Discover Your Perfect Cam Girl Match at Chaturbate “Discover”

Everybody has a perfect match somewhere in the world, that goes just as much for cam girls as it does for finding the love of your life. The problem online, as anywhere is finding that perfect person. Chaturbate Discover aims to solve that problem.

How did we do this before?

You scroll and scroll through the infinitely long list of cam girls on Chaturbate, as on any big cam site. Or you can use Chaturbate tags or filters to narrow down your search.

Wouldn’t it be great if a computer could automatically help you to find the best girls for you? Just like Netflix or Youtube recommends the best things to watch?

Stripchat has a great recommendation system that gives you a bunch of “Recommended for You” rooms based on things you’ve watched before which are often great choices.

And now Chaturbate has upped their game by offering a “Discover” tab that has a number of different sections.

Each section focuses on a different aspect of what might be good for you. It is an alternative to the default home page which basically sorts by the size of the room, with a few “recommended” thrown in at the top.

When you first hit the “Discover” tab make sure that your filters are not set to limit cams to any one particular type.

Then you can scroll down through each of the different sections. In each one there is a big selection of thumbnails, and you can scroll it sideways to find even more in that section.

Depending on who you are and how you use the site the sections may be a bit different, but these seem to be the common ones:

Recommended For You

These seem entirely unrelated to the ones on the main homepage “Featured” tab that has the “RECOMMENDED” flash on the thumbnail. It looks as though CB is using an entirely new algorithm to produce the “Discover” / “Recovered” choices.

Most Popular

Most popular shows the rooms with the most people in them, which is a great way to see what is good in a general way, but doesn’t help you at all to find a specific type or style of girl.

New Cams

This section is interesting and has a lot of potential. New cams are a fascinating mix of people just trying out CB for the first time, and models who are moving from another cam girl site. Both are worth checking out.

Your Favorite Tag: #dildo : It isn’t clear how this is chosen

Tags have been a staple of the Chaturbate system for a while now and finding just the right Chaturbate tag to follow. On the Discovery page you’ll find a “Favorite Tag” section, though with no indication of how it was chosen. Specifying “dildo” doesn’t seem particularly relevant to me when it was suggested.

Popular Among Viewers in <Place> : “This category is personalized based on your region”

You may have already noticed the various geographic categories such as North America or Asia. Strangely Chaturbate is presuming that a viewer will want to find a cam girl in the same geo area as themselves. Does this make sense? Chaturbate is not a dating site and there isn’t any expectation that you will meet up in real life, so why does it matter if the viewer and the broadcaster are from the same part of the world?

In fact, this may be the reverse of true for many people. Asian men tend to enjoy watching blond big-tit American girls, while European and American guys are often fond of Asians.

Top Rated

Without context, this is a hard one to understand but it is true that all the girls in the section are extremely good performers, and perhaps the large number of “thumbs up” they have, over 100, is an indication of their rating.

Mature Cams (50+) <or other age range>: “This category is personalized based on your viewing history”

I get this category when I use Chaturbate as a viewer, but that means I’m looking at myself and sadly I’m in that category. When I am myself and look at someone else I get other categories.

Broadcasts That Just Started

A good chance to get in on a quiet room.

Spy Shows

And finally, “private shows” without privacy.

What do you think about the new Chaturbate Discover page? Is it a good way to find girls on CB or just a distraction? Let me know in the comments after you have tried it yourself!