying being part of the camming community and it fits my lifestyle.”

    Find Mia Kink on Twitter at @miakinkdd.

    Allyson Creighton is a freelance writer and sex worker advocate with credits at various industry publications, including Transformation magazine. She can be found on Twitter at @Lovely1Allyson. Contact Creighton via

  • CAM4 Profiles MILF Cam Performer ‘Iwazsoaking’

    CAM4 is promoting a new profile of veteran MILF cam performer Gwen, aka Iwazsoaking, and her “incredible journey to self-love and to self-confidence.”

  • Model Spotlight : EliseDavis

    Dear friends, as always on Wednesdays, you can count on us for a frank interview on the hottest topics with one of the brightest models of BongaCams! 🔥 EliseDavis is a real beauty who has conquered us with her openness and passion! We talked about her preferences in sex, role plays and love for webcam….

    The post Model Spotlight : EliseDavis first appeared on .

  • Shanda Fay Voted Top ‘VNALive Girl’ for October

    “Canadian MILF” Shanda Fay has been voted top “VNALive Girl” for October by fans of Vicky Vette’s It is her second win since she last ascended to the top of the leaderboard in April 2020.

  • Calendário Mensal de Treinamento gratuito para Modelos de Webcam do mês de Novembro

    Calendário Mensal de Treinamento gratuito para Modelos de Webcam do mês de Novembro. Para acessar o treinamento vá para todas as terças e Quintas às 20 hs Brasil e 23:00 de Portugal.

    Quarta, 3 de Novembro
    Perguntas e Respostas

    Quinta, 4 de Novembro
    Passo a passo sobre como conseguir uma transmissão bem-sucedida

    Terça, 9 de Novembro
    Regras que você deve seguir ao fazer streaming

    Quinta, 11 de Novembro
    Como você pode aumentar sua receita off-line

    Terça, 16 de Novembro
    O que fazer e não fazer durante seus shows

    Quinta, 18 de Novembro
    Iluminação certa para o ambiente certo

    Terça, 23 de Novembro
    O melhor preço? Dicas para seus shows

    Quinta, 25 de Novembro
    Dicas de como se manter seguro on-line

    Terça, 30 de Novembro
    Saúde corporal e mental, um guia importante

  • CAM4Halloween 2021 🎃 Todas as fotos sexy !

    Doçuras ou travessuras? Prepare-se para suar frio com as fantasias mais assustadoras do pornô de Halloween do CAM4! A assustadora edição do CAM4 Halloween 2021 acabou nos dando as fantasias mais assustadoras e quentes de todos os tempos.

    Depois de uma longa e assustadora maratona de shows estridentes, coletamos as fantasias mais sexy e perturbadores de 2021 em uma galeria pornô. Você terá coragem de olhar para todas elas?

    Halloween Queen CAM4

    Halloween King CAM4

    Best of Halloween 2021



    Siga no Twitter @Cam4_PT & @Cam4_GayPT para ter acesso às fotos MAIS QUENTES!

    Agradecemos a todos os performers que participaram do Halloween do CAM4. Qual foi a fantasia do #CAM4Halloween que mais te excitou? Deixe no comentário abaixo!

  • CAM4Halloween 2021 🎃 Mira las fotos sexys!

    ¿Trato o truco? Prepárate a tener sudores fríos con los disfraces más terroríficos del porno Halloween CAM4!
    La espeluznante edición
    CAM4 Halloween 2021 ha terminado dejándonos geniales disfraces y shows, y decenas de fotos sexys!

    Después de una larga maratón de shows recopilamos aquí una galería porno con los disfraces más sexys del 2021.
    ¿Te atreves a verlos todos?

    CAM4 Halloween QUEEN

    CAM4 Halloween KING

    Best of #CAM4Halloween 2021

    ¡Mira webcams en CAM4!

    Gracias a todos y todas las modelos que participaron en nuestro CAM4 Halloween por darnos un año más una celebración inolvidable! ¿Cuál es tu disfraz favorito? ¡Déjanos un comentario!

    Síguenos en Twitter @cam4_ES y @Cam4_gayES para todas las novedades y fotos CAM4!

  • How do you deep throat successfully?

    Succeeding in a deep throat may seem difficult for some. While it is true that this oral sex technique is a fantasy of many men (and women), it is not always easy to achieve it without gagging.

    Here are a few tips sure to help you get through the process and meet the challenge head on. 


    Did you say, “deep throat”? What is that exactly?

    This technique comes from the world of pornography in the 1970s. It has become somewhat more widespread over the years, but it does require a certain amount of know-how. In any case, to put it simply, this fellatio technique consists of swallowing your partner’s penis (or a sex toy) completely. So, the little rascal disappears entirely into your mouth and the glans comes to rest at the back of your throat. That’s where “deep throat” comes from. 

