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Going through the search can be stressful, but keeping an eye out for red flags from the beginning should cut down on the amount of wasted time. One of the things to look out for is people who are not verified on any legitimate platforms ( meaning tube or clip sites, live camming platforms or other places that require an age verification, etc) as you will have no way of knowing if they are in fact who they say they are.This also takes the guessing game out of it in regards to being of legal age. Simply asking someone to send their ID to you for age verification is not only unreliable but not allowed on many platforms as it places a lot of legal liability on you and the platform itself. Choosing to only interact with verified members/models on the platform you choose will give you a better chance to cut out the nonsense. Another red flag to watch out for is someone who is unwilling to provide proper documentation that they have been tested and are “cleared for landing” as this is enough to make anyone uncomfortable. There needs to be a level of trust for anyone you are working with, verified model or not. Knowing that the person you are working with not only cares about their own health but the health of you is not something you should skip over. Another major red flag when searching for people to work with is someone who, in all honesty, just makes you feel uneasy. You never want to start a project like this with someone you aren’t feeling comfortable with. Trust your instincts, if something feels off then it probably isn’t a good idea. Perhaps they are a little on the pushy side when it comes to the planning, maybe they don’t seem to have any interest in the actual content but more on the NSFW part. Whatever the situation, if you are not vibing with someone, say no. If they get upset or even angry at you for backing out then you have obviously made the right choice. Nobody should feel “pressure to perform” from the person they might be working with. 

Once the connections have been made, it is very important to remember that there are steps you need to take to ensure all parties involved are covered to avoid any liability. Many platforms offer a generic “Co-creator” set of forms that not only protect the asset that you create together, but prove that all parties involved are of age and consent to the content being made/posted. This is important to protect you, your co-creator and whichever platform you are using. Always have the discussion about the paperwork prior to making any content as you want to avoid any awkward interaction later on if someone does not agree on the paperwork side(also a red flag!). These forms typically ask for ID verification and the signing of a legal document stating consent to the legal side of things. Many platforms want these forms filled out regardless of if all performers are already verified on the platform. Keep in mind each platform may have their own set of steps to take. Live cam sites for example may require the documents, but some only require that you work with other verified models and simply state the username of the co-model in the topic of your cam room. Do not skip reading the rules on this topic, ignoring them can result in actions being taken against your account including warnings or even termination of your account depending on the rules. Keeping the health,safety and integrity of you and your co-performers in mind and making sure everyone is comfortable will ensure that you have a happy start to the process and are free to make all the glorious content you want!

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