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Been too busy to check out the news from our parent site – YNOT.com? Read below to catch up on some of YNOT’s top feature stories of the past month… in case you missed it!

This period covers July 15- August 15


Adult Time Releases Anatomik’s Women’s World – August 15

Adult Time has released their new lesbian film – Women’s World. Produced by husband-and-wife team Dan and Rhiannon Humes who go by Anatomik Films, the series stars sixteen headliners, is written by Fistopher Nolan and Midnight Lapis Afterglo, and is produced by P.

YNOT Cammunity Adds Wardrobe & Toy Swap Meet to the October Show – August 12

YNOT Cammunity, presented by Chaturbate, has added an all-new activity to the schedule – a wardrobe and swap meet. Donate items or grab some for yourself.

Who Needs Human Touch When You Have Autoblow? – August 11

Check out the popular male sex toy that may have reinvented the blow job.

The Music That Made Gay Porn – Patrick Cowley – August 4

Read about the legend that you’ve probably never heard of – genius composer Patrick Cowley who wrote some of the most iconic music for gay porn before he passed away in 1982.

Court: Lawsuit Targeting MindGeek Can Proceed Against Visa, As Well – August 2

Though Visa was MindGeek’s payment processor, they argued that they were not directly involved in their daily operations and cannot be held accountable for the site selling child porn. The court thinks otherwise.

Criminalizing Abortion Info Online Parallels Attempts to Ban Porn – July 29

This article discusses the parallels between criminalizing abortion and banning porn and why Roe v. Wade being overturned is a threat to our industry.

Interview – Luke Hardy “UK’s Hottest Porn Stud” – July 28

Learn about Luke Hardy, a former British Commando who found his calling as a performer in the adult world and started his own hardcore website – LukeHardyXXX.com.

Bree Mills Behind the Scenes With Adult Time – July 21

Enjoy some inside intel from Bree Mills, an award-winning director and the Chief Creative Officer of one of the most successful porn streamers out there – Adult Time.

UK Online Safety Bill on Hold Until New Prime Minister Named – July 19

This piece covers some of the debate over the controversial bill which has been put on hold until outgoing Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is replaced.

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