    If this still seems obscure to you, think of the sword swallowers. Same technique. In any case, this very particular technique must always be done with the consent of all partners. If some people like how hardcore it is and want to force you, bite it. They won’t try twice. 



    Looking at deep throat experts, it may seem simple. Incorrect. It’s best to practice before trying to do it live during your shows. Sex toys are ideal for this if you are afraid of reacting badly with your partner’s penis and hurting it, for example. Or vomiting on him. Even more so if you have trust issues as well for control. In this case, choose the softest one. A stiff dildo can hurt you. 

    Yes, this technique requires practice and training. And there are certain barriers you’ll have to overcome to become a deep throat pro. The first thing will be to relax your throat muscles, and to relax yourself. The throat tends to close naturally when the glans touches the glottis. And that’s what makes people gag. Or indeed more. 

    The second barrier to overcome is the feeling of suffocation. You will notice that when you’re deep throating, you can no longer breathe. This is also a normal reaction of the body. When an object gets stuck in the pharynx, the epiglottis automatically blocks your breath. The same applies when your partner’s glans descends into your throat. 



    Tips for deep throating successfully

    If you want to deep throat successfully, here are some tips to help you. 


    Open your mouth very wide

    Don’t go so far as to unhinge your jaw! That would be a shame. But open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. This simple action allows you to open your throat wider. Be careful not to overdo it, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. 


    You’re the one in control

    Contrary to what you see sometimes in some videos, it is not the one who is being sucked who is in charge but the other way around! Especially if you don’t want to have bad reflexes. So, take the penis in your mouth and move it down your throat at whatever pace you want. Even if you want to do your best from the start, avoid putting it all in your mouth the first time. Apart from hurting you and making you want to vomit, there is no point. It takes time, practice, and relaxation. 


    Take your time

    As I said, go gradually. At your rhythm. As soon as you feel nausea or a blockage, back off and start again slowly. No pressure. Over time, you’ll go further and further. Your throat will get used to it (so will your brain) and that’s how you’ll get to deep throat. 


    Have fun

    Like many practices in sex, “if it’s not fun, it’s dumb”. Don’t focus solely on this technique. Do a 69, practice, change position, take the penis in your mouth, swallow little by little, take it out, do it again… In short, have fun. Don’t forget that pleasure is the basis of sex! For everyone involved. 


    Breathe, you’re blowing! 

    Yes, even while deep throating, you have to remember to breathe. While you are initially in control of oral sex, with time, practice, and trust, you can hand over the reins to your partner. But for him to fuck your mouth properly, he’ll have to listen. Otherwise, you fire him, and get a sex toy, but it’s less fun. 

    The breath-holding is really part of the excitement of deep throat, but it can be overdone! If you need to breathe, don’t hesitate to push your partner away. If he refuses, the threat of teeth is always effective…


    Swallow to go deeper

    The secret to deep throating well is swallowing. But as I said, it doesn’t happen all at once. Once your throat is relaxed (and so are you), and your gag reflexes have gone, try swallowing. This will allow the penis to be pushed in a little further. Your partner will particularly enjoy feeling his glans slide a little further forward. It’s a very good sensation. 


    Isn’t deep throating trashy?

    Yes, and people like that. This slightly difficult action tends to make you salivate but don’t hold back your drool. On the contrary. Your spit will serve as a lubricant for the penis and your throat. It gives it a very exciting trashy, out-of-control feel! So, if you think it’s not sexy, you’re wrong. 


    Is deep throating an exciting practice for both partners? 

    This is a question that is often asked. Is it mainly for him or for both? Who benefits most from this fellatio technique? I’d say the answer to this is personal. Some will do it to their partner to please them. Others will both be excited by it. Or it may excite the person doing it more because there may be a sense of control. 

    In any case, if, despite “intensive” training, you still don’t enjoy doing it, then… don’t. As I said above, sex should remain fun for both people. 


    L’article How do you deep throat successfully? est apparu en premier sur Job CamGirl.

  • Loyalfans Increases Commissions to 85% for November

    It’s promo time in the city! (read: in the online sex work camspace world)

    Here’s a juicy one running all month long on…

    Loyalfans Offering 85% Commission During November is sweetening its payout percentages and referral bonus programs by increasing commissions to 85% during the month of November! 

    Cyberspace — Premium social media fan site is sweetening its payout percentages and referral bonus programs by increasing commissions to 85% during the month of November. This is up from the site’s standard 80% site-wide commision rate.

    The promotional commission began at 12 am UTC on November 1 and is going through midnight UTC on November 30, 2021.

    “Loyalfans creators will make 85% commission on all sales during November,” said the site’s co-founder Eduard A. Braileanu. “This is in addition to any bonus that comes from either of Loyalfans’ referral programs.”

