(Balkan Webcam Model) The Masked Oppai Is Loyalfans’ ‘Featured Creator’ for June

The Masked Oppai Is Loyalfans' 'Featured Creator' for June

LOS ANGELES — Loyalfans has named the performer known as The Masked Oppai as its “Featured Creator of the Month” for June.

The title highlights “unique creators working, sharing and thriving within Loyalfans,” a rep said. “Fans visiting the Creator Spotlight page are introduced to a scope of interesting creators — those who are new to the site, popular creators and interesting people utilizing Loyalfans’ exceptional features and offerings.”

The rep called The Masked Oppai “a top creator and influential online personality” who “perfectly embodies the passion that drives Loyalfans,” and added that “Masked or unmasked, she is an integral part of what makes Loyalfans great.”

Oppai will sit for a spotlight interview to be livestreamed Wednesday, June 15 at 1 p.m. PDT. The event is open only to current, active Loyalfans creators. Creators may email qavr@loyalfans.com to sign up.

The performer said she was “excited and surprised” to be named Featured Creator for June.

“Creators are seen and heard on Loyalfans, and there’s no problem with communicating any issues,” she enthused. “Loyalfans is always innovating itself to enhance the experience for fans and also to make being a creator that much easier. It truly feels like you’re part of a team.” 

During her interview, she will offer tips and suggestions to her fellow content creators.

“Consistency is key,” Oppai said. “Find what area you shine in; when you’re having fun making content, it makes it that much better.

“The ability to video chat is my favorite offering for fans,” she shared. “It makes me easier to reach and have a good time with.”

Visit the Loyalfans Creator Spotlight page and follow the platform on Twitter.

Find The Masked Oppai on Loyalfans and on Twitter.

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