Motorbunny Develops Chaturbate Integration

Motorbunny, a “ride-on-top” power vibrator brand, has enabled users to integrate their Motorbunny with Chaturbate. The company said the integration “allows anyone with an internet connection (and explicit permission via a link from the performer) to control the sex machine via web browser,” and described the integration as “perfect for performers who want to reach the next level of intimacy with customers.”

“We are always trying to find new ways to create intimate, creative moments for people who are physically separated, and the Chaturbate integration is the perfect fit,” said Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny. “Our open API allows anyone to use our LINK tech for integration with apps and games, and Chaturbate accessibility is just one of the many ways we hope to change the game in sex tech.”

Motorbunny describes its LINK technology as “an evolving set of capabilities that give Motorbunny owners an entirely new world of riding experiences.” Using LINK, users can control their partner’s Motorbunny from all over the globe, use preset routines for “complex combinations of ‘buzz’ and ‘twirl’ patterns that no human can manually replicate on any Bluetooth vibrator,” sync their Motobunny to music and games and take control of the device using voice commands. Motorbunny LINK enables these abilities through a modular controller and free iOS or Android app.

The high visual impact of Motorbunny might make it a great thing for live shows — and a seamless integration with a big deal platform is a great bonus too.

To learn more about Motorbunny LINK technology, click here. To get started using Motorbunny LINK technology with Chaturbate, click here.

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