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With everything going on in your busy life, we understand that sometimes you may run out of time to check out the news from our sister site – YNOT.com. So we’ve decided to help you out a bit. Every month we’ll share a few links and summaries of some of YNOT’s top feature stories to keep you up to date in case you missed it!

This period covers June 15-July 15.

Section 230 Is Vital to Protect Post-Roe v. Wade Internet – July 15

Section 230, protects freedom of speech and expression on the internet and is vital to all types of online platforms, including adult entertainment websites. In this piece, you’ll find out how Section 230 relates to the overturning of Roe V. Wade and how it affects the industry.

Fighting to Keep Religion Out of Our Pants – July 14

The adult industry is particularly impacted by the overturn of Roe V. Wade and its attack on the right to privacy because it could lead to the criminalization of the industry itself. What can you do to fight against this tide of events? Check out the article for ideas.

Inked Ambition: YNOT Q&A with Aria Khaide – July 12

Aria isn’t shy in saying her goal is to become “more of a household name.” In this interview Khaide not only shares her vision for growing her brand further but gives us the scoop on her tattoos and what it was like to be on the competitive reality television show Ink Master.

For Leda Lotharia Porn is Beautiful – July 7

To Latina porn star, Leda Lotharia “porn is beautiful.” Read on to enjoy the viewpoint of a young woman who not only loves what she does but has a true passion for the industry.

Exclusive Q&A with YNOT CEO, Connor Young – July 6

In addition to being the CEO and co-owner of YNOT along with his business partner Jay Kopita, Connor is the founder of YNOT Cam Awards and co-creator of YNOT Cammunity – a professional development conference for cam models and creators. Something you should know about! In this piece, Connor shares details about both events, why they matter, how the nomination process works, and how you can participate.

SCOTUS EPA Decision Could Impact Efforts to Reinstate Net Neutrality – July 6

This article discusses the recent decision handed down by the Supreme Court which will likely impact legal and regulatory efforts to reinstate net neutrality at the federal level. The adult entertainment industry widely supports net neutrality rules, while other organizations oppose the rules. Read more to understand why.

Scarlett Lush on BDSM, Femdom, and Inspiration – June 30

A professional femdom, Scarlett Lush took some time to chat with YNOT about her dedicated fourteen-year career in the adult industry. An inspiring interview, with some unique stories and insight.

Google is Spying on You Get Even – June 23

If you really wanna be freaked out, search yourself on Google and see how much personal info shows up. Find out in this piece how they cull your personal information and share it online against your will and most importantly… what you can do about it.

“Disgraceful”: Industry Professionals, Sex Worker Advocates, Respond to New Yorker Article – June 22

Get fired up about how Sheelah Kolhatkar, a staff writer for the Pulitzer Prize-winning New Yorker attempted to do a “public service” by exposing cases of abuse and child sex abuse material (CSAM) in the adult entertainment industry. Find out how The Free Speech Coalition and other critics rebuked the biased reporting.

FSC’s Boden – “Adult Industry Under Attack” – June 16

Alison Boden is the new Executive Director of The Free Speech Coalition (FSC). Boden said that the industry is under attack in a way we haven’t seen in more than 20 years. Check out the interview to see what she plans to do about it.

Alyssa Collins hails from Minnesota, where snowy days were the perfect excuse to stay warm inside and write. Over the years, she turned that joy into a career and has authored numerous articles for various publications (under pen names). Email Alyssa via alyssa@ynot.com.

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