Clapper: Social Media’s Newest App

Get ready to say “goodbye” to TikTok and “hello” to a new social sharing platform, Clapper. Be heard. Be seen. Be valued. the app promises.

You may be thinking, “Why do I need to join another video sharing platform?” Well, the big difference between TikTok and Clapper is that Clapper is designed for creators that are over the age of 18. Their main focus is to let their users show the world around them with little to no editing involved.

If you are tired of creating and editing videos on other social sharing sites just to have them removed for alleged community guideline violations, then this may be the perfect solution.

Clapper vs. Other Stuff

If you’re a new creator and you have been struggling to get views on your TikTok videos, then Clapper may be better suited for you. Clapper uses “equal opportunity algorithms to show ordinary, real, and diverse communities of people.” This can be helpful for marketing your adult content, as you don’t have to be a bigger creator in order to have your content be seen. Their goal is to give everyone the opportunity to show their content and have the possibility to be seen.

When posting to Clapper, there are limited editing options so that you can show your authentic self. There is no lip syncing and no keeping up with “trends,” as you would see on TikTok. Similar to TikTok, Clapper does have the option to go live, and — unlike TikTok — they also have an option to do live radio. Also, unlike TikTok, you do not have to wait until you have 1,000 followers to go live. If you click on the search button you can see which users are currently on live or on radio. Further, under the search button you can see all of the trending hashtags, of which you can use up to five on your posts.

If you find yourself needing some assistance in how to use Clapper, there is an option under Settings called “Clapper Academy,” which are videos posted by the application itself in order to help you navigate the platform, as well as tips and tutorials to help you develop your content. They even have an option to post your OnlyFans and/or Patreon links to your profile page, as well as links to your other social media pages.

…but what about Clapper’s TOS?

While Clapper would be an ideal platform to market your adult content, there are some stipulations put in place to ensure the privacy and safety of their users and others. They have articulated five “Overarching Principles” that users must follow, and anyone who violates these rules could potentially be restricted, suspended or even banned from the app.

Their “Overarching Principles,” which can be found under Settings and then under Community Guidelines, are as follows:

1. There shall be no attacks on others which include any form of harassment, bullying, identity-based attacks, racism, impersonation, threats, and any form of advocation or provocation of violence.


2. There shall be no violation of privacy which includes posting others’ confidential, non-consensual and/or sexually-explicit content without the subject’s consent. This also includes threatening to post such content or impersonating others.


3. There shall be no content posted which contains illegal or tortious activity, or which violates any law or regulation. No users shall use the platform to solicit or facilitate illegal, tortious, or prohibited activities or transactions, which include controlled substances or contraband.


4. There shall be no posting, or encouragement of others to post, anything explicit or pornographic. This also includes posting explicit or pornographic content involving minors.


5. There shall be no spamming or phishing schemes used on the platform, as well as no malicious codes or bots used.

Finding an app that can be helpful in marketing your NSFW content can be tricky, but with Clapper’s current community guidelines, finding a space for your content has gotten easier.

The bottom line is, as long as you aren’t posting videos which show any form of nudity or sex-related media or spamming others to buy your content, then you should have no issues posting your sexy content to the app. This also goes for lives. As long as you are not getting naked on your lives or showing any live pornography, then you can save yourself from getting restricted or banned.

Ava Rose is a 420-friendly lingerie model and adult content writer. Find her on Twitter @Ava_Rose420 and email her via