Free Chat Sites Are Booming During the Pandemic

As a result of Covid-19 free chat sites are seeing an influx of new customers. this should be no surprise though as at home entertainment services are what people currently use to occupy much of their newfound free time. However, some might find it interesting that more of their friends and neighbors are up to … Read more

ProjektMelody Isn’t Stealing Our Jobs

Inspired by the eternally sexy Motoko Kusanagi of the classic anime Ghost in the Shell and the video game series Hyperdimension Neptunia, V-tuber “Melody” is the most recent–and dare I say the most controversial–virtual personality to grace the Internet. Like Hatsune Miku and Kizuna Ai before her, “Melody” is a self-proclaimed A.I. with her own … Read more

The Real Cost of, “Free Porn”

As a sex worker, especially one involved in the production and distribution of digital porn, you get used to people making excuses for not paying for porn, the most common being that it’s “free,” and should remain as such. Here’s where they’re wrong: Free porn does not exist! Porn performers are paid by studios at … Read more

What Does CA AB5 Mean for Cam Models?

California’s new labor law, Assembly Bill 5, means major changes to the state’s growing gig economy. But the new law won’t just be affecting delivery drivers. Assembly Bill 5 challenges the very distinctions between employees and independent contractors, i.e. cam models. As of right now, cam models are classified as independent contractors. We act as … Read more

Vibing Pays off for Everyone at ImLive!

ImLive, one of the leading adult webcam sites in the world issued the following Press Release on 12/12/2019. imlive in one of the worlds leading video chat sites for adults. JOIN IMLIVE FOR A WELCOME BONUS, STAY FOR THE MAGNETIC CONNECTION BETWEEN MODELS AND MEMBERS. Already an active vibing community, has interesting news to … Read more

Why Do Men Buy Cam Models Amazon Gifts?

We discuss how to get men to buy you gifts on Amazon as a cam girl. The benefits of creating an Amazon wish list are obvious for cam girls, but what about the generous senders who make wish lists worth it? We discuss why men guy cam girls gifts on Amazon. With all the ways … Read more

Marketing on Twitter for Cam Models

As the last true bastion of NSFW social media, Twitter is the primary place for marketing yourself as a cam model to a mainstream audience. Despite allowing sexual content, however, there are some guidelines to consider to avoid getting your account shut down unnecessarily. Let’s talk again about marketing for cam girls, camming tips, being … Read more

Camming On Your Period : A Simple Guide!

Yes, today we are actually talking about camming on your period. It’s that time of the month again. Yes, the dreaded “shark week.” Between the bloating, cramping, random cravings, and generally feeling off your A-game, getting your period can be a serious downer, especially as a camgirl who does sexual shows. Bigger cam sites prohibit … Read more

Legal Guide For Cam Models

When you are deciding on whether or not cam modelling is right for you, then looking into the legal aspects of being your own boss. If you are not prepared to handle the legal side of camming, you can find yourself in a tight spot come tax time. I’m going to explain a few ways … Read more

Sextortion And What You Should Do About It

With the growth of webcam modeling, sextortion has experienced a boom, as well. What is sextortion? Put simply, it’s porn blackmail. Criminals send out hundreds of emails claiming they have information on someone doing sexual things on cam and threaten to show their friends and families if they do not pay a ransom. Are you … Read more