Kezia Slater: Cool as Ice (Interview)

“One fun fact people might not know about me is that I spent 1 week camping by myself on Easter Island in Rapa Nui exploring, learning and talking with Indigenous elders. I absolutely loved it and am so thankful I got to do that,” Kezia Slater told YNOT Cam – and so began a super interesting interview!

Before becoming a model/performer, Slater had a super cool job – literally.

“I was a Freezer Department manager at a grocery store and ran the whole department myself,” Slater shared. “I was also a music and comedian promoter for many years, worked at several museums and worked at a farmers market selling baked goods.”

Slater continued, explaining that the idea of sex work began to take shape in 2012 by having a private, paid tumblr.

“I dove straight into my career online when I needed to leave an abusive relationship however,” Slater shared. “I used my first paycheck to pay his parents back for being at their house so much and never looked back. I am extremely thankful for my career in sex work and how far I’ve gone because of it.”

We recently had the opportunity to ask Kezia420 a few more questions about working online – read on for all the interesting!

YNOT Cam: What are some of the best things about working online? What about challenges?

Kezia Slater: A huge highlight for me about working online is getting myself into a safe household. I was living out of my car, going to school and working while also uploading content for sex work. Sex work helped me raise funds to live in an apartment, and within two years I was able to buy my own house. I am forever thankful that so many supporters helped me do this.

Another huge highlight for me is meeting all the sex workers in person that I have created friendships with online — meeting them, working with them, collaborating on content. I am so grateful to have made content with such amazing babes and am excited to make more soon!

you don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do‍

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Does genderfluidity have any impact on your work online?

I use sex work as an outlet for my more feminine side of my genderfluidity. Outside of sex work, I am a lot more masculine presenting especially when it comes to the clothes I wear. Sometimes I’ll wear dresses or more feminine clothes, but I’m constantly in metal shirts and ripped up pants.

While with sex work, I’m constantly wearing wigs, lingerie, dresses and other outfits I would not normally wear, and I am so grateful I have this outlet to experiment with.

I am not extremely vocal about my genderfluid lifestyle besides mentioning it in my bio and occasionally saying how thankful I am that I have found a way to express all sides of my genderfluidity.

It does not impact my work online much, but honestly I tend to say that I’m privileged to have a more female presenting body: large breasts, lots of curves, thick thighs with a booty. I am also lucky that my fans are respectful of my genderfluidity. Most people who hate it, stay silent or just leave. I’ve only had a handful of people spew hate.

Do you have any advice for other models who may be deciding on more accurately stating their gender identities in the context of their work?

Advice for models who may decide on stating their gender identities in the context of their work is to be proud and be fearless!

Don’t let haters get you down. If someone has something to complain about the way you live, then it just means that they don’t have the freedom to be themself. Be fearless! Be unapologetic! That will appeal people because they are inspired by your strength! You got this! And if you ever need help or advice, I’m here for anyone going through this — whenever you need, here for you always.

I think the constant thing sex workers need is support. This industry is so lonely and alienating especially when you’re constantly working and trying to improve. I just want everyone to know out there, you aren’t alone.

Outside of work, what are you most passionate about?

Outside of sex work, I am most passionate about the outdoors and ceramics. Before my recent car accident in January, I was hiking, camping, fishing and kayaking a lot. I absolutely love grounding myself in nature and learning more about the land around me.

I also make ceramics! A few years ago, I took a pottery class and fell in love. I am working on sex worker themed pottery right now, which includes artwork fighting for our rights as sex workers, demanding the support we need and getting awareness out there directly from sex workers. I enjoy making art that brings awareness to others that they need to also fight for our rights.

at least I got to trim these 5 pieces before my sciatica pain kicked in

my 1st thrown pieces since january

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If you could change one thing about today’s world, what would it be and why?

If I could change one thing about today’s world.. with so many issues going on, it really is hard to pick.

I wish sex workers were given the respect they deserve. I wish people could understand that sex workers can be such helpful and useful tools in life. I have several couples who are supporters, and I love being able to create a more honest and open communicative relationship between them and encouraging them to be supportive of each other. I have quite a few physically disabled fans that I love being able to create a comfortable and encouraging environment for them. During the pandemic when it might be a difficult time for people to meet others, sex workers are here to help out.

If I could change one thing, it would be the way sex workers are viewed and critiqued. We deserve better. We deserve proper support.

Find Kezia Slater on Twitter at @kezia420_

forgive me daddy for I have sinned

it’s been at least 8 weeks since I fucked my last stranger

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