Booty Devine: The Most Winsome of All (Interview)

Ben, also known as Bootydevine, is currently 30 years old from South Texas – a city called Alton.

“Many ask where in South Texas?” Bootydevine explained. “Well to tell you, I am very deep south, almost 40-45 minutes away from the Mexico border. So, if you see Texas on a map, I always say I am from the boot shape point at the end of Texas!”

He elaborated, sharing that: “I have been in the industry since 2017, when all the main clip sites where getting known for. I started just uploading twerk videos to tube sites back in 2014. My ex-boyfriend — who still co-stars in some of my videos — he said ‘you are to good for this, you should do content!’ But me, knowing I did not have the body or looks to make it in mainstream porn, felt unsure. Then he told me there was creators doing content from their own home…”

“Me being a nerdy, I did research and I found the PornHub model program and joined, got accepted and verified, and that’s how it all started!”

Then, in early 2017, Bootydevine started his own site via ModelCentro.

“I wanted to join more websites, so again did my researched and found one of my main clip stores, ManyVids… Then, in 2018, I joined my major income platform, which is OnlyFans. Still today, it is my #1 major income platform,” he shared.

“One fun fact people don’t know about me is about my stage name. Many think it’s because of my caboose, but it is not. My stage name came from my twerking vids!” Bootydevine explained.

Read on to learn more about this divine creator, who puts a new spin on everything he touches!

YNOT Cam: What prompted you to begin your career online?

Bootydevine: Before I was a model, I was working two jobs. One is a job I still work till today. It is the one that has helped me be independent and be my own boss — my family agriculture citrus business.

I also was working as a CPR Certified Medical Health Provider, which I went to college for that. I graduated, got my degree and got as well CPR Certified. I worked for two to three years on the medical field.

What prompted for me to begin my sex work career online was my independence and my skills at being my own boss from working on my own family business. This, as well me being very sexual active and an industry that open doors for me and that did not judge me for my looks and so on.

Sex work helped me with my sexuality and with what I like, especially being my own boss and doing the things I am most comfortable doing.

What are some of the best things about working online?

The best thing about working online is being on schedule every day. I work all day on my family business, then get out and do my sex work, either film, edit, produce, promote, reply to fans and emails — all those things you do when you are independent. So, being on time and on schedule, being ahead of time and getting what needs to be done done and creating the Bootydevine persona are important. I am totally different online than I am in real life.

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— Bootydevine(Ben) YNOT WINNER Creator OTY (@BootyDevineXXX) January 5, 2022

You recently won an award — congratulations! Can you tell us about that experience?

Winning the YNOT Cam Award for Creator Of The Year (Man) in 2021 is and will ALWAYS be an UNFORGETTABLE experience to me.

I am still in cloud 9 and will always be! It took me four years to win my FIRST industry award. As I mentioned in my award speech that night in Hollywood at at the Avalon, “good things come when you wait.” That night, it was a dream come true! One of the best awards events I have been to. They treat you like a king, and I loved every moment and everyone looked so good!

One of my main goals when I entered the industry was to ever win an award and get that recognition you deserve. I was very nervous the days before the awards, and I thought I had no possibility to win. I was nominated with awesome performers and also performers that do mainstream. I even couldn’t  believe I made it among the finalist nominees, which that was a win for me.

I have very amazing, devoted fans that are always there for me and voting. Also my DEVINE Model Boss Babes, for always being there suggesting me for awards and voting… The impact of me winning is to keep on creating more and more content that my fans want to see and just don’t stop! Seeing my award every day motivates me to create more and more content for the years to come.

Can you tell us a bit about the pressure men experience in online sex work?

The pressure for males about creating your way in what you do in sex work is real! If you do mainstream, you need to keep up with your body and so, and all that pressure you have on set as well. Same thing when you are independent. You need to get all done and keep on looking your way on how your fans got to know you and be creating the content for them. So this also has a major impact on your mental health.

How I deal with this is taking self care as much possible when I can. If I need breaks, I take some time off as well. Pressure does not has a gender. Anyone can have them at work, so the thing to overcome them is getting things done with time, taking your time and not rushing. Starting things at a slow speed will get you far away in life.

Creating content consumed by men has the same issues as a creator that does for all gender expressions due that it takes time, effort, dedication a creator puts to create the content each does.

Outside of work, what are you most interested in?

The most I am interested in outside of work is theme parks and roller coasters. That’s the second thing in life I love!

I usually self care a lot in theme parks. I have been for years a Six Flags Diamond Elite VIP Member, and I go often to my nearest park which is in San Antonio, TX. I go a lot and go to every event there is in the park. I love all things extreme, so if you don’t see me working, you can find me in a theme park!

Came to Six Flags for Holiday In The Park and about to ride this baby!!! This is my FAVORITE Ride on Fiesta Texas, the Iron Rattler! This gives me IDK HOW MANY ORGASMS . LOVE ITTTT!

— Bootydevine(Ben) YNOT WINNER Creator OTY (@BootyDevineXXX) December 20, 2021

If you could change one thing about the world today, what would it be and why?

A thing I would change about today world is how many people see sex work and treat us — the stigma. I wish many would accept sex work is REAL WORK.

I would change financial discrimination about sex work. We all do everything legally and do go through many requirements before uploading our work to clip sites and so on. We are all humans. We all deserve financial services and equal treatment regardless of the work we do to make a living. 

Find Booty Devine on Twitter at @BootyDevineXXX.

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