(Balkan Webcam Model) How to recognize women’s orgasm

“Did you come?” If you have to ask, gents, it probably means she didn’t, and the reason is simple: it’s fairly easy to recognize women’s orgasms.

While porn can be great for arousal and general inspiration, it’s not so much for sexual education. Therefore, it must not be taken as the norm or accurate depiction of reality. That’s because traditional porn features mostly male fantasies, but lacks what actually helps women orgasm – playfulness, extended kissing, a full-body massage, cuddling, gentle hand jobs, and especially, lots of gentle cunnilingus.

Nonetheless, there’s a corner in the adult industry called live cams, which can actually be instructive. There you can watch real women using their hands or toys to have real orgasms, and live. You can also find couples, which in most cases are partners in real life – guarantee that they won’t need to fake the climax.

In any case, most female orgasms are pretty hard to miss, as they resemble men’s. Most of them start with fast breathing often accompanied by moans or gasps, followed by involuntary contractions of the muscles around the anus and vulva. Sometimes there might also be a jerky movement of the hips or the whole body involved. After, relaxation sets in.

Common misconceptions about female orgasm

There’s a popular belief that women must orgasm from penetration (Sigmund Freud didn’t help either with his famous claim that vaginal orgasm was the superior type), when in reality, most women can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation.

On top of that, we’ve also often heard that women need to be in love in order to climax. Since orgasm is a complex psychological and biological experience, it’s not the same for every woman. Some may need to feel love to orgasm and others may not. It always comes down to the individual.

Female orgasm during intercourse

As previously mentioned, the old in-out method doesn’t offer much stimulation to the clitoris, so it might not trigger most women’s orgasm. However, if you want your woman to come during intercourse, there are three positions that can help you with that, as they enable direct clitoral massage.

  • Cowgirl: when the woman is on top, she can reach down to her clit and caress it using her hand or a vibrator.
  • All four: she’s on her hands or elbows and knees, and you take the rear entry. The balls will naturally hit the clit during this doggy style, serving as stimulation. The woman can also reach between her legs and rub her clit or use a vibrator.
  • Spooning: her back should be to your chest, and your hands free to massage her clit. She can also do it herself.

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