Work At Chaturbate Behind-the-Scenes

Do you want to work at Chaturbate, but behind the scenes instead of on-camera? If you read this site then you know how big a company CB is with tens of thousands of broadcasters. We are not employees of the company though, just individuals.

But the CB company, officially called Multi Media, LLC, does have full-time staff.

When you think about it you will realize that someone has to run all those web servers, do the accounts, and all that. And develop the technology to run such a huge and busy website. While Chaturbate might seem less-than-cutting-edge technologically, particularly compared to newer sites such as StripChat, it is still using massively sophisticated computer systems and servers to run everything.

And just like any online business, they want to serve their customers better. Like every big company they are turning to AI or Machine Learning to do better, and those are specialized skills that need experienced people to work on them.

That makes it no surprise that they are hiring computer programmers with those skills. What is a bit unusual is that they are advertising this directly on the CB site.

We are hiring! We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to help make Chaturbate a more personalized experience for users and grow audiences for more broadcasters. To learn more about the position, visit

— Chaturbate Updates (@cbupdatenews) November 22, 2021

The job is for someone who will be creating machine learning models to understand user interest, “improve broadcaster discovery” and also “drive user engagement”. Translated from HR-speak that means something that will help you to find the girls you like, and they stay online with them longer and hence end up tipping the more. That is a win-win-win for viewers, broadcasters and the site itself.

Chaturbate, or any cam site, wouldn’t work if it couldn’t match up viewers with models they will like. Every interest, fetish, or preference varies from person to person, and for every viewer there is just that perfect model if only he can find her.

Maybe you want to find that red-haired Asian MILF with small tits and long nipples who is shaved and will wear a jeweled buttplug. Well, that’s me. But how would you find me if you couldn’t search for those things?

Although CB has search, tags and filters it still can be hard to narrow down the options to just the right chat room.

Machine learning or artificial intelligence is supposed to be able to help that. It certainly isn’t perfect, but it is better than scrolling through 10s of thousands of chatrooms looking for just the right one.

If the Chaturbate system can “suggest” just the right models for you instead of letting you search for yourself then there is a higher chance you’ll find me, or the other camgirl who is perfect for you.

What will you need to be able to get this interesting job?

The job description is kind of obvious once you read it:

BS in STEM or social sciences5+ years production experienceStrong coding skills, preferably in PythonExperience building and deploying machine learning systems to drive recommendations or personalizationStrong experience in designing large, data-driven applicationsDeep understanding of machine learning algorithms and best practices

Noticeably missing is any description of knowledge of camming, online chat, or sexual fetishes. I think someone who knew about those would be much more likely to be a success.

I often look at the way some cam sites are laid out and I can clearly see that the programmers didn’t understand sexual fetishes. The categories are all wrong. Maybe they don’t understand the difference between cross-dressing and trannies, lumping them together in one category. Or they fail to see the difference between the mature fetish and the MILF lovers, often they don’t understand the importance of tit-shape or the distinction between pubic shaving and other body decorations such as tatoos.

Plenty of computer programmers are interested in sex, though perhaps fewer than regular people if you believe the stereotypes of socially-inept nerds, and so hopefully CB will be able to find someone who knows the technical skills, and also understand the psychology and human drives behind sexual preferences.

Check out the full job description and see if you want to apply:

This is not the only job Chaturbate have open, you can find a lot more listed on their LinkedIn company jobs page.

From Full Stack engineers to Employer Branding Specialists you’ll find a range of technical and non-technical jobs available if you want to work at Chaturbate. Many can either be performed in their California offices or by working remotely from elsewhere in the USA.

Join Chaturbate behind the scenes!

I wonder if employees get free tokens to spend on tipping or private chat?