(Balkan Webcam Model) 6 reasons why you should listen to audio erotica, too!

Lean back, listen and enjoy (and learn).

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By now we all know that almost everybody consumes erotic content and that it can not only arouse you, but also help you understand your sexuality and body better — and with it your general satisfaction with life. Still many may only focus on visuals even when there are a lot of different options out there that can enhance arousal nowadays even more. Our favorite example: Erotic audios! They have been around for a while and have more benefits than you might think. So here we have collected the six best reasons why you should listen to intimate audio erotica, too:

#1 Intensify your pleasure.

Even though the visual aspect of pornographic content can turn you on, it can also hit a “break“. Dr. Emily Nagoski, a sex educator, speaks about “sexual breaks“ in her book “Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life“. Those breaks deal with problems such as body images, trauma, stress and relationship issues that sometimes can arise when you have been watching too much visual erotic content. Contrary to that intimate audios force you to use your imagination which often enhances your pleasure and feeling of intimacy. The visual gaps are filled by your own fantasy and experiences and you can focus 100% on what really turns you on. Listen to a sensual story and make it your own!

#2 Not only for females but fucking for everybody.

Despite the popular believe that erotic audios are only made for women, this is not true at all (just think of the good old phone sex days…). Instead everyone can benefit from listening to intimate voice messages. As already mentioned it can increase everybody’s pleasure and can give us a new perspective on the pornographic industry. It does not always have to be the conventional visual erotic content for men or the sensual storytelling for women. Erotic audios are already produced and consumed gender free and should definitely be enjoyed by every heavy-breathing person.

#3 Do not copy moves — make up your own.

Did you ever catch yourself copying behavior from a porn video while having sex? We bet you are not the only who has done that and there is no shame to that. According to Dr. Emily Nagoski it is totally normal to adapt moves form visual porn because we tend to learn from what we see. However it can be refreshing for you and also your partner if you try to think about what gives you more satisfaction. We know that this can be harder than it sounds and so we have a tip for you: Listening to erotic audios (and thereby your own fantasy screenplay) can show you a deeper insight into what you really enjoy. Let your imagination run wild and your mind will take you to new ideas in a few strokes.

#4 Make it a shared experience.

Watching porn as a couple can spice up your sex life but have you ever tried listening to intimate audios together? If not, you should have a go at it and intensify your pleasure even more. Consuming erotic content with your partner can often open one up to new possibilities for your sexual activities (technically it could already be considered a threesome). Still for some people watching a video together can be distracting because they can’t fully focus on their significant-other. In this case erotic audios are perfect because they will allow you to be inspired while still being able to concentrate on each other.

#5 More inclusive than ever.

In the last few years we have striven for more inclusivity in all parts of our lives and that also includes pornography. It doesn’t matter anymore what kind of body type, sexuality, looks or gender you have, it is more about the quality of the content you post. Nonetheless there are still video platforms where it can be really challenging to find your own place and be accepted for who you are. Who haven’t found themselves on page 356 of a tube site at least once? With erotic audios there is no such struggle because your most important attribute is the voice and not the appearance.

#6 Lean back and relax.

We are so used to consuming countless videos in our everyday life that we forget that our brain is originally NOT at all designed to watch them. Watching visual erotic content can be really intense but it can also cause a sensory overload which is a little bit stressful. That brings us to why listening to stories is more comforting and relaxing. Switching to intimate audios can increase your pleasure while also improving your overall experience!

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