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Cuckolding cam sex with cruel humiliation is one of the best ways to jerk off. Making him watch as she screams and cums while being pounded by a huge-sized dick rather than his useless tiny penis, is a sure way to make your toes curl, your dick hard and your heart stop.

If you are into cuckolding humiliation, you are not alone, there are many others like you who love to watch their partners get fucked by more competent men or women. In this article, AdultCamAdvice shares with you, the best cuckold cam sites for your pleasure.

Basic Scenarios Practiced on Cuckolding Humiliation Webcams

There are essentially three primary cuckolding humiliation scenarios that play out on webcams and they include:

You Are the Cuck and The Model Is Your Girls but She’s with Another Guy

Typically, cuckolding involves the cuck being humiliated and forced to watch as his girl gets fucked by another man. There are usually always three persons involved, but there could be more in some cases,

If you are playing out the first role though, you are better off with a couple’s cam room. Generally, most couples like other cam models are willing to do anything you ask during a private show.

Thus, when you approach them, give clear instruction and a description of what you want to achieve from the role-play.  

You Are the Cuck and She’s Is Out to Humiliate You

To get the best out of this, you may want to dress the part. Get into some humiliating wear, whether it’s pampers, a penis clamp, or whatever you can think of. If you ever had some deep weird kink, now’s the time to express them. 

Since it’s a virtual experience, you will have to perform the sexual exploits on yourself under the cam model’s command. It’s best to turn on your webcam, that way she’s able to see you and know just the right dirty humiliating words to say that will set you off.

Her Man’s The Cuck While You Are the Stud

Perhaps you are the strong, sexy, virile man she’s looking for and her partner is nothing but a loser with a tiny, useless penis. In this scenario, she can play the part of the girl cheating on her insufficient boyfriend or husband. Only this time she’s cheating with you.

You can choose to have a scenario where it’s only the two of you, the man’s not in the picture or you could have her partner join her in the room. She will then proceed to tell you how she’s been sexually starving and how she searches online for strong, virile men with big dicks. 

If the man’s presence is in the room, you can have him watch as she pleasures herself with you guiding and commanding her while the pathetic, useless cuck watches.


Cuckold roleplay is a rare and special fetish reserved for those who aren’t afraid to express their sexuality and preferences. But in the pursuit of pleasure, being discerning enough to identify the cam sites that satisfy a person is often a huge task.

Thankfully, AdultCamAdvice has done all the hard work for you. Now, all you have to do is indulge in your wildest fantasy.

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