(Balkan Webcam Model) Stripchat wants you to find birthday cam girls

Using the latest new Stripchat feature you can now search by “Topics”, and their example is birthdays! This comes after their other improved cam girl search options just a few weeks ago.

If you like to watch girls in their Birthday Suits during their Birthday Party then this is the feature for you.

It does a lot more than that though, models at Stripchat can set a “topic” for their room to let you know what sort of things they will be doing or want to talk about. That’s always been true but the searching for viewers didn’t emphasize it. Now it does at least you find rooms with the right topic.

Should I set my Stripchat stream topic to “Doing the accounts”? It would be realistic but I’m not sure many people are going to want to watch me do accounts, even if I am in my birthday suit while I do it.

That’s another question though, is it a good idea for cam girls to stream live on their birthday?

I’ve seen it done, but more like “its my birthday week, tip me a present”.

Is that cringe or fun?

I don’t know if SC prompted girls to set up Birthday shows but when I searched the topic I found 15 rooms labeled “birthday”, though the actual dates ranged from next week to last month!

Searching for “accounts” didn’t return anything!

According to Stripchat other topics might include upcoming vacations, favorite TV shows or special days like Blowjob Day or Nude Sunbathing Morning.

Here is their full announcement.

You Can Now Search by Models’ Stream Topics

Want to find something unique? Like a birthday stream or models in a special mood? Try new search by models’ topics!

Not everything has to be about sex. Even on Stripchat. Here, people often meet to celebrate magic moments in life and share a special mood.

Our new feature lets you search by models’ stream topics. Find festive streams and intimate parties. Discover models discussing their upcoming vacation or favorite TV show. And many more!

For those in a naughty mood, we suggest you search for special sex shows of the day! Who wouldn’t enjoy a Blowjob Day or Nude Sunbathing Morning?

Type in your request in search and choose “Models’ Topics” to try this new feature out!

Models are being prompted to set meaningful topics so that they match up with the viewer’s expectations. Birthdays are mentioned in the promo image, but not in the feature description.

Viewers Can Find You by Your Show’s Topic

Viewers can now search for you by the topic of your show. So make sure to write something meaningful in it.

Don’t set just a mishmash of “key words” as your topic. Make it specific to this particular show you’re about to put on. It can be anything that relates to your current show, like:

“ASMR show before you go to sleep”
“It’s all about blowjob today! Let’s finish with a cum show!”
“Your favorite Fortnite character cosplay”
“Last broadcast before my 2-week vacation”
“Tip tip tip! The vibro toy is on”

To remind you that the topic should be relevant to your stream, we’ve renamed it “Topic of today’s show”.
Make it catchy and have fun with it, too!

Happy streaming!

If you want to spend your birthday online maybe you should sign up as a model.

Or if you want to chat about sports with guys then maybe consider looking at Stripchat guys. They may or may not really be gay but they will have cocks and be happy to chat so you can’t be fussy.

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