(Balkan Webcam Model) Takedown Piracy Debuts Agency Account Feature on ClipSentry

Takedown Piracy Debuts Agency Account Feature on ClipSentry

LAS VEGAS — Takedown Piracy has launched a Managed/Agency Account feature on ClipSentry.com, allowing those who manage multiple models or content creators to access the site’s anti-piracy, copyright enforcement and content protection services for their clients.

The new feature permits management companies and agencies to oversee the DMCA-service accounts of their clients, with both overall and individual viewing, and access the same Takedown Piracy content protection services available to individual producers.

Services include fingerprinted videos for content ID detection, DMCA notices, takedown statistics, URL reporting and support and content tools. Like the services for independent content producers, the Managed/Agency Account feature is available in both desktop and mobile options.

“We had such a large demand from agencies, who know how important it is to protect their clients’ content, to provide a product that makes it possible to include anti-piracy in their service package, and make their work easier and less time consuming,” said Reba Rocket, COO/CMO of Takedown Piracy.

The Managed/Agency Account feature was created with tech partner AV Registry.

“We can now cater to those who manage multiple producers, so information and overviews are all in the same place, without the need to log in separately for each model or producer,” Rocket said.

A free consultation with Rocket is available to management companies and agencies.

Visit ClipSentry.com; find Takedown Piracy online and on Twitter. Contact reba@takedownpiracy.com for additional details.

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