Who Doesn’t Want a Shout Out from the Person of their Dreams?

You’ve heard of Cameo?

Cameo.com is a platform that “lets fans book a personalized video shout out — a CAMEO video — from their favorite talent.” Their mission is “to create the most personalized and authentic fan experiences in the world.”

So, you can go Cameo and find everything from musicians (Lily Allen, whaaaat?!) to comedians (Andrew Dice Clay… what?) to the catch-all creators. You can then pay these people to make a short video message saying something fun or cheerful or funny or good.

Now obviously, they won’t just say whatever you want — they get to approve — and the price is variable depending on who it is. For instance, Sarah Palin… $200. Mark McGrath… $90. Members of the adult community are “allowed” on Cameo, however there is no category for the community, and the amount of people who are there is pretty few.


It looks like Loyalfans.com has answered the Cameo question by creating their own Shout Outs function — and it looks like nudity is permitted (perhaps as an upsell).

Here is some press about the function — perhaps this is interesting?

Loyalfans.com Debuts Shout Outs Feature

Cyberspace  Loyalfans.com is excited to share its newest feature: Shout Outs!

Via the Loyalfans platform, fans and visitors can request short, unique videos from their favorite creators. Whether getting a gift for a friend or colleague or asking for a special personal message, the possibilities are endless with Loyalfans’ Shout Outs.

Here’s how it works: Creators can choose to enable Shout Outs via the Shout Outs tab at the top of their Loyalfans timeline. Creators with Shout Outs enabled will appear on Loyalfans’ global Shout Outs page. Creators can also opt to utilize share buttons to alert their fans on social media that they’re accepting Shout Out requests.

Creators then upload a short intro greeting and set the price for their Shout Outs. Creators also define other parameters including response time, themes, and whether or not nudity is a possible component of their Shout Outs. (Nudity is permitted in Loyalfans Shout Outs, however creators choose whether or not they want to offer it as an additional possibility.)

Fans then make their request, which creators can accept or decline, and the Shout Out is generated. When finished, creators upload their short Shout Out videos and get paid out via Loyalfans. Fans can leave a review about their experience with the creator after the transaction is complete, as well as opt to share their Shout Out on the platform.

“We’re so excited about our brand new Shout Outs feature,” said Loyalfans’ co-founder Eduard A. Braileanu. “Shout Outs offer a unique thrill for fans — who doesn’t want to get a birthday message from their favorite creator or send their friend a goofy joke told by their dream girl?”

“Shout Outs are a fun feature that can be everything from silly to uplifting — yet another tool creators can use to connect with their fans, available exclusively on Loyalfans,” Braileanu added.

For support, feedback, and to share ideas, contact andrew@loyalfans.com.

Erika is a sex positive people watcher (and writer). Email her at erika@ynotcam.com.