A CamSoda Exclusive: Anapanda

Breathtakingly beautiful, highly intelligent and so charming, today’s feature is a hotter than hot Q&A with the absolutely alluring Anapanda! This lovely & petite Latina is one of the most popular models on CamSoda, steaming up our screens with unforgettable shows. A brunette bombshell with a stunning hourglass figure, Ana’s warm and inviting personality as well as her perfect smile has her loyal fans keeping all eyes on her! And her outer beauty matches her inner beauty – for example, Ana’s family is priority number one and she strives to take care of them in any way she can. This past October, Ana was able to take care of the costs for her father’s surgery and couldn’t say enough about how thankful she was to her room, her friends and fans! We’re counting ourselves grateful to have some time to discover all things Anapanda and so should all of you CamSoda fans! Get to know all about this wonderful woman in this exclusive chat with the cheerful and bootyful Anapanda…

One thing you’ll notice as soon as you set eyes on Ana in her room on CamSoda is her happy & relaxed nature! She’s always having a great time, laughing and making her room a virtual party, sharing her stunning smile. As she told us, “I’m always smiling, 90% of things make me smile, but what makes me laugh out loud is when I don’t understand the jokes or the meaning behind them – it happens a lot on CamSoda!” She describes herself as “calm, with a strong temperament,” and what we learned about this brunette beauty is that she’s also a serious student of people and of engineering! “I love talking to people all the time. I like knowing what they like, they do, what they think. I’m very interested in knowing more about others and I like to analyze each situation,” she told us. She enjoys camming immensely as it offers her a career in getting to know others she might never have met. 

It’s no surprise she’s smart as a whip, Ana was a model student and from a very young age, had a talent for numbers. She received a scholarship for high grades which led her to a postgraduate degree in marketing and expertise as a cost and budgeting technologist, an engineer with an emphasis on financial markets. Mathematics and finance have always been her strong suit, but lately, she’s studied coaching, seeking to be a better human being, she told us. She enjoys work in all forms and always has a project going that challenges her psychologically. Her reading list is no exception. “I work a lot on myself as a person, so for a while now, I’ve read only books on personal growth, but my favorite book of all is “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Open minded and always curious, Ana discovered camming through her sister’s friend and felt comfortable in front of the camera from the start. “I think that many people have the wrong ideas about many models – that they do it out of necessity, economic or a lack of opportunities, but in my case, members and users are always surprised to know about my studies, my own business and that I am a webcam model by decision.” What she enjoys most about her camming career is making people happy, whether it’s through conversation, dancing (her favorite requests are for her booty – shakes, claps or spanks!) or her exciting shows – as she told us, “I enjoy every second on camera, I try to do it in an extraordinary way and with a lot of love, always giving 100% of myself each time I am online!” Share your day and strike up a connection next time you’re watching Ana move in all the right ways live on CamSoda!

A typical day for Ana certainly doesn’t start typical, she wakes up bright and early, and by early, we mean four in the morning! Don’t worry, she gets plenty of beauty sleep even though she’d be a gorgeous star with or without her Z’s! An hour later, you can find Ana at the gym – she enjoys a good workout over a particular sport, but confessed to us that she’s not the most consistent person with her workouts since she’s been so busy with projects and her businesses, however she does want to see her ab muscles so she’s hired a personal trainer to take her routine to the next level! Next on her to-do list is visiting one of her two businesses in Colombia, a health food and swimwear store. In the early afternoon, she heads home to connect with her community on CamSoda, although sometimes her schedule can be out of place – you can subscribe to her Snapchat to keep up with Ana’s schedule and her crazy, long days. Ana told us, “Without a doubt, my favorite place to be is online. I feel that is what I do best and one of my goals for the coming year is to be a top model!”

Besides being in front of the camera, Ana’s absolute favorite place to be is the beach – she counts it as one of her hobbies. Watching the waves come in and feeling the sand between her toes, the only place that comes close is the movie theater! A serious cinephile, Ana adores the movies. “Every Sunday, I go to the cinema and even if the movie isn’t good, I still enjoy the whole experience because I feel it relaxes me a lot mentally.” The last movie she saw was “Duna” which she loved, although the inner movie critic in her came out, “it was a bit long.” Her all time favorite flick for many years has been “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, but as she told us, she’s not selective when it comes to movie genres, only when it comes to her snacks! “I love some mixed popcorn, salty & sweet, or a hamburger with chips, yum,” she told us. And of course, this sweetheart adores sharing both of her hobbies with the people she loves, her family and friends. So share some of your favorite movies or recommendations with this curvaceous cutie next time you’re hanging out with her live on CamSoda!

From having sexy, silly fun with her hula hoop to her special panda dances, Ana loves to keep it fun and fresh in her room – she’s always up for an interactive private or a custom request. Ana told us she’s actually not had too many crazy requests from members, but the wildest definitely involved a private session and something long & hard – we’re referring to the time, that is! “Being in a private session for five hours wasn’t extremely wild, but it definitely was a lot physically!” She says that her fans are very kind and respectful in general – they follow her room rules! – so be sure to stock up on plenty of tokens of appreciation when you’re in her room and make this beauty smile bright!

As for her future goals and what she’s looking forward to for the rest of 2021, Ana hopes she can continue her success on cam and off cam. “My goals are to be one of the top models on CamSoda, make sure my businesses are solid/profitable, train judiciously at the gym and make my abs return (haha!) & spend at least three days at the beach before 2022 starts!” She’s looking forward to creating even more shows that titillate not only her fans, but more importantly herself and sharing her life on CamSoda! So click the link, travel over to the search bar, type in “Anapanda” and spend some blissful moments (or hours!) with the always sexy, always kind, always stunning Anapanda! 

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