    Loyalfans offers creators two lifetime referral bonuses in which you can earn with creators you refer and fans who spend. Creators can find more information about these programs in their Loyalfans Dashboard under Settings > Promo Tools > Referrals.

    “Creators, make sure to use your referral links and share your profile link with all your fans on social media and forums,” Braileanu added. “Maximize November all month long, and stay tuned for other special announcements coming soon!”

    On Loyalfans, artists and content creators can turn their inventiveness and influence into thriving businesses via the most advanced and innovative technology available. The site’s features and tools include customizable messaging, live streaming, video chat, audio recording and podcasting, video and photo sharing, and more.

    Loyalfans prides itself on transparency, inclusivity, authenticity, and stability. The platform offers 80% payouts across the board, with optional rev shares available. Safe, stable payments occur on-time twice per month via wire transfer, Paxum, ACH, and SEPA. A community-forward space, Loyalfans is committed to not putting limitations on earning potential, nor will the platform make significant policy changes without providing advance notice and opportunity for discussion. Artists and content creators have direct access to 24/7 site support, as well as direct access to site programmers and developers.

    For more information about Loyalfans, contact or go to to start a creator account.

    Let your existing fans and followers know you’re on to take advantage of all the features the platform has to offer!

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

  • X3 Expo Website Now Live, Tickets on Sale

    Tickets are now on sale for the all-new, creator-first fan show X3 Expo, set for Jan. 7-8 at the world-famous Hollywood Palladium, where a unique mix of the hottest creators, captivating interactive media, fiery cinematic productions and pleasure-tech will come together for a one-of-a-kind event.


    Dear members! The time we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, and we are ready to announce the winners of the Halloween photo contest! This year, we were truly overjoyed by the amount of creative, sexy, and spooky portraits and submissions we have seen from BongaCams’ models! Without further a due, please meet the winners…


  • Loyalfans Offering 85% Commission During November

    Loyalfans is sweetening its payout percentages and referral bonus programs by increasing commissions to 85% during the month of November, up from the site’s standard 80% site-wide commission rate.

  • SWAID Raised Awareness, Funds at YNOT Cam Awards

    SW Mutual Aid (SWAID) Vegas is a fund “created by sex workers for use by sex workers.” The group aims to “put cash in people’s hands” and is need-based.

    “We also don’t need to know your real name or even why you need the money. We trust you,” the organization states on its site.

    Via SWAID Vegas, sex workers can get $200.00 cash from the group. “As long as there is money available it will be paid out immediately. Once there is not enough in the fund, you will be put on a wait list and receive the funds as soon as there is money available again. This works on a first come first serve basis,” they explain. One note: Due to strong demand, the organization is limiting the fund to $100.00 for the foreseeable future.

    “We encourage you to ask for what you need and give what you can to support others,” they write.

    The organization recently appeared at the YNOT Cam Awards to raise awareness about the group and its mission, as well as to gather donations from the audience. Here is some press about the initiative:

    Las Vegas, NV – SWAID Las Vegas had a visible role at the YNOT Cam Awards in Hollywood [last] month, and the organization used its strong presence at the show to raise both awareness and funds for sex workers in need of assistance.

    Two of the organization’s founders, Codi Vore and Summer Hart, were nominated this year for an award. Vore took home the trophy for Funniest Model and, while delivering her acceptance speech, used her platform to advocate for sex workers and to call for industry support of SWAID and its mission.

    “It was a great opportunity to speak to the industry about SWAID and its mission, and it was really encouraging to see people respond so positively to our message in real time,” said Vore. “There’s no industry without sex workers, and sometimes we all need help during challenging times. A little financial assistance at the right time can go a long way.”

    Representatives from SWAID collected donations during the show from supporters seated around the show floor, and those at home watching the live stream were invited to donate to SWAID through the organization’s website.

    SWAID uses the funds it generates to provide sex workers with small grants, and all operational costs are covered by the organization so that 100% of donations can be given directly to qualified applicants.

    “Those of you who stepped up and took action, we see you and we appreciate you,” added Vore. “Anyone can say they support sex workers, but there’s a big difference between the companies that simply say the right things and those that actually do the right things.”

    In addition to Vore and Hart, additional founders of SWAID Las Vegas include Tegan Trex, Queen Ava, Sophie Ladder and Xander Corvus. Those interested in donating to the organization can do so through its contribute page.

    For more information on SWAID Vegas, go to, contact the organization via email at and follow them on Twitter @swaidvegas.

    BIG THANK YOU to everyone who’s contributed to our fund tonight at and to @YNOTdotcom and @YNOTLAJ for giving us a platform at the YNOT Cam Awards to raise funds and talk about mutual aid!!!!

    We are overwhelmed by how supportive this community is!!

    — SWAID Vegas Mutual Aid Fund (@swaidvegas) October 15, 2021

    Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at

    Header image via SWAID Vegas’ Twitter @swaidvegas.