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Ah Twitter, the social media king of the world. One of the best places for marketing any kind of product or company, if done correctly! There is a delicate balance involved when it comes to mastering this craft, and that balance is usually a little different for everyone. The statistics and analytics do not lie, but getting those in check and honing in on what works for you is the tricky part. Crafting your posts can be a fun, although stressful task, but Twitter is a handy tool to enlist in your army of business tools.  The first step in this process is developing a twitter marketing strategy! Having a plan in place will give you a leg up and make this part of being a content creator much easier! This comes before deciding what content you actually want to post! Auto tweets from the platforms you work on will add to this as well. A new sale, a new upload or going live? Posted automatically without you even lifting a finger! This will broadcast to your followers and beyond the good news, whatever that is! This reach allows you to not only have an insight with your analytics to see which of your platforms are getting the most traffic to from your feed, and also which kinds of tweets are grabbing the most attention. Similarly you can schedule tweets when using the browser version to be posted whenever you like! This means that you can spend a little extra time one day on your marketing plan for that week without having to worry about it for the rest of the week! Deciding when to do this comes into more of a statistical approach. Certain times and days prove to be more effective than others. Experience also plays into this, for example, Sundays tend to be great days for marketing overall based on my experience ( with the ever dreaded American football season being the exception to this!Trust me!) but you may also find a different day of the week is best for visibility based on your own fans. Take the time to do the research but also rely on your own experience! 

The next step is creating the actual post. This is the fun part! Picking out the photo or clip you want to use, writing an exciting statement and pairing it with a few good hashtags, it’s as simple as that! This however can be a little overwhelming if you are new to the world of marketing. Twitter offers a lovely drop down of hashtags you can choose from when you are typing them out, use that option! If they are appearing in the menu that means in a nutshell that others are using them and the chances you will be visible in the search under that hashtag are good! Now, it is important to remember that it is not recommended to use a bunch of hashtags in one post, a few key ones will do! This may seem a little backwards (the more the merrier, right?) However, if you are hoping to have your tweet get the most visibility by searches or even having it retweeted by the professional platforms you are marketing, it is better to keep the tweet clean and direct. Also keep in mind that many of the platforms we use as creators will not retweet posts that have nudity in the image or clip. That being said, I know there are a lot of “Promotion” accounts out there, some of these can be effective, others are a waste of time, in all honesty. Trying them out is fine, but do not put too much stock in generic twitter promotion accounts until you see results. 

Doing the kind of work we do, it is becoming easier and easier for us to be virtually shunned in the twitter-verse. There are a few easy ways to avoid being shadowbanned, unfortunately none of these are a guarantee. The steps you can take to try and avoid this are marking your tweets as “sensitive” so people who have elected to not see “sensitive” tweets, you can do this in your settings. Another step you can take is to make sure you tame down the nudity to avoid those snarky reports from people who have nothing better to do with their time. Not giving twitter a reason to shadowban you is the best chance you have to avoid it. The last (and maybe most obvious) way to not grab the negative attention that gets us that hate is not spamming! Simple right? Not posting spammy promotion comments on every post, not tweeting new tweets with the exact same bot-like verbiage and things along those lines. The more you spam, the more negative attention your profile will get. 

Keeping an open mind when you are beginning this process or even if you are a seasoned veteran looking to revamp, knowing that this is not an overnight thing is a tough, but necessary pill to swallow. It can take some time to gain followers and popularity on Twitter. Keeping your head up and sticking to your dedicated marketing schedule will help grow that number much faster!

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