(Balkan Webcam Model) How to sell erotic audio?

When it comes to adult content most of us adult people know exactly where to search for it, that we even skip (!) Google. The infinite amount and consumption of porn impressively prove which relevance sexual pleasure has in the human experience, especially with the advances in technology (waaay more than the acclaimed 15% of all internet traffic for sure!).

In this huge erotic content industry over 3 million $ is spent every second (!) on the internet. For a long time, most of that money landed in the pockets of very few agents and companies. Thanks to some unchangeable circumstances (which forced us to spend more time home alone) we saw a huge change in the erotic / adult content area happening. The impressive rise of OnlyFans overtaking even Patreon showed impressively how much people are willing to pay to see their favorite creators and actors in an erotic context aka. nudes.

This rise in the creation and consumption of “user-generated” erotic pictures and videos is great for all kinds of new erotic content (e.g. your erotic audio or “erotica”; “NSWF ASMR” or simply “audio porn”). The love for detail and atmosphere you — the voice actors — are putting in your auditive art to make it more vivid still does not stop to amaze us. With all these hours poured into your art we know you have to find a way to monetize it fairly to be able to make a living off it. That’s also why we did the research for you to answer the often answered, key-question in a fair way:

SPOILER: There are maaaany options but here are our favorites:

1. Obviously but not ideal: OnlyFans

I mean we love OnlyFans for how it changed the whole industry and what juicy insights we got into the lives and dorms of our favorite influencers but that’s the point. On OF your audios have to compete with visual and audiovisual content and that can be quite a tough challenge. If you don’t want to post also pictures/videos, then this platform is definitely not the perfect fit for you.

2. Five genres to many: Fiverr

On Fiverr you can nearly sell every skill so voice acting is on the menu, too. The discoverability is way better than on OnlyFans although the broadness of the platform will keep the organic traffic relatively small. Last but not least: Their policy on intimate content is quite conservative.

3. Patrons for everyone: Patreon

Sometimes we have the feeling Patreon is here since forever. They indeed developed a sleek subscription system with many technical functionalities. But let’s be honest, there are indeed some audio creators who make good money with their content here although Patreon seems to censor too juicy stuff frequently.

4. Definitely NotSafeForWork: Voiyal (that’s us, lol).

Well, what can we say? We tried to bring the best from all the above together on one intimate platform. We are a small team who started this whole company with JUST providing you a platform to sell erotic audio in mind.

Because audio is the most intimate (and comfortable) creator medium of all!

Our goal is to have the most fun and intimate experience for our paying listeners discovering your new erotic fantasies and audio stories directly on Voiyal itself.

5. ???

If you found another platform please feel free to mention them in the comments, we are super curious to learn more! We hope we could give you a solid picture of all your various options when it comes to how to sell erotic audios and we are really looking forward to maybe hearing you soon on Voiyal, too.

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