iWantClips is Turning Seven (Plus, Contest!)

iWantClips is seven! As in, been around for seven years. And they are celebrating with a contest. iWantClips.com recently announced that in celebration of their 7th anniversary, the site is hosting a Top Selling Clip Contest. The contest will run from April 1 through April 30, with over $1700 in cash prizes at stake. “We look … Read more

Thousand Faces Films Launches Subscription Service

Back in 2019, we interviewed Marcus Quillan. In it, he shared with us a bit about his background and path to the adult entertainment space as a clips creator, as well as his unique perspective as a man in the industry. He also told us about Thousand Face Films. Per Quillan, “Thousand Faces is my … Read more

BimBim Offers Robust Referral Program

BimBim.com, the new platform from the team behind LiveJasmin, recently announced that all content creators who join will “earn 100% of their income” with “no fees, no fine print and no expiration date.” Content creators can earn additional money by joining the BimBim referral program, which will allocate 10% of the earnings generated by the … Read more

iWantClips: The ‘Right’ Kind of Porn Still Pays

There are adult sites that are struggling to get customers to pay for content, and then there is iWantClips.com. Thanks to its focus on FemDom videos and Financial Domination, the people who consume iWantClips’s content aren’t just willing to pay – they are desperate to do so! iWantClips started in 2014 as a fetish clip … Read more

Geeky Freaky Robin LeFay (Interview)

Robin LeFay is currently 27 years old, with three years of experience in online sex work. Demonstrating herself to be both geeky and freaky — as she states in her Twitter bio — LeFay shared that she’s “been doing cosplay and was in the geek party scene in California for about six years” prior to … Read more

Creative Expression in Porn

Porn is an art form. Let me explain. Adult film is one of the many film genres out there, but it sure stands out between all the others. While we see other genres as mainly focused on delivering a specific story, adult films are centred around sexual activity. This, however, does not mean that porn … Read more

Attend this Live Webinar with Attorney Gill Sperlein

JustFor.fans (JFF) recently announced they will be holding a virtual web conference with attorney Gill Sperlein. The event will happen next week — on Thursday March 4 at 4:00 pm PST. The one-day live event will focus on the topic of 18 U.S. Code §2257 record-keeping and model releases required for all depictions of sexually explicit … Read more

Pornhub’s ‘Sexstainability’ (Plus Everyday Sustainability that Works)

When you think about sustainability, is your next thought about online content production and sex work? Yeah, we didn’t think so. But according to Dazed Digital, Pornhub is trying to get its users to “fuck the planet right.” Let us explain… Dazed Digital recently reported that Pornhub is no stranger to creating “unique” (read: stunt, … Read more

Checking in with ‘Sex Tales’ — Episodes 8 & 9

The Camming Life podcast series “Sex Tales” has released episodes eight and nine (the season finale) — and boy are they good ones! Hosted by Chaturbate broadcasters Lana del Bae and Melody Kush, “Sex Tales” aims to take listeners behind the scenes of the adult industry with some of the top performers and insiders for a look … Read more

Mistress Lilyan: The Eyes Have It

Mistress Lilyan has worked in the adult industry for twenty years. Twenty years! That’s an incredible amount of experience cultivated over a dynamic and evolving era. Currently age 37 and hailing from Eastern Europe, she explained that, “I was made aware of my power over men way before I knew what it meant. I overheard … Read more