(Balkan Webcam Model) How to learn to really love your body

Girls, if you’ve come here, it’s because you don’t always feel good about your body. And I guarantee that it’s not just you! Here is the best advice from Embrace Your Body, which encourages women to love their bodies.


According to a study, 54.5% of women are dissatisfied with a part of their body. Small bust, ample thighs, cellulite, stretch marks, among many other things that come to mind. So put all that aside with my tips! How do you learn to truly love your body?


1. Exterior perfectionism

It’s useless – perfection is our biggest enemy in this case. And I say this because even celebrities whose bodies you dream of having are still not 100% satisfied. It is precisely the search for perfection that leads to diseases such as eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia), excessive dependence on sports (bigorexia) and excessive plastic surgery.

Yes, we can undergo plastic surgery and other aesthetic procedures. But understand that it’s impossible to achieve perfection. Therefore, psychological follow-up is ideal for those who decide to make a drastic change to their body or face, knowing that such procedures should not be done to achieve a degree of perfection, but rather, to feel good about themselves.


2. Forgive your body

One of the things that prevents us from having this sense of satisfaction with our bodies is guilt. We feel guilty for eating a sweet, not having had braces or not taking enough care of our skin.

A lot of this comes from certain comments that may come from a family member, a boyfriend, or an awkward acquaintance. Don’t listen to this internalised guilt, get rid of it, and forgive your body.


3. No prejudices

Avoid thinking the toxic thoughts that “fat is ugly”, “too skinny is bad” and “that’s what they like best” – about yourself and others. This goes against the whole concept of Embrace Your Body: every type of beauty is valid, welcome, and worth admiring.

Even if you think this other girl is a goddess, you wouldn’t feel right if you had her body. It’s because you haven’t got rid of those little prejudices. The sooner the better.


4. Don’t compare

The world of social media can be dangerous for our self-esteem, making the road to self-confidence very difficult. We see the bodies we consider to be the most beautiful and we feel “less”. Don’t compare yourself at all.

And one thing we (urgently) need to deconstruct is this competition between women. Life shouldn’t work like that. In the process of loving your body, you have to understand that: each body is special in its own way, and we have room for all of them.


5. Self-image

Starting to love yourself is not that easy, but there is always a first step. We all have at least one part of our body that we love: our thighs, our back and even our ears. Focus on this part of your body and gradually start noticing the others, as a daily exercise in front of the mirror: “for a fortnight, every day I will find something I like about myself”.

I’ve said before that comparing yourself to others on Instagram and Facebook is a recipe for dissatisfaction, but you can turn that game around in your favour. Working with our self-image also means using social media. There are therapists, like on PineApple, who make a point of posting one selfie a week, without retouching their body, and not erasing any of the effects. Over time, this image building will come naturally to you.



Here are some tips, but ideally you should start looking at yourself without the gaze of another person, but with your own. Enough of comparisons and judgements, find what you love about yourself and make the life you have earned count and only serve to live and be happy!


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