Give a Listen: Legal Insights on WCSU Podcast Episode

Thinking about legal stuff can be intimidating, exhausting, overwhelming, confusing and shitty — basically anything and everything except relaxing and fun.

But regardless of its arduous chore-like nature, thinking about legal stuff is actually really important. Simply as an entity running your own business, there’re basic best practices you need to be considering. Add on top of that everything that comes along with online sex work and being a part of the wider industry community… well, then things get even more complex (and often tenuous).

Being aware of legal issues that specifically impact small business in the adult industry is really important. This new podcast from Webcam Startup serves as a great introduction to some of these issues via a conversation between a community host and an attorney well-versed in industry specifics. This is important because, just like one single doctor doesn’t know everything about all health, no one single attorney knows everything about all the laws. It’s key to consider legal insights from a lawyer that knows about the industry specifically.

Give this podcast a listen via the link below. It’s 40 minutes well-spent IMO.

Corey D. Silverstein Brings Legal Expertise to Webcam Startup Podcast

Cyberspace (March 30, 2021) — Corey D. Silverstein, the driving force behind and Adult.Law, recently sat down with Webcam Startup for a spirited, informative discussion via the platform’s podcast interview series.

In the 40-minute episode, Silverstein discusses the importance of hiring a lawyer that is familiar with the adult industry, legal compliance, and more. Silverstein also discusses the inspiration behind Adult.Law, as well as how the platform can help independent performers and creators.

The episode is available now via right here:

“The opportunity to participate with Webcam Startup as a guest on their podcast was an incredible experience,” Silverstein said. “I was thrilled with the opportunity to connect with independent webcam models and content creators via this great interview.” 

“Legal help is vital, and it’s so important for creators to know that it’s easily obtained through Adult.Law — and that this assistance is available at an affordable rate,” Silverstein added.

Talking with Silverstein was an educational eye-opener for Webcam Startup podcast host Katy Churchill, as well as a “timely reminder that, in an industry constantly under attack from outside forces, legal advice is worth the price.” 

“The interview is full of useful information for independent performers,” Churchill said. “It was very educational for me, too. I learned that some of my own ‘best practices’ are years out of date from a legal perspective!” 

Never “just” an attorney, Silverstein brings human connection and levity to all of his interactions — including this interview! 

“Sitting down to talk to Corey was a blast!” Churchill continued. “We bonded over our Canadian backgrounds and even found time to talk about hockey after finishing up the interview.” 

“Katy is a true asset to the content creator community — and she’s almost as funny as I am!” Silverstein quipped.

Enjoy this excellent, educational conversation between Silverstein and Webcam Startup!

FYI, Silverstein is the managing and founder member of Silverstein Legal at and the founder of subscription service Adult.Law. His practice focuses on representing all areas of the adult industry. Those interested in retaining Adult.Law’s services can learn more about subscription tiers here:

Join Silverstein on Twitter at @myadultattorney and on Instagram at @coreydsilverstein.

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