(Balkan Webcam Model) Never sound funny again: How to learn to love your voice.

We explain here why your voice always sounds so surprisingly different when you listen to it yourself — and what you can do about it.

Until now, always a little bit weird: Listening to your own voice messages.

By now, we should have finally gotten used to our own voice thanks to voice messages. Nevertheless, it always sounds quite strange, somehow different and not at all like us. But why is it so actually?

The short answer is: “double vibration“

That sounds quite interesting so far, but what is actually vibrating?

The thing with your voice works as follows: Your ears pick up the sound of your voice just like all other sounds, as the (vibrating) sound waves pass through the auditory canal into the inside of your skull, where they are absorbed by a fluid of nerve endings and converted into sound.

But here’s the kicker! When you hear yourself speaking, not only do your ears vibrate, but your larynx does too, along with your vocal cords (so it’s technically a triple vibration). These in turn transmit the vibrations “from below” to your skull bones, creating a much deeper sound in your head and perception at the nerve endings.

“The human voice is the organ of the soul.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Attention: Mindfuck! The logical and also somewhat unpleasant consequence of this brief excursion into science:

No one can hear your voice like you do. Absolutely nobody!

But don’t worry, below we have three tips for you on how to learn to love your (real) voice. After all, your voice is the only sense you perceive constantly and everywhere while you’re around other people. Of course, when this elemental and ubiquitous part of your identity suddenly sounds different (blaring from a speaker), it feels pretty weird at first.

Here are three simple tips on how to learn to love your voice (and make others do too):

1. Mind over body.

We’ve already taken the first big step towards a harmonious relationship with your digital and real voice: acceptance. Accept your voice as you hear it in voice messages every day — because that’s how everyone else hears and loves it!

With this trick, a couple of notebooks or books you can reproduce it, talk to it, learn to love it and eventually share it with your fans on Voiyal!

2. Practice makes perfect.

Once you’ve heard what your “real” voice sounds like, with the right training you can further refine your pronunciation (articulation) — and appear even more confident in the long run. Simply start with the following voice exercises and record yourself directly. Then you can make notes afterwards which words you should perhaps avoid in the future or pronounce even better.

3. It’s all about the “sound”.

After you’ve trained and recorded your voice, feel free to invest in a small microphone for any future voice messages. This will improve your audio quality on your smartphone immensely, and your voice will sound even hotter to you and everyone listening!

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