Madalynn Raye: Midwestern Nice + Fetish Fantasy

“I have 0 tattoos,” Madalynn Raye shared with YNOT Cam.

“Somehow, I never got one when I was in and out of shops for piercings — I had 15 — or with my friends when they were getting their tattoos done,” she continued. “Hell, I’ve even tattooed a couple people — super shitty, this is not a brag — but I just never committed to the process.”

Fair enough!

Madalynn Raye, with her zero tattoos, is currently 34 years old and has been in the adult industry for 15 years now. She’s originally from the Midwest but has been transplanted down in the south for the last decade. In an interesting manner, this explains her exquisite fetish work alongside a super “Midwestern nice” niceness (and also the zero tattoos).

We recently spoke to Raye, who shared a bit about how the fetish space has changed over the past 15 years – with her forging her path alongside it!

YNOT Cam: What prompted you to begin your career online?

Madalynn Raye: I had worked on and off for websites in and around the Midwest before moving south, so when I got down here it was a quick way to recoup some monies that had been spent on my move — but then I realized that there were quite a few perks to the situation!

It was a new outlet for creativity, and it was a way to network with other people, fans and producers. I was learning new skills, and the money wasn’t half bad. So it was all win/win. Back then, it was almost unheard of…

Online modeling in general and fetish content specifically have expanded dramatically since 2006 when you began in the industry. What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the past 15 years?

That’s a deep one… For me? I’ll say, the biggest change — blessing and curse — are the fan club sites and the instant access to so much content and the creators’ time for one lump sum. The fan club sites are a lot of work. Like… wow! And for me and how I’ve diversified my online presence, it can get super draining.

“Back in my day” I used to book shoots, travel, shoot, do a little content for my own site, a few customs here and there. But now? It’s so, so much more.

I feel like I’m glued to the computer 12 hours a day sometimes just making sure I don’t miss an opportunity. When that starts happening back-to-back, it’s not good for my mental health. The upside is some of my best customers are subscribers, and getting to know them a little bit better and create the best content imaginable for them is a really awesome feeling.

In general though, I feel like the consumers’ demand for the industry has become a lot greater as well. Each year I’m in the game, things get busier and busier, which is awesome. Also, if there’s something I can’t do for someone or it’s not in my interest? I refer them to other models I’ve seen make the content they’re seeking.

Sleep well, nerds
Be sure to crank one out to my awesome videos tonight!

— Madalynn Raye (@MadalynnRaye) May 30, 2021

Well then, related: In today’s industry, what are some of the best things about working online? What about challenges?

So, pros: I’m at home, committing to my own work hours, taking on my own projects. Plus, I have dogs and I love being home with them!

Cons: The juggling of all of the social medias and work platforms. I see so many artists and creators doing way more than me on these sites, and I tip my hat to them — the snapchats, the tiktoks, successfully maintaining an IG that doesn’t get shut down and whatever else is out there.

Another con is telling myself to put the damn screen down sometimes. It’s okay to not check for clip sales, custom request emails or fan site messages before bed. That’s been my biggest practice this year, especially since I feel like it’s eaten up more and more of my time the last two to three years.

I saw that you garden! Can you tell us about that?

Ah! I love my little gardens! Once I got into my current home, I had to set up some garden beds. I tried vegetables and it turns out I’m not super awesome at growing a lot of things and if I had to rely on my gardens, I’d starve!

I do have a nice sized area that I have reserved as a “Butterfly Garden.” I have eight parsley and am waiting on the Moon Flowers to sprout. There are seven milkweed plants in there and am planning on getting some more fragrant flowers in to attract various native butterflies and entice them to lay their eggs and such.

On a hot summer evening, I love taking my time watering the plants and checking for produce or, in the butterfly garden, I’ll check for eggs or caterpillars. I’m a bug nerd so I’m always looking around and under things to see if there’s something new to document in my yard.

I made a little salad out of the all the greens I have growing and I’ve got a very peaceful sense of accomplishment in my heart.

I can’t wait for the tomatoes and cucumbers to grow and harvest

— Madalynn Raye (@MadalynnRaye) April 16, 2021

That’s amazing! What else do you love to spend your personal time on?

I’ve been really big on dog rescue the last eleven years. Online work has helped to supplement my income enough so I can care for some pretty severe cases, whether in my home or with another foster.

I was doing a lot of strictly hospice work from 2018 through 2020, but I was given a young large dog last year and his exuberance has very much taken over the house and has made me more active. We’re outside quite a bit, in training classes off and on and love hitting the forest trails!

If you could change one thing about today’s world, what would it be and why?

I’d hope that society would value proactivity over reactivity. It’s so easy to get fired up over something and type it out or voice your opinion in the heat of the moment just to make sure you’re “heard.” But dang, imagine just sitting back and slowly analyzing what’s going on?

No matter how ignorant or enraging or eyeroll-worthy something may come off, maybe looking at it like “Okay, can I help? How can I help?” is a good idea. Also, reflecting inward, like: “Is this going to take too much of me emotionally and mentally and possibly not even matter 30 mins or 30 days from now?” Or, “Can I be doing something more fulfilling for myself than watching a drama bomb explode?”

I wish many others could find this sort of peace. It’s really made a huge difference in my life since practicing it.

Find Madalynn Raye on Twitter at @MadalynnRaye.

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