(Balkan Webcam Model) How to organise your schedule

Being your own boss, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to clearly organise your own objectives, hours, and everything you want. That is why the worksheet I am sharing with you has helped many models. It will help you to organise your schedule and invoicing.


There are ways to keep everything visual so that you can achieve your goals and increase your productivity. Organisation is one of the most important keys!


Create your own schedule

This advance planning is important so that you can set boundaries and leave that laziness behind. Indeed, it allows you to start doing everything you ever thought you could do! A spreadsheet may be just what you need to keep track of all your work, whether it’s on or offline. Very useful when you want to manage your schedule well. 

With this organisational option in mind, I have adapted a planning template with the four weeks of the month and made it available to you, which you can redesign and personalise as you wish. I’ve separated everything by hours, days, and activities, i.e., sleep, lunch, online time and so on, but of course this can be changed according to your needs.




Hot project

This is my advice to you, and it will help you a lot! How about spending some of your time creating new content for the site? Whether it’s photos, videos, etc. You can also read the articles here to find out what’s new and what tips you can use in your business or outside of it.



This time, set aside time for your lunch. One piece of advice I give to models is to know how to move it forward or postpone from the usual time if that is between 12pm and 1pm, as at this time many users are also on a work break and take the opportunity to access the site.



You can change this part of the table according to your own biological clock. If you prefer to stay on the site all night and early morning, mark out a different period for sleeping – but think of sleep, it’s very important!


Take a break

Take advantage of this break to eat something, have a drink, take a shower, relax, or walk around the house. It is important to get out of the same position you’re usually in and also organise your things for the next appointment.



Mark the times you think you can get online in green. It is interesting to gamble on different times during the week to see which one suits you best and when most users are looking for your profile. And don’t worry if you can’t follow the chart 100%. Unexpected events happen. When they do, try to reshape your day!



Anything you need in the day, like going to school, going to the gym, the bank, travelling, etc. You can also create new categories for specific appointments!


My advice

As well as this organisational tip, here are some others that you may find useful to improve your online performance.

Even with a work plan, it is necessary to manage your time in style. Here’s some advice:

Be agile, take breaks between conversations, fill up on water, go to the toilet, organise the bed or even get up and take a break from whatever position you are in. Of course, this is not a break.

If too little sleep makes you cranky, don’t push too hard, even if it’s for the promotional period. After all, a poorly served customer won’t come back.

Be honest with yourself, with the other members of the site, and respect the rules! If you are tired or sleepy, turn off the camera, rest and come back refreshed.


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