Hustler Magazine // November 2019

The first Disabled Sex Workers Calendar sparked conversation in every corner of the industry, including Hustler in their November 2019 feature. Visit the Hustler Website to see the full feature written by @The_Blaylock.

Adult performer, webcam model and all-around wonderful human being GoAskAlex says she got the idea to do a sexy calendar in support of her peers while recovering from a life-altering colectomy surgery. This operation impacted her physically, mentally and financially, which in turn opened her eyes to the obstacles disabled sex workers must overcome every day, all day.
“I am extremely passionate about the representation of disabled folks in media, and as a disabled sex worker, disabled visibility in pornography is a hot topic for me,” she explains. For her contribution, GoAskAlex has assembled a boudoir-tastic 2020 calendar featuring 15 disabled sex workers and some seriously hot upper-half nudity. The results are fun, frisky and heartwarmingly NSFW.

The Disabled Sex Workers Calendar featured on Hustler E-Magazine