(Balkan Webcam Model) “Do You Actually Like Doing That?” Sex Work CEO

courtesy of Sex Work CEO

For a Sex Worker like myself, ‘What do you do for work” is a loaded question. Friends and customers alike have told me that I shouldn’t care what others think; If they have an issue with my job, that’s their problem! Right? Not always.

GoAskAlex for Sex Work CEO

In her most recent blog post for Sex Work CEO, Alex shares her thought on the ways that civilians approach discussing Sex Work – and the problematic questions they are prone to asking.

This piece is educational for Sex Workers and Civilians alike. Read the full piece HERE.

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GoAskAlex is an award-winning 18+ performer, feminist, and advocate for the representation of disabled bodies in pornography. She has spent the past six years as a webcam model and adult content creator. After becoming an ostomate in 2019, she focused her career on advocating for underrepresented bodies in adult media. She has since then been featured in XBIZ magazine (including a cover photo as their first ever model with an ostomy) and was featured in Hustler E-Magazine for her “Disabled Sex Workers” Calendar. Most recently, she won the 2020 XBIZ Awards for ‘Best Inked Model”.

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