(Balkan Webcam Model) New way to Login at Chaturbate with one Privacy setting you should Change Immediately

They haven’t announced it yet but if you look at the login page at Chaturbate you’ll see that something has changed. After years of requiring a username with an email address as the login identity, they are moving on to new things.

What would you expect CB to be using in the modern world of Single Sign-On?

Just weeks ago they activated Chaturbate Login using your Gmail or Google account.

Now I can see that they have activated Twitter Logins as well.

But when you want to log in to Twitter you can do it with Google, with Apple ID, Phone or Email.

That means I can use an iPhone to create an Apple account, then use the Apple account to make a Twitter account, and use my Twitter account to create a Chaturbate Account.

Would that actually make any sense?

It would mean everything is tied to one phone, or one phone number.

That’s convenient but also means you can’t ever lose that phone account!

If you already have a Twitter account for watching camgirls, and there are many cam models that are very active there, then you can just use that for creating your CB account in the unlikely event that you don’t already have one.

The good side is that you are logged in with one click, no need to create a new account or remember yet another password.

What’s the bad side? The same really, you don’t get a new password.

One thing to watch out for is that even though you have to Complete your CB profile it doesn’t draw that data from your Twitter profile. The birthday has to be entered manually, but that isn’t a surprise.

The real place to take is that the location is picked up automatically from your ISP so you will end up with a Chaturbate profile that has your actual location, at least the city and the country, listed in public.

I used a testing Twitter profile that didn’t have any location set up, but when I created the matching Chaturbate profile it filled in my location automatically.

Rather not have people know where you are located?

Then go and edit your Chaturbate profile first thing by using the top menu to see “My Profile” which shows your profile then choosing “Edit Your Bio” to change what you need for privacy.

Remember that Chaturbate is not a dating site so you shouldn’t really reveal your physical location for privacy reasons.

Note that signing up for Chaturbate with Twitter doesn’t mean that your Twitter handle will be listed on your profile. There is a place on your Chaturbate Bio page for special media handles, but that’s for selling access to them and you’ll need age verification for that.

If you just want other people to know your Twitter name then you can put it in the”About me” section of your profile/bio.

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