A CamSoda Exclusive: Viiolet Lover

It’s that time of year again to give thanks and this month’s gorgeous feature, the beautiful ViioletLover aka Violeta, is one wonderful woman we here at CamSoda are so very grateful to have the pleasure of meeting! Stunning. Alluring. Sensual. And oh, so fun! This voluptuous beauty is a fan favorite and with just one visit to her room on CamSoda, you’ll be clicking “Follow” and thanking your lucky stars! With her curves for days and all the right moves, this lovely Latina lights up the room and puts on quite a show with her warm, outgoing personality – she’s always in the mood to chat and of course, get naughty, too! The vivacious Viiolet was delighted to answer all of our burning questions, from her idea of the perfect date to the wildest request she’s received on cam! So come scroll through our exclusive heart to heart talk with the enticing and exciting Viiolet Lover…

Fun, friendly and funny, this brunette bombshell is just as outgoing off camera as she is streaming live. For Viiolet, camming allows her to be herself, make friends all over the world and discover new aspects of her sexuality – all at the same time! Camming came naturally to Viiolet as she’s always enjoyed modeling and, as she told us, she’s always had a very high libido. “When I found out about the webcam industry, I knew I just had to jump in right away! It was the very Esperanza Gomez who inspired me to get in once I saw her and the launching of her studio.” With a strong will and desire to succeed, Viiolet and her career have blossomed. “Discipline is the most important thing she’s learned so far – she practices it by sticking to a schedule and always investing in herself in order to be her best on camera. “I used to work in the military here in Colombia, so I’ve learned firsthand what it is to be strict, work hard and sweat for a goal!”

Speaking of working up a sweat, you might think Viiolet sticks to a particular workout regimen considering her perfect hourglass figure, but as she told us, she’s not really a workout routine kind of a girl. Any exercise outdoors gets her going, from hiking to appreciate the scenic views of Colombia to biking or jogging to breathe some fresh air! We just had to ask her what she loves about her home country, the world outside her window, and Viiolet shared with us what she wants people to know about Colombia. “I love the huge diversity of my country, different cultures, accents, foods and types of people. I am proof you can find different people everywhere in my country – I am a costeña, one who was born by the white sand shore of the sea, who lives in a big city.”

A day in the life of Viiolet is always…busy! Morning calls for exercise outside before she starts her day and then it’s on to getting ready, hitting the town! “I’ll go shopping at the mall or check out the stores for any new toys I can use for my next show on CamSoda,” she told us. Getting her nails done or her hair fixed up often is part of her to-do list because “a girl’s gotta look good for the camera,” she said. No need for a makeup artist, Viiolet is one herself and loves brushing up her skills to get ready each day on cam. She’ll head back home for a nice nap, have a delicious dinner and then get herself ready for a great night of naughty fun! Next time you catch the gorgeous Viiolet on CamSoda, be sure to stock up on plenty of tokens to make this beauty feel loved and appreciated!

Just as much as she enjoys exploring her sexuality, the vivacious Viiolet loves to explore exotic places and satisfy her curious nature by experiencing different cultures all over the globe. “I’m hoping to get to know as many countries as life allows me to visit. So far I have been to Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico. Hopefully next year, Europe,” she told us! Among the things she can’t do without, she counts her family as her rock and lifeline. As she put it, “My family moving near me has turned my light on at its fullest.” She can’t imagine life without her dog, Luna, and going live on cam almost every day! “I try to cam six days a week on CamSoda – it’s become my second home and when I’m offline, I just miss it so much!” 

The voluptuous Viiolet turns it on almost every night on CamSoda and our inquiring minds just had to know what fantasies she makes a reality, on and off camera! Viiolet is a dancing queen, but when she’s live, she absolutely adores twerking, after a member comes correct with the perfect tip, of course! “I love feeling my body and feeling myself, I love feeling my booty jiggle,” she told us. Her wildest request came from a member who wanted the gorgeous Viiolet to control *him* via his Lovense Lush! “I got to feel the excitement my fans feel when they take over my toy, it’s thrilling!”

Viiolet adores it all, from getting wet and wild in a special shower show to chatting with new people every day in her room, which she designed & made herself! As she told us, “I designed each aspect of my room and bought every inch of decoration which is something I’m very proud of.” So come be a part of her CamSoda community, get ready to experience visual and orgasmic delights with this brunette beauty live in her room!

If you want to know the way to Viiolet’s heart, it is definitely through the perfect date accompanied by her favorite foods, well, seafood followed by all kinds of sweets, that is! “Since I grew up by the sea, I love seafood. Hands down, my favorite is OCTOPUS, I can’t get enough of it! And I love candies like lollipops and bubble gums!” And her idea of a date that sweeps her off her feet? “The perfect date starts with the perfect person. Someone who I vibe strongly with and the place…under the stars in a mountain hostel or glamping.” The outdoors certainly holds a place in her heart but so does politeness, loyalty and actions that speak louder than words. “I love a man who knows how to treat and spoil a woman, someone who is willing to go 101% all the time,” she told us. 

Her goals for the coming year and beyond are many. Viiolet is determined to continue her professional growth on CamSoda, especially getting creative with hot new shows for her fans. Be sure to keep up with her FanSoda, too, as she plans to put her new camera to good use throughout the year! As far as her long term future, Viiolet would like to continue learning and finish her psychology degree. “I’m very sympathetic to people’s problems and I love to unravel how mysterious human beings can be,” she told us. Chatting with new people everyday on cam has expanded her perception and view about life and it is one her favorite aspects of camming. 2022 will also start off with quite a bang! This lovely lady is celebrating her birthday, January 3rd, live on cam and she hopes it will be just as memorable as last year’s party, so get ready to ring in a new year with this beautiful babe! 

Come spend some time and tokens with this curvaceous Colombiana live on CamSoda, just remember your manners! Click the link, type in “Viiolet” in the search bar, and watch this lovely Latina turn it on live in her room on CamSoda! And to stay on top of Viiolet and stay connected, be sure to follow @CamSodaLive and @viioletloverca1 on Twitter!

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