(Balkan Webcam Model) Freeloaders – RedGIFs Creators

When it comes to freebie content such as tube sites, free subscriptions or (our personal favorite) RedGIFs, these peepers are very beneficial when it comes to views, followers/subscribers and again, interacting with your marketing posts. One of the ways to engage these members in a positive way and steer them in the direction of making a purchase, is to always keep them wanting more! The art of the tease is a powerful tool. Not giving in to those who ask to see more and more content that you reserve for buyers is sometimes difficult, but giving in to those requests takes away the want and will all but ensure that they probably won’t make a purchase. Why buy the cow if they get the milk for free? Stand your ground. Anyone that gives you a hard time does not respect you and will bring nothing beneficial to the table. Hit that mute button on them and let it go. Small rewards for a job well done on assorted tasks they can perform for free is also an incentive for them to become buyers in the future. This is also a great marketing tool as the fastest way to spread news is word of mouth ( or in our case, word of tweet!) giving someone a purpose and getting them involved gives them more of a reason to stay invested in your brand, and for them to potentially turn into a tipping member. 

There are easy ways that you can provide an opportunity for these members to dip their toe in. Having cheaper options for pre-made videos, Coffee cup prices, subscription services or tiers that give them a peak into what they are missing out on and many other affordable options will make it easier for those who want to tip but are unable to most of the time. These options not only will give them the option to help financially, but it will bring in more members who might be curious about you and your product. This is a win-win situation. More members for you, more options for your existing members to help, and an easier transition from “viewer” to “tipper” for many people. This isn’t to say that you need to cheapen your prices or that you cant have big ticket items, but having the options for all wallet sizes will be much more beneficial especially in the long term.

Not all “freeloaders” will end up in the tipping ring, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t contribute a positive effect. At the end of the day, all of our members across all of our assorted platforms are helpful. Each playing their role in the mix. To bake the bread you need all of the ingredients in order for it to rise properly, this is no different. It is important to remember that all members are supporting your brand no matter if they are currently a tipping member or not. Practicing patience and kindness with each and everyone of them shows your members that you care, and that you understand that without your members, your brand can’t rise. 

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