(Balkan Webcam Model) Free Speech Coalition Launches ‘What FSC Does’ Campaign

LOS ANGELES — Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has rolled out a promo campaign designed to better educate the adult community about FSC’s services and advocacy work.

Free Speech Coalition, the trade and advocacy organization for the adult industry, is launching a month-long campaign to better educate the community about the work done and services offered by FSC. The social media campaign covers 31 different facets of the organization — from politics and lobbying to business growth and banking referrals — in an effort to bring in new members and strengthen the power of the adult industry globally.

“FSC is really effective at getting work done for its members, but we don’t always talk about it,” said Alison Boden, FSC’s executive director. “That means a lot of members don’t take advantage of our services, and a large part of the industry isn’t aware of the fights we’re engaged in on their behalf. If an organization is too humble, it risks being taken for granted.”

Founded in 1991, Free Speech Coalition was originally a collective defense fund to stop the federal government from attacking and bankrupting individual companies through protracted prosecutions. Over time, its scope grew. In the mid-’90s, FSC became the political voice of the adult industry fighting bad legislation —  from the state and federal level all the way to the Supreme Court — as well as defending the industry in the media. FSC later launched the performer testing system, now PASS, to keep sets safe. 

Now in its 31st year, FSC provides a range of services for members, including professional referrals, business guidance, help securing banking services, media training and educational programs, in addition to the better know political and regulatory work. 

“This is a stressful time for the industry,” says Boden. “I want people to know that FSC is here to help — whether you need to speak to a Senator or are looking for an industry-friendly financial advisor. We have thirty years of experience, and a huge reach across the industry. You don’t have to go it alone.”

FSC will be sharing the posts on social media, as well as on a campaign landing page, that will be updated daily through the month of May.

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