CAM4’s #spenditonme Challenge

CAM4 recently announced that it’s “putting the power in the hands of the performers this upcoming Black Friday” with its #spenditonme Black Friday challenge. The company described the event as “a performer-forward initiative that encourages our broadcasters to engage directly with their fan base and get discovered by eager new audiences.”

To participate in the #spenditonme challenge, performers must first complete and submit a form to schedule one feature show that will happen live on the CAM4 platform during #spenditonme week, which runs from Saturday November 27 to Sunday December 5.

Once they have submitted the form, participants will then receive a custom package of promotional images and a promo code for their fans and followers to get exclusive discounts and bonuses on Black Friday, CAM4 explained in its announcement, adding that each #spenditonme feature show “will be boosted to the front page of CAM4 during the performance and there are cash prizes for performers who get the most clicks on their promo codes.”

“No adult platform would be even remotely successful without performers, so why not give them the chance to get in on the action,” said Shannon McD, CAM4’s Communications Manager. “CAM4 is still offering incredible Black Friday deals, but #spenditonme puts the performers in the spotlight where they belong.”

Performers interested in participating must sign up and schedule a show during #spenditonme week (Saturday Nov. 27 – Sunday Dec. 5) by this Sunday, November 21.

For the full challenge rules and additional information, please go to the CAM4 blog.

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