(Balkan Webcam Model) The Inside Scoop on Chaturbate

Many cam models call Chaturbate their home, so I was pleased to speak with the Executive Assistant to COO of Chaturbate, Natasha Pierson, who gave some insight into their background and how artists can make the most of their time on the platform. So, pull up a seat, take a read and get some inside knowledge on one of the most popular adult sites on the internet.

Tell us a little background on Chaturbate – what is its vision?

When Chaturbate was developed in 2011, the concept of empowering independent entrepreneurs (“broadcasters”) to allow their creativity to flow, without following a written script or putting on a “porn” movie, and to establish an inclusive relationship with broadcasters of all types (man, woman, transgender, etc.) was a new trendsetting market segment. Our vision of enabling them to put on whatever show they wanted (subject to community standards) and when they wanted rapidly gained worldwide market acceptance.

Quickly after launch, it became clear that members of the Chaturbate community went to broadcasters’ “rooms” not just because they wanted to see adult content but because there was a relationship being developed between the content creator and his or her “fans.”

This unique relationship is portrayed – in my opinion – in a very artistic and humorous series called Cam_Girlfriend – which can be seen on the Camming Life YouTube channel.

How did you get started in the industry and what do you like most about it?

Three years ago, I applied to join the Chaturbate team because I wanted the opportunity to be involved in events where I could meet people from diverse backgrounds all over the world. I love that my role has evolved into more responsibilities as I learn from the challenges I encounter.

What does Chaturbate have to offer that other platforms don’t?

Community, community, community! We welcome broadcasters of all genders, races, nationalities, sexualities, abilities, and body types. Chaturbate is without a doubt the most inclusive cam site in the world.

Why do you think some models are more successful than others on Chaturbate?

The camming world is an exceptionally competitive industry. There is a direct correlation between the success of the broadcasters and their cam-shows, content, and promotional images. Keeping your fans locked in and advancing yourself emphatically is the key to victory. Some broadcasters find success in posting their URL chat room on Twitter when they are jumping online, creating an Amazon wish-list, and adding anything related to camming, investing in camming equipment and more.


What are some of the ways models monetize their channels using Chaturbate?

A few ways include using hashtags in their rooms to make them easier to find, the ability to run apps and bots to encourage users to tip, and they are able to offer exclusive content to their fan club members who pay them tokens to get access.

How do you deal with policing the site and making it safe?

1) The Chaturbate Code of Conduct lays the ground rules that users and broadcasters must abide by.
2) We have an all-star in-house team that checks rooms to make sure all rules are being followed.
3) Broadcasters are able to elect mods that can silence spammers, distractions, and harmful behavior.
4) Broadcasters and users are able to report abusive community members with the click of a button.

What is the benefit to models participating in Chaturbate’s contests other than just winning?

It’s not only a great way to meet other broadcasters in the Chaturbate community, but it’s also a great way to grow new customers and create brand awareness. It’s a positive, competitive experience for everyone.

Tell us what you’re most proud of with Chaturbate?

I’m proud to work for a company that is inclusive, welcoming, and provides a judgment-free space for their users. Chaturbate is continuously evolving, and I’m honored to take part in the change.

Models can find and follow Chaturbate on Twitter @Chaturbate, Instagram @CBSwagStore, and Facebook @ChaturbateCommunity.

Alyssa Collins hails from Minnesota, where snowy days were the perfect excuse to stay warm inside and write. Over the years, she turned that joy into a career and has authored numerous articles for various publications (under pen names). Email Alyssa via alyssa@ynot.com.

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