(Balkan Webcam Model) Audio: The most intimate medium of the creator future!

There seem to be endless possibilities to create explicit content online but this begs the question: What is the best option? The answer is (as often): Less (visual) is more.

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Audio has played a bigger role than many might have thought in the last few years. From the dying media “radio” to the new generation of podcasters (that are experiencing raging success). If we can learn one thing from that, it is the great power of listening.

That is why we have not only one but five reasons why intimate audios are the erotic content of the future.

#1 Focusing on the important matter

What is the one thing that every creator does before they finally go start creating visual content? Exactly, it is getting up and getting ready. Don’t get this the wrong way, it can be fun to search for the perfect outfit, put on your make up and maybe even compose your background setup — but often it can be also incredibly time consuming. So what if all this preparation is not necessary and you can get straight to work on what you love? Voiyal gives you this opportunity! Your most important tool is not your appearance, but your precious voice. We’ve already prepared some tips for you on how to use it effectively and really learn to love it!

#2 No more waste of time, space and money

The same principle applies to our next point: Using your surroundings as your own „studio“ so you don’t waste any time recording intimate content. Whenever you want and wherever you go, there is always enough space to record your latest thoughts via audio. No need to find a place where you can get naked. Just grab your recording device at any time of the day and start sharing your most intimate voice messages with your fans on Voiyal!

#3 Fixing the authenticity problem

Despite all the hype about the influencer genre of the recent decade and them sharing their lives constantly they often have been heavily criticized for being „fake“ jumping from one endorsement deal to the other.

With Voiyal you have the unique opportunity to be more real with your followers by only using your voice. It is not about fancy locations, expensive lingerie or the perfect appearance. It is about a real and intimate bond with your most loyal fans. Focusing only on the true power of the voice while switching between arousing phantasies and stories from your life will enhance your authenticity and also your success on every of your social media platforms.

#4 Quality not quantity

Every second of the day new content is uploaded on the internet and nobody has time to look at every post on their timelines. So how do you generate the most interest in the shortest amount of time? By uploading brief but spicy voice messages for your fans. It’s easily accessible and your followers do not even need to look at their screens, they can just pop in their headphones and enjoy your voice.

No wonder, audio is already the most consumed mobile media by far!

#5 It is all about imagination

A lot of the times produced content such as adult videos lack some crucial aspect of human existence. Can you guess what it is? The talk is about imagination and how it can take our enjoyment to a whole new level. A video may stimulate more senses at once but a voice message can achieve so much more by letting your play out your deepest fantasies. Your followers can imagine whatever they want and you will create stronger engagement with them than ever before.

What are your thoughts on the medium audio for the creator economy? Let us know your opinion via email hello@voyal.com

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