(Balkan Webcam Model) How To Beat the Summer Slump in Camming

Almost every model who has been camming for a while knows business tends to slow down during certain months of the year. One of these times tends to be during the summer, when the weather gets warmer, and people spend more time outside and away from their screens. This can be disheartening for a lot of cam models, especially the newbies, who often blame themselves for the slow period. 

So, how do you deal with the summer slump without quitting camming entirely?

I talked to models Noah Bensi, Make Kat Purr, and Ashley Daniels to find the best ways they deal with the summer slump.

When do you typically start noticing the lull, and how long does it usually last?

“It begins around the end of June,” says Noah Bensi. She says she tries to look at this change of pace as just a change in schedule. 

“Your customers are adjusting to new schedules in their lives whether that be kids being around, having more time to go outside, family time, new jobs or different hours with their current jobs. It’s not that they are broke or don’t want to tip you, they are just reconfiguring their lives and now you as the model need to find a way to become a part of that new schedule again,” Bensi explains.

She points out that typically the slow period doesn’t last that long, and things pick up again around September.

“I notice it around April, honestly, like every year. I know it’s technically spring, but for me that’s slow season,” Kat Purr shares.

For Ashley Daniels, this is only her second summer camming, so she hasn’t noticed a specific time when things start to slow down.

How do you personally deal with the slow times? 

“I like filling up those gaps with content creation. Your customer may not have time to sit with you on a stream, BUT they will enjoy buying your videos and photos that they can view at their convenience,” Bensi points out.

“It’s also good to use these moments for self-care. You’ll find your schedule needs adjusting as well, and now you can use that downtime to go outside or catch-up on movies you missed during the year,” she says. 

“It depends on my mood. Sometimes I just get offline and make some content for other sites. Sometimes I’ll change the stream up completely while online and just do something else. I also like to do offline work such as file organization and editing content as well,” says Purr.

“I tend to take more time off during the summer as well because we go to the pool and lake. But in general, I just try to never go into a show with any expectations,” shares Daniels.

How did you feel as a new cam model, noticing the summer slump for the first time?

It can be really scary and disenchanting. When I was new, I felt as if I did something wrong and lost my fans, I found myself afraid about bills and felt lost,” Bensi says.

“It was actually very depressing for me the first time I noticed the slow season. I had only been in the industry for 7 months and hadn’t gained enough people yet to understand that it was just the time of year. It still haunts me every season, but I quickly remember, get over it and just work HARDER!” Says Purr.

Daniels approached the slow period calmly, not really setting any expectations for her shows.

Ashley Daniels

What tips would you give to new and experienced models to survive the down time? 

“Use this time to get to know yourself, your customers, and to brainstorm new ideas once the slump is over. Try to be inspired by your downtime and use it to reflect and rejuvenate yourself,” shares Bensi.

“It’s impossible not to worry about money with this job because its inconsistencies can feel really defeating and hard sometimes, but you’re not alone. Reach out to other models, talk, vent, collab – reach out to me! Let’s be friends. Just don’t let this feeling and these next few months make you beat yourself up for no reason!”

“Stay on top of your work. Don’t let it fall behind. If streaming is too slow for the day make ALL THE CONTENT you can, your fans will want to see it. And just be you. I also LOVE to have a clean space while working, so keeping your home tidy will also keep you feeling refreshed,” Purr tells.

“This industry is very up and down, and you just have to have fun and be happy with what you do make. Sometimes I even put things into perspective by reminding myself how much I like my job, and, as long as I have a positive attitude, the people will come,’’ says Daniels.

Some key takeaways

  • Know that slow times during the year happen and that it’s not your fault.
  • Have some supportive industry friends that you can talk to and vent.
  • Focus on self-care. What do you need to come back to cam feeling happier and more refreshed?
  • Brainstorm ideas for the future and shift focus to content creation. 
  • Organize your physical and digital space to make your workflow easier.
  • Stay in touch with fans on social media, and get them excited for what you are making and doing.

Now that you’re prepared for this challenge, get out there and conquer the world! You’ve got this!

Alison Sparks is a camgirl, solo adult content creator and writer. Find her on Twitter at @itsalisonsparks and email her via alison@ynotcam.com.

Header Image by Bethany Ferr from Pexels.

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