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You have questions. We have the answers.

Hi, we are the founders of Voiyal!

Who are we?

We are Pauline (Tech) & Flo (Marketing). We know each other and our voices since our school days in Berlin and thus even before our voices broke. After graduating from university we immediately started to realize our dream and make this platform the most intimate place on the internet. We are supported by many more hard-working helpers who make our team grow a little bit bigger every month.

Why did you build Voiyal?

We believe in the incomparable power of the voice. Nothing creates more emotion and intimacy. Nothing comes closer to the experience of being human and connecting with others — what we crave and enjoy today more than ever. That’s why we created Voiyal, to give fans and artists a new way to connect and support each other on a deeper, more authentic level like never before.

How much does a voicemail cost on Voiyal?

The price of each voicemail is individual and depends on its length. On Voiyal you can pay with our own currency called “drops” (1 minute equals 1 drop).

From this 60% is distributed directly to the creators!


What content can I publish on Voiyal?

You are invited to talk about really anything, from sharing your most intimate thoughts to your dirty secrets and crazy fantasies. Please read our Rules of Conduct for specific information about what kind of content we do NOT want to hear.

What happens to my content after I upload it?

You always retain full ownership of your content on Voiyal, which means you can delete it at any time. However, we do require licenses for your work in order to run Voiyal effectively. You can find out which licenses these are in detail in our terms of use.

How do I get paid?

As soon as you have earned 100 or more drops, you will be paid automatically. We will pay you 60% of the revenue, which is 60.00 USD per 100 drops earned.

Do you have more questions? Just send us an email to hello@voiyal.com

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