(Balkan Webcam Model) Model Spotlight: -Bunya-

Dear friends, we suggest you a closer meeting with charming -Bunya-! This sensual model has confessed that she has discovered the world of webcam absolutely by accident, and now every streaming on BongaCams brings her unbelievable pleasure! Would you like to find out which men this hot beautie likes, and what turns her on the most? Check out this and more in our interview with adorable -Bunya-!

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– Tell us: how did you find out about BongaCams?
– Even 1.5 years ago I had no idea about webcam! Once I accidentally saw an article online talking about this mysterious world (and also mentioning high income), and I just decided to try: no fear, and with a great interest. I’ve been regularly streaming since then ️

– Do you remember your impressions after the first shows?
– I don’t quite remember my impressions, but it was fun, and sometimes not everything was clear to me I came to certain conclusions two-three months later. BongaCams is a whole universe, with its laws of physics, mathematics, and chemistry. You can’t see streaming as just work. Your wish to communicate and give beauty should come from within. The members only appreciate genuine feelings! Talking to the members on BongaCams has become part of my daily life. I’ve realized that I like chatting with so many various personalities because each member means a unique story and special emotions!

– What are you like in real life? Describe your character!
– I find myself a kind, somehow even a merciful person, open for communication and ready to discuss different topics. I try to be honest and stay true to myself. I can be possessive.

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– What do you like to do in your free time?
– I do fitness, yoga, take music lessons. I like to travel, and I’ve already been to Europe and the Caribbean. I enjoy electronic music, thanks to BongaCams, I have learnt to be a DJ, and I go on developing in this industry. At weekends I play DJ-sets in beautiful lingerie while streaming, and the audience just loves it!

– If you could see the future, what would you like to see?
– I would take part in various festivals, and in my free time, I’d be streaming underneath the palm trees on the Caribbean beaches

– Share the secret of your beauty! What helps you look so amazing?
– I guess it’s 50% genetics, and 50% – positive attitude to life. The beauty will save the world!

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– Is there anything you’ve never done in your life, but you are planning to do it in the nearest future?
– I’ve never done extreme sports… I think I’d go for parachute jumping or bungee jumping, or probably diving

– Do you have a cherished dream?
– Go on a cruise on a luxurious liner, and hopping from one island to another, I’d love to see magic and hidden places of our planet: discover wild tropical jungle with their tribes, go hiking in the mountains and volcanoes, visit abandoned pirates’ ships and see the wonders of the world under the sea!

– Tell us: what turns you on the most?
– Various clothing items: stockings, beautiful lingerie, corsets, costumes. Curious fetishes, tantric music, sex in unusual locations (for example, right at work or on a plane). When it comes to men, I’m turned on by intelligence, power, decisiveness and at the same time – docility and softness

– Tell something nice to your fans!
– I’d like to sincerely thank everyone on the site who has joined my life! Your support makes me one step closer to my goals!

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Dear friends, an unbelievably positive -Bunya- is always happy to chat with the members and throw a hot party right during her streams! Seeing at least one mind-blowing show of this model is enough to realize why they are so popular! Got curious? Then hurry up to meet this startling beautie – join her chat room today, and your day will never be the same!